Wally Tools Returning And Some N.O.S. Available Now!

At the San Francisco Audiophile Society meeting late September where I appeared and played records for a few hours (and had a blast), J.R. Boisclair was selling what remained of Wally Malewicz's "Wally Tools".

Mr. Boisclair was a friend of Wally. The family gave him the remaining tools to sell at the event and to you online. Better, he told me that in cooperation with Wally's son Andrzej, Wally Tools will soon again be manufactured and marketed. For those unfamiliar, Wally manufactured a "universal" laser etched mirrored "WallyTractor" overhang gauge (not really "universal" but with multiple arcs for a wide range of effective length tone arms), as well as a series of individual gauges for popular arms and an anti-skating tool "WallySkator" along with a few other really useful turntable set-up tools. More about these when they are again available as new products.

Meanwhile Mr. Boisclair has this remaining inventory of WallyTractors for arms with these effective lengths (pivot to spindle distance plus overhang):

222mm – 1
229mm – 2
231mm – 1
235mm – 6
239mm – 1
240mm – 2
241mm – 1
245mm – 1
250mm – 1
254mm – 3
258mm – 2
265mm – 3
271mm – 1
305mm – 1
Linear Tracking – 3

Mr. Boisclair emailed that "Some of these WallyTractors are a bit scuffed up and some are missing some final touches but are otherwise fully functional. I am asking $100 each for them and will include the magnifying glass as supplies of them last. I’m the one who wrote all of Wally’s manuals so I can be available for questions. I’ll provide my phone number to all purchasers."

He can be reached at is jr@cbcg-bahamas.com

These are my favorite overhang gauges because you get to see the actual arc the stylus should travel in across the entire record surface plus each includes both Baerwald and Löfgren arcs.

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There is only one. So I thought I would help identify it. I bought one about a decade ago.

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Hi Michael,
Thank you for the heads up about Wally Tools. I emailed Mr. Boisclair and bought the last 222mm for my Dual 721.
Kindest regards, Walter James "Jim" Wicks