A New "On the Wall" Way to Store and Display Records from Toneoptic

Toneoptic founder and graphic arts designer Fabian Geyrhalter decided "It is time to rethink how we store and select records". He's come up with a unique, patent pending design and hired "the best designer, engineer and advisors (from Frank Gehry Partners, Boeing Aircraft and Cambridge Audio amongst others)" to execute the concept.

The rpm cube combines the best of record store type flip bin convenience with more traditional spine type display through the use of a unique mechanism that "...upon touch and pull, would spin 90 degrees forwards so I could easily flip through them while still stashing them away again in the manner we all love, spines facing outwards."

Each unit stores between 60-75 records and comes with 3 dividers to allow organizing 12", 10" and 7" records. The walnut wall unit is solid walnut. The white units are high-build high-gloss water-based acrylic lacquer painted Finland ply. High-grade solid steel hardware is used throughout. Interior ecord protector material is made of recycled plastic water bottle sourced Polyfelt®.

The cubes measure 17"x 20.625" x 19 (DxWxH) and weigh 50 (Walnut) and 51 (White) pounds. They are designed for wall-hanging and you can be sure when filled with records they will be heavy so only studly walls need apply.

As of mid-January there was or is a pre-sale of 50 strictly numbered and signed special "Founder's Batch" representing the first ever rpms to be sold to the public. For now rpms can be purchased only directly from the toneoptic website. Prices are: $3,750 (white) and $4,250 (Walnut). Yes, these are costly, but for those with the means appear to be a beautiful way to store and browse through records.

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Truly you jest! Cheers,Chet

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I posted about this on The Vinyl Asylum

Holds 60-75 records. $3750- that's for one unit! $500 more for walnut. Yes, with this unit you can look at the lps either from the spines or rotate and look at the front. But look how much shelf space it wastes. This is certainly a disadvantage. And for these lofty prices, I'm fine reading the spines. Although nothing much surprises me these days, this truly seems like highway robbery to me. I'd love to know how many actually sell.

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The inventor said they’re really not meant to hold an entire collection but just to show off some of your favorite vinyl in your living room. Somehow I doubt my guests would be that impressed especially at these prices!

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A bit out of reach for the 99.999% of us... Fascinating unit though...

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We listened, and here's the great news: After 6 months of R&D we got the unit's price point down from $4,250 to $575. Now available via our Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toneoptic/an-innovative-spin-on-vin...

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I need about $63,000 worth of those, then. So far, anyway. Not sure my wall would hold them, though. I think this is for rich people with not too many records.

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Is there no ridiculous overpriced 1 percetner product you won't shill for? Is this serving your readers? Are you that desperate and lazy for content? Surely you can do better Emperor Bonaparte.

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calm down. Granted these are wildly overpriced and the brainchild of someone with no business sense, but entertaining nonetheless. Last time I checked Michael is a reviewer and part of his website’s purpose is to bring new products to our attention. No one is forcing you to buy anything, and there was no sales pitch here… Maybe you need to adjust your meds.

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For that
Michael Fremer's picture
When you post stupid crap about me. And lern the meaning of the word “shill”. This is an interesting record related product most readers will find interesting unlike your stupid post left up to entertain readers by your stupidity.
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For some reason,I feel I should respond like Joe Pesci in Good Fellas-

TOMMY (to Henry): I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you?

TOMMY (to Henry): I make you laugh? I’m here to fxxxx’ amuse you? Waddya mean “funny”? Funny how? How am I funny?

Anyway, great flick, ridiculous product marketed with all the buzzwords to appeal to trust fund boomers.

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Make it about the product not about me. I'm just the messenger and I do not "shill" for anyone.
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for that kind of cash you can get a beautiful mid-century looking solid wood sideboard that will hold/store both your equipment and records, and look much more stylish doing it. I see bankruptcy in this company’s future…

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strictly numbered and signed special "Founder's Batch"

But artisan storage is hereby declared Not a Thing in this product category, sorry.

"But babe! The boxes are signed! Babe? Where'd you go?"

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Founder's Batch must be the first units build, they aren't measuring identically, show some irregularities, and aren't entirely straight :-)

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the numbered part really gave me a belly laugh. Seriously though, if you have this kind of money burning a hole in your deep pockets, take a serious look at box furniture company.

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“ hired "the best designer, engineer and advisors (from Frank Gehry Partners, BOEING Aircraft and Cambridge Audio amongst others)" to execute the concept.”

This doesn’t exactly give one confidence to get in a plane anytime soon!

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Clearly these On The Wall jackass shelves are Off The Wall :)

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Maybe if they had an NFT.

I think those devices would cover up too much of my wallpaper made out of hundred dollars bills.

