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Michael Fremer  |  Jul 22, 2020  |  125 comments
Leaving aside for the moment the numbskulls who are so certain that A.C. power cords cannot possibly affect the sound of their audio systems that they can’t be bothered to actually listen for themselves—never mind that science is predicated upon observation— (plus of course they don’t believe anything they see, hear, taste, smell or touch unless it’s done under controlled “double-blind” conditions), there’s a big problem with heavy power cords: because of their heft, they often partially or sometimes fully pull out of the wall jack.

Michael Fremer  |  May 09, 2020  |  134 comments
Thanks to all who listened and participated (so far) including those who correctly criticized me for having channels reversed on two files. I posted in haste. Also I should not have "normalized" the files and should have instead posted them "as-is" so the only possible variable was the cable. Also the track lengths are now as close to identical as possible.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 08, 2017  |  25 comments
More Munich High End and LAAS coverage coming but first: can you hear differences among tonearm cables? Kuzma for one, offers a couple of tonearm wire options but without first hearing each, now can you know which to order? I asked Franc Kuzma for some samples. He sent me three 4Point arm tubes, one of which was wired with two different cables, for a total of four wire choices, though I'm not sure all are currently available options.