Monaco Audio's Alvin Lloyd Talks About His NextGen Grand Prix Turntable

Grand Prix Audio's Alvin Lloyd talks about the NextGen Monaco turntable, which is a direct drive design that takes speed accuracy to the max.

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You raised my initial concern. If the turntable is more accurate than the lathe, what are we left with?

I like the table, the man, and his ideas. What was he saying about his musings on tonearm design re speed - that he has in mind some sort of compensating tonearm? Compensating in what way?

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An SP-10 drives his
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The MK 3 is very, very rare. It was a broadcast turntable, and was introduced as CD sales were booming, so not many were made. It's the next closest thing to the SP-02 motor, which is even harder to find. I believe it was only sold as part of Neumann lathes. Kevin Gray at Cohearant has the SP-02 on his lathe, and I believe Sterling Sound does also.

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If it's direct drive is has to have "cogging", right? ;-)

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Boy, there is so much 'cogging' on Bernie's cuts that they score 11 (case in point Lyn Stanley's latest) for sound on Analog Planet lol. I am listening to Bernie's cut of Buena Vista Social Club and it sounds simply amazing. And yes, it's on a direct drive SP10MK2, so there MUST be even more 'cogging'....

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In order to conquer the problem of off-centered disc sides, shouldn't we be pointing fingers at the record pressers? I don't see how that problem would originate at the lathe, since the lathe should be damn precise to begin with. Or am I wrong?

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It's a combination of factors: the hole in the silvered lacquer is punched by eye using cross-hairs optical device. That has to be carefully done (not the same size as spindle hole) and then there can be stamper slippage in the tool.... it's a MIRACLE that good records ever get pressed!!!!!
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Can this also happen when the stamper is in the press? I only ask since my Elvis 24 Karat Hits set from AP has eccentricity issues, and it is not consistent across both sets. Disc 1 seems good in both sets, yet discs 2 and 3 have different eccentricity per set (one may have more where the other has less--it's inconsistent).