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Michael Fremer  |  Feb 22, 2016  |  4 comments
At last fall's WAX Event at the Capitol Tower I met the owner of Dorado Music Packaging, a company that fabricates among other printed packaging, record jackets and books about music and vinyl.
Michael Fremer  |  Feb 10, 2016  |  70 comments
The label is called "Analogy Records" but for now it doesn't sell records. It only sells "master tapes".

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 09, 2016  |  22 comments
The Toronto, Canada based newspaper The Globe and Mail published a story last Thursday February, 4th about a Canadian company that has invented and is building brand new record presses.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 09, 2016  |  14 comments
In honor of Dan Hicks, here's "Where's the Money" from the album of the same name, released on Blue Thumb Records (BTS 29) in 1971.
Michael Fremer  |  Feb 09, 2016  |  9 comments
Here's more video from Bernie Grundman Mastering, including a tour of head tech Beno May's shop, filled with "cool stuff".
Michael Fremer  |  Feb 08, 2016  |  8 comments
SAT tone arm designer Marc Gomez, Air Force turntable designer Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa, Air Force turntable importer Bob Graham and me at the Audio Salon in Santa Monica for two evenings of outstanding vinyl playback on a state of the art audio system.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 06, 2016  |  44 comments
Groove Note's Ying Tan handed me a surprise at the conclusion of my visit to Bernie Grunman's: a two sided lacquer containing selections from the upcoming Vanessa Fernandez triple 45rpm AAA LP set.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 04, 2016  |  19 comments
Lacquer cutting began Wednesday, Feb. 3rd for When the Levee Breaks Vanessa Fernandez's sophomore "triple A" Groove Note album.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 01, 2016  |  38 comments
Intervention Records adds Joe Jackson's Night and Day to its previously announced Jackson titles I'm the Man and Look Sharp!

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 28, 2016  |  66 comments
Miles Showell, who oversees Abbey Road's 1/2 speed mastering responded recently to a series of questions I posed to him. I want to thank him for taking the time to do so. Please read. And please, keep your comments civil and respectful. I think Mr. Showell's comments make clear the seriousness with which he approached this work

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 27, 2016  |  42 comments
Yesterday, Analogplanet sent around to vinyl producers worldwide our annual pressing plant totals request.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 26, 2016  |  17 comments
Newvelle is a new vinyl-only jazz label founded by Elan Mehler and Jean-Christophe Morisseau. Mr. Mehler is a New York jazz pianist and composer who has toured worldwide and has released five albums. Mr. Morisseau is a Paris-based business executive with a twenty-plus year background in international global business development.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 22, 2016  |  13 comments
This transcription of "Walk on the Wild" side will be featured on this Monday's "Analogplanet Radio Show.
Michael Fremer  |  Jan 21, 2016  |  22 comments
In a December 19th story, Analogplanet pointed out what appeared to be inaccurate wording in a press release description of the 1/2 speed mastered at Abbey Road LP series.
Michael Fremer  |  Jan 19, 2016  |  12 comments
A Fahey track from his previous Reprise album Of Rivers and Religion (MS 2089) was scheduled to post in the next few days, but another version also ripped from vinyl on Youtube got this one posted now.