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Michael Fremer  |  Oct 21, 2016  |  2 comments
LIVE IN CUBA/i>—the acclaimed album from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis—comes out as a deluxe vinyl box set next week.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 19, 2016  |  3 comments
Veteran jazz record dealer Jeff Barr, who I've known since the 1980s, has opened Euphoria, a new record store in Palm Desert, California.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 18, 2016  |  21 comments
A "Kinks in Mono" box set is due for release overseas shortly and in America on December 16th.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 13, 2016  |  12 comments
I am so sorry to report the passing of Basis Audio's Armando ("A.J.") Conti, one of the audio industry's nicest, most interesting and talented turntable and tone arm designers.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 06, 2016  |  29 comments
Analogue Productions Ultra Tape is a new reel-to-reel reissue program that includes some highly sought after titles at 15IPS, 1/4 inch half-track..

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 03, 2016  |  0 comments
Nina Simone's Philips catalog, recorded between 1964 and 1967 includes much of her most essential recordings.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 30, 2016  |  2 comments
While headphones are not AnalogPlanet's "beat", when editor Michael Fremer found himself in Orlando, Florida to address the Barnes & Noble national manager's convention, at the invitation of company president Andy Regan—a Fremer friend for at least three decades—he visited Orlando based Jerry Harvey Audio.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 22, 2016  |  46 comments
The new ABKCO "The Rolling Stones in Mono" box set arrived today!
Michael Fremer  |  Sep 12, 2016  |  10 comments
ABKCO announced today a limited edition version of The Rolling Stones In Mono box set (15 CDs or 16 vinyl LPs) bundled with a set of nine extremely limited Rolling Stones 7” vinyl singles.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 08, 2016  |  20 comments
Ortofon recently announced a switch from Boron to Sapphire cantilevers on all but its more expensive "Exclusive Series" (photo is of original Boron cantilevered Quintet).

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 01, 2016  |  17 comments
"Why would you fly to San Francisco for one day?" friends asked when I told them recently that I was visiting Elite Audio Systems for a one day in-store appearance and flying home the next day.

Michael Fremer  |  Aug 25, 2016  |  18 comments
Legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder passed away today at age 91. The great jazz engineer and friend to many musical greats began his recording career as an amateur enthusiast in 1952, using the living room of his parents' Hackensack home at 25 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey.