Sumiko and Pro-Ject USA Launch New Budget-Priced E1 Series Turntables

MISTELBACH, AUSTRIA (May 3, 2022) - Sumiko and Pro-Ject USA today announced the new E1 budget-priced turntable line designed and produced in Europe. The E1 turntable is available in three versions: the E1 ($349) the E1 SB with with built in switchable phono preamplifier ($399) and the E1 BT ($499) featuring both built-in switchable phono preamp and a Bluetooth wireless transmitter to connect wirelessly to soundbars and powered speakers.

The E1 turntables feature a high-density subplatter assembly on which rides a low mass synthetic main platter. A polished stainless steel spindle bearing rotates within a low friction brass bearing well mounted in a solid MDF plinth wrapped in one of three durable foil finishes: high-gloss black, satin white and satin walnut. The aluminum tonearm features a factory mounted Ortofon OM5 cartridge. An electronic speed selector drives the DC motor at either 33 or 45rpm. The E1 series also includes a hinged acrylic dust cover.

The E1 Family will be available for purchase through Authorized Pro-Ject Audio Systems retailers beginning May 2022.

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the lack of comments would indicate that every regular Analog Planet reader already has something better. We can offer these as suggestions for friends just getting into vinyl, but that's about all.

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Inflation is obviously wreaking havoc, but it's hard not to think "$250 table" when looking at this one. A Basic Orbit with the same cart is $244; $274 with a Grado Black.

The Fluance RT82 with OM10 is still $300. ($500 gets an RT85 with acrylic platter and either 2M Blue or Nagaoka MP-110.)

The AT LP40 is also $350, with an AT-VM95E, carbon fiber arm and removable headshell.

A Pro-Ject T1 customer return can often be found on eBay for around that price as well.

This one feels like a tough sell.

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Now if we want to go Ultra budget.....Check out the Crosley C3 sold on the big box online retailer.

Pretty amazing what you can still get for $85! (tonearm looks pretty decent)

With a few modifications, I suspect this one could sound very respectable for the money

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That means more people into vinyl, which means more vinyl pressings, etc...This TT is miles better than what most people (non-audiophiles) had in the '70s and '80s. Back then most had consoles or all-in-one stereos from the makes of RCA, Soundesign, Electrophonic, LLoyds, etc.

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