D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Debuts New Phono Preamp at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015

Veteran audio designer Dan D'Agostino has long-promised a phono preamp addition to his electronics line-up.

He delivered the goods at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015, though it was not an active demonstration. The production version is a few months off. The price is steep: $28,000. However, if it sounds like Dan's preamp and amplifiers, for those who can afford it, it promises to be something special.

Meanwhile Boulder announced the end of it's ground (and bank account) breaking 2008 phono preamp. The final one rolled off the "assembly line" last week—and not because there's no longer a demand. Boulder's Rich Maez told me that a microchip used in the control system is no longer available.

mmaciag's picture

I'm among those who have been waiting for this phono amp. Although I'm enjoying the phono amp I've been using I believe this unit, voiced by DAG to match other DAG Momentum electronics, should have an advantage over just about any other available phono amp for me. I use a DAG Integrated.

Pricing seems reasonable, for the product line and considering the competition.

Do wish they had made it look a bit prettier, though. Maybe if they added some copper "accents" to the front panel?

- Michael

Catcher10's picture

Looks like a movie prop from the set of a Star Trek movie, a box with some red lights/numbers.

Back to the design room fellas!