Munich 2016

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Michael Fremer  |  May 31, 2016  |  7 comments
Now legendary speaker designer Andrew Jones is best known for designing ridiculously good, reasonably priced loudspeakers (in fact one could argue they are "unreasonably" low-priced considering their performance).

Michael Fremer  |  May 24, 2016  |  0 comments
Almost finished with High End Munich 2016 coverage. One or two more videos and then a final wrap up. Here's a video collage.

Michael Fremer  |  May 17, 2016  |  7 comments
Swiss made CH Precision P1 Phono preamp features two current mode MC inputs that require no loading and are specifically designed for ultra-low output, low internal impedance cartridges.

Michael Fremer  |  May 17, 2016  |  4 comments
Ortofon's Leif Johannsen Shows us two new lower priced Ortofon SPU cartridges and a new step up transformer introduced at Munich High End 2016.

Michael Fremer  |  May 15, 2016  |  1 comments
Turntable designer/manufacturer Johnnie Bergmann gives editor Michael Fremer a "tour" of the new Bergmann Galder turntable—his first without an arm (shown here with Dynavector arm).

Michael Fremer  |  May 14, 2016  |  2 comments
Kondo introduced the GE-10, its first new phono preamplifier in many years.

Michael Fremer  |  May 13, 2016  |  7 comments
The Tone Tool Sprocket turntable was up and running on set-up day but the complex tangential tracker was still in the box.

Michael Fremer  |  May 12, 2016  |  9 comments
The original iPhono priced at $399 was an incredibly well-designed, versatile and fine sounding phono preamp.

Michael Fremer  |  May 10, 2016  |  4 comments
Designer Louis Desjardins explains the new D.C. accumulator power supply for the top of the line Pro turntable.

Michael Fremer  |  May 10, 2016  |  1 comments
Musical Surroundings' Garth Leerer walks us through the DS Audio Master1 optical cartridge that debuted in America at AXPONA 2016. It was installed on the brand new AMG Twelve Inch 12JT tone arm.

Michael Fremer  |  May 09, 2016  |  4 comments
Nishikawasan explains the significant upgrades to his Air Force One turntable that resulted in a new "Premium" version costing approximately $40,000 more than the standard $100,000 Air Force One (shown with SAT tone arm).

Michael Fremer  |  May 09, 2016  |  6 comments
See and hear described new and upgraded turntables from Thorens L'Art du Son, Mobile Fidelity, Thales, Landmesser Audio and Blackstone. A translating glitch leaves the impression that Blackstone's Pabst motors are new. They are new old stock, not newly manufactured ones.

Michael Fremer  |  May 09, 2016  |  2 comments
Frank Schröder brught his vintage Neumann turntable to HIgh End Munich 2016. He shares with us why the 'table sounds so good and why he's such a fan of the design.

Michael Fremer  |  May 08, 2016  |  4 comments
While the design of Audio-Technica's new ART1000 MC phono cartridge, which affixes the coils atop the stylus, appears revolutionary, in fact it's been done before and quite some time ago.