Cable Reviews

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Michael Fremer  |  May 09, 2020  |  132 comments
Thanks to all who listened and participated (so far) including those who correctly criticized me for having channels reversed on two files. I posted in haste. Also I should not have "normalized" the files and should have instead posted them "as-is" so the only possible variable was the cable. Also the track lengths are now as close to identical as possible.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 08, 2017  |  24 comments
More Munich High End and LAAS coverage coming but first: can you hear differences among tonearm cables? Kuzma for one, offers a couple of tonearm wire options but without first hearing each, now can you know which to order? I asked Franc Kuzma for some samples. He sent me three 4Point arm tubes, one of which was wired with two different cables, for a total of four wire choices, though I'm not sure all are currently available options.