The Tone Tool Dereneville DTT-02 and Sprocket Turntable

The Tone Tool Sprocket turntable was up and running on set-up day but the complex tangential tracker was still in the box.

On day three the arm was set up and running smoothly. It was eye candy supreme but this year there was no way to hear it.

Yes, the combo is yet another $200,000+ turntable and arm, but it sure is fun to look at!

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I am really enjoying all the coverage of the show, keep up the good work Michael!

The comments and the videos is what makes this website special.

Looking at all the expensive turntables is this a sign that the global economy is in full recovery?

James, Dublin, Ireland

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It's a rework of the Sony PS X-800 from ~1981.

History and LP the same themes!

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We do blind tastings to rate wines, let's do the same with turntables. Speakers obviously positioned well and viewed but 3-5 turntables and associated equipment out of sight. Keep all equipment the same but switch turntables and see who can tell the differences in the under $10K, $10-20K, $20-50K and $50K and up classifications. Mr. Fremer might be able to see (and hear) the differences but I wonder how many of us can delineate the high prices and justify them.

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Sometimes, Mr Fremer will load up different cartridge or turntable files for readers to listen to via this site!

It is great fun, and I agree with about the joy of blind listening!

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If they will ever sell a setup....

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I imagine that TT being in a dedicated stereo room. The sprocket would be out from the rear wall about 5 or 6 feet in the middle, between the speakers. With a gleaming golden light shining down on it a la heaven style. This light being the only one lighting the dim room.

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I asked Dieter and Helmut to play Kraftwerk's "Electric Cafe" on the Sprocket. It sounded great. I then asked Dieter if he could play it at 45 rpm. Dieter responded "I am filled with anticipation, and it is most delicious!" Helmut then changed the speed and played "Electric Cafe" at 45 rpm. While pinching his shirt, Dieter exclaimed "I am as happy as a little girl!" He continued "Touch my monkey! Liebe meine apschminki!(Love my monkey!) and ended with "Now is ze time vhen ve dance!" Dieter, Helmut, I and the others in the room then started to dance. And at that moment in time I felt that all was well in the world.