Unboxing the new Erroll Garner "Liberation In Swing:Centennial Collection" Deluxe Box Set

Mack Avenue Records' new deluxe limited to 300 copies Erroll Garner box set drops September 17th. The set arrived this afternoon, September 16th so I dropped everything to open it on camera to show you what's inside.

It's quite the production including 3 LPs of a 1959 Boston Symphony Hall Concert, an additional LP of unreleased material and 12 CDs containing the entire Garner-founded Octave Records output that you also can download at 192/24 bit resolution. There's also a 45rpm box set of singles that's not a facsimile but is in fact one of hundreds Garner kept in his archives. There's also a cassette containing a performance recorded at Mr. Kelly's in Chicago by a replacement bassist performing that evening with Erroll. But the highlight is the deluxe, beautifully produced book containing essays, photos and a detailed history of Garner's career.

It's among the nicest box productions I've seen. There are other less complete sets not in limited editions that can give you much of the music contained in the box. A full review will soon be posted.

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as a suggestion, to complete your look, may I suggest a headband and some beads. Muy trendy.

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Gym t-shirt? Hair? Happy to have it!
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Kinda reminds me of that early Devo video....

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Just received that as I am kinda swearing off box sets, much as I love Erroll Garner. Fine performance and recording, reminiscent of the iconic Concert by the Sea, one of my first jazz records.

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that it's time to pull out the recent Concert By The Sea remaster and the Telarc box set that I picked up at Newbury Comics many years ago.

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Mr Fremer,
When buying new vinyl records how can we be sure they are not
made from some sort of a CD audio quality source.

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See the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem my friends.

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And music is music. Nyquist was interested only in the math not in the digital filters that for decades absolutely rang audibly and produced awful, phase incoherent sound that brains hate. Nyquist is a theorem and back in the real world CD sound still gets annoying after a very short period of time. I still have trouble listening to CDs in other than short bursts. I can pleasurably spin vinyl records for hours. Put that in Nyquist's theorem and smoke it.
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Helps "prove" the human perception of sound....For people who have no idea what music sounds like in the real world.....measure away folks...it might help to experience listening to a live concert sometime...Ya might hear the light and drop the effort to "prove" digital sound is better/more accurate....