Florida Audio Expo 2019 Show Coverage Begins Tomorrow!

The Florida Audio Expo here in Tampa, Florida is on course to be a successful left coast of Florida show that has the potential to become an annual event—judging by the manufacturer and retail participation.

Eight floors of exhibitors have been setting up all day. According to the show publicists, Saturday's attendance will "blow your mind", based on ticket pre-sales and social media interest. Bring it on! For now, that's all there is to report without wasting your time.

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JVS: Given that admission is gratis, there are no pre-show sales by which to gauge attendance.

Audio Show "publicists": ...Saturday's attendance will "blow your mind", based on ticket pre-sales...

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I see that Real Gone Music has the 2013 Duane Allman "Skydog" 14 LP box set on sale for $199.98 instead of the (very high) $499.98 list price. I wonder if anyone here has an opinion on this box set.

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Why waste time - just ignore him. Post No replies or comments in response to his comments. Let him exist in an echo chamber populated by only one person - himself.

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I attended the Florida Audio Expo on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by the attendance. Most rooms were packed and many standing room only. Seems like a very successful first show. For me the highlight of the show was Mr. Fremer's 5:00 PM presentation in the VAC/The Audio Company/Von Schweikert room. The Duke Ellington & Yvonne Lanauze's Blue Indigo recording was absolutely incredible and very moving. Harry Belafonte's Scarlet Ribbons nearly brought me to tears. Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love from the RL mastered pressing was also moving but in a totally different way. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and meeting Mr. Fremer.