AudioCon Show Postponed Due to Covid

Audiocon Los Angeles scheduled for January 14-16th at the Hyatt Regency, Newport Beach, CA today was officially postponed due to Covid Omicron.

In a joint announcement , Executive producers Sarah and Michel along with LAOCAS Chairman Bob Levi stated, among other things:

"Due to the emerging hyper-infectious Omicron variant, it became evident that it would be impossible to hold our event in total safety on the dates we planned it. We feel it would be thoughtless to host a large international gathering amid the rapidly spreading COVID-19 infections. The health and well-being of our participants are our ultimate priority. The event is therefore postponed to a later date.

We are not taking this decision lightly. We have invested one year of our life in developing this project and a considerable amount of money. However, we are confident that this is an investment for the future and not a loss in the present.

We are incredibly disappointed for the public and for our partners who supported us: the Hyatt Regency, the manufacturers, exhibitors, sponsors, press, artists, and collaborators, but we had to take the decision now before all parties incurred additional costs.

AudioConLA will refund everyone at 100% within the next couple of days."

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...that a 75-80% vaccination rate would be required before we could start putting this thing behind us. Sadly we never got there and now the less lethal but more opportunistic variant is wreaking havoc with normal life, even for those of us who did the right thing.

Pretty sure I can get a refund on that pricey Newport Beach hotel.

Folks, please get your shots; I want you and your loved ones to live to enjoy music another day. Even you internet trolls: get your vaccine and then maybe a girlfriend!

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and for what? To prevent spreading a variation that is far far less serious? I think they made a bad call.

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"IN SUMMARY; More than 5,300 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized in California on Sunday, almost twice the number two weeks earlier."
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This is why 'Merica can't have nice things.

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So disappointing for many Hi Fi Fans around the world I was looking forward to Bristol Show in UK that too cancelled till 2023

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Yeah, I was disappointed by that, too. I went to the Bristol show a couple years ago and found the atmosphere much more convivial than the Windsor show. I do hope the Ascot show (which replaced Windsor) goes forward; that was fun and a great venue. Fingers crossed etc.

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Only 1 death with this mutation and still in england so not sure. When this circus will stop ?! Ask Bill & Jo !

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Dec 28, 2,494 deaths in the US. One day.

Go put on your red hat and dance the blues.

How do idiots like you find the internet?

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It is the dominant variant but it does not make up 100% of new infections.

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Lemme guess: You’re still doing “research?”

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IN SUMMARY More than 5,300 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized in California on Sunday, almost twice the number two weeks earlier.
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and I don't think "postponed" is the correct word choice. The more accurate choice is "cancelled". "Postponed requires an alternate date or schedule. That does not exist, therefore read "cancelled".
I think Audio shows actually did a death roll in 2017/18. Sad but true. I started going to my local show I could get to in 2012 and was completely turned off by the atmosphere and all. In 2015 I was invited and encouraged to attend the show that year. I thought it was the turning point to a future of great shows. The whole atmosphere and policy had changed for the better! Sadly, it did not last for in 2017 the wheels fell off and shows started breathing their last I believe. I had held out some hope for the better run shows such as RMAF, etc. Then even those shows hit some walls in 2018.They still did alright, but the writing was on the wall. Then 2019 and Covid drove the final nail in the coffin. With costs being far more now days on top of illness concerns, it is just too rough on exhibitors and attendees alike. It costs a lot for an exhibitor to do a show. Shows are primarily just for fellowship and introducing new product (we hope).
Sadly, I think show days are gone forever.

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Not being disagreeable, I am just hoping there will be a niche for shows to resume!

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Well, I did enjoy most of the shows I went to (except 2017 California. What a mess that one was, had it not been for Michael and Andrew Jones, I don't know if I would have made it through. I will always appreciate and never forget them taking the time with me that they helped).

Shows can be fun and part of me misses them, I think many feel the same, but we now have a new reality unfortunately, including a financial reality (which I highly question)and the industry has changed so much that shows are no longer advantageous to the manufactures and such.

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Stay polite you tell us rather where your numbers come from and if they died of the convid.

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The quality of one's argument is often dependent upon the precision and accuracy with which it is expressed. Those who pay no attention to grammar, syntax or spelling (though I must confess to the occasional oversight with respect to the latter) tend to pay no attention to facts or common sense, either. I urge you, Anton and others, not to take the bait. I have failed to take this advice before only to realize that, well, it's the internet. Perhaps the comments section should be walled off like an old map, with the legend "HERE BE DRAGONS" appended thereto.

With respect to shows, yes, the past couple years have been tough and the industry in general has been in the doldrums, but I continue to hope. As I mentioned (scroll up about 6") the most recent Bristol and Ascot shows were a lot of fun.

Happy New Year!