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So much anger in the comments.
How dare they make this product and how dare you force me to read about it ;)

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I see this as greed personified. I know one can come up with all kinds of rationale for these prices— research and development, advertising, etc. I just don’t think the consumer should have to pay for that. Clearly, these prices are beyond any rational consideration of actual cost to make. But certainly they’re not the only offenders and not even the worst. How about the $50,000 tonearm or the most recent record stabilizer or weight for $6700? And let’s not even mention cables that go for thousands a foot. Or The Electric Recording Company with their $600 records.

True, no one is forcing anyone to buy and, in fact, they’ll always be those who will purchase without regard to price. To me it’s all a bit depressing. Greed gone amuck? You be the judge…

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The $50,000 tone arm is a fantastic product in every way and I'm happy to own own and yes I got an industry accommodation price but it was still costly. It's not any kind of "offender". If that's too much for you, get a Kuzma 4Pt. It's a great arm too but not quite the same. ERC records are not 'greed gone amuck'. None of this should depress anyone but yes, "you be the judge", which means you are entitled to your opinion. Without regard to price, this is a very innovative way to store records. No one's done it before that I know of and I like the idea of being able to view records by the spine or by the jacket front-record store style just by rotating them all. If you think that was easy to devise and manufacture I suggest you try it. As for the price, again, i do not know what it costs to manufacture and it's certainly out of my price range but you know people say the same thing about flying Business Class in the front of the same plane for $2000 when you can sit in the back for $300. Is it worth it? When flying overseas and you can have a nice meal and turn your seat into a bed and go to sleep in a one person compartment? It sure is!
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At least flying business class for $2000 gets you somewhere! Where does this cockamamie “wonderfully innovative” imitation of a record shelf get you but $3800 poorer! There may be a reason why no one else came up with this: it’s not really that great an idea! Is it such an onerous task to read records from the spine? Why do I need to rotate them? They’re MY records! Presumably I know what the record covers look like from playing them. Why would I have to rotate them to sort through them each time? This is quite different than going to a record store and filing through unfamiliar records that you may want to buy. And besides, it wastes a huge amount of space. In my opinion, this is a solution looking for a problem. And just consider what the six of these side by side pictured above would cost; close to $22,000! You could buy a car for that sum which would at least could get you from point A to point B. And if you have any money left over, you could even splurge and put of a few of these wonderful racks in the trunk to transport and show off your beautiful collection from all angles to all interested passerbuys. Sorry, no one will ever convince me that this is a great idea.

Michael, you’re certainly entitled to defend the products you write about on your website. I’m sure you love your $50,000 tonearm and think it’s worth every penny. After all, look at all the research and development that went into it! And of course, the inventor seems to always have been an aerospace engineer before he lent his formidable talents to the vinyl world. And yes, everyone who bought one absolutely loves it and thanks you on bended knee for the recommendation! And no, I haven’t listened to this tonearm and have no desire to ever do so.

In the end, each of us decides for ourselves the worth of a particular product. If there are those here that think that these shelves are the “cat’s pajamas”, good for them. Buy a dozen and be happy! I can’t wait until you review the $7000 Ansuz Acoustics Darkz T2 Supreme record weight- sorry stabilizer- and show us the path to Vinyl Valhalla…

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Firstly, your points have already been made here by several people, minus the cheap shots, so maybe read the comments next time before spewing your verbal diarrhea.

Secondly, there are many, many other things that represent a much bigger cash grab, including $10,000 bottles of wine.

Thirdly, Michael’s analogy about flying business class versus coach is an excellent one. You also need to consider that unlike an expensive bottle of wine or first class seat on a plane, you will own and enjoy your high end audio equipment for the rest of your life.

Fourthly, Fock off if something so inconsequential sets you off like this.

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“ Fourthly, Fock off if something so inconsequential sets you off like this.”
“ maybe read the comments next time before spewing your verbal diarrhea.”

You sound a hell of a lot more angry than me! But thanks anyway for your beautifully articulate response!

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Had you commenced with that thought you'd have not written the rest. However, my records are displayed by spines like most people's and every so often I move things around so I pull a rack out and line them up 'record store' style. It's a totally different browsing experience and the difference is fascinating. With this system you can view the contents both ways in seconds. I think it's a great idea that I'll defend every chance i get. The price is something else...
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“ Had you commenced with that thought you'd have not written the rest.” Not really true. My criticism of Toneoptics shelves have nothing to do with personal choice. I never said you shouldn’t buy it; I said it’s up to each person to decide. In other words, I wouldn’t buy it but you’re free do what you want. Isn’t this about a free exchange of ideas? I simply gave my opinion; I think the concept is flawed and the object itself WAY OVERPRICED. I’m sure most of the posters here would agree at least with the latter, maybe even yourself.

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Much appreciated that comment, Michael, and the post of course.

Might be interesting to you, or some readers that we listened, and after 6 months of R&D we got the unit's price point down from $4,250 to $575.

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Every hobby has this sort of thing. Whether you’re into fancy wines, collect books or art, enjoy golf, or going out for expensive dinners at fancy restaurants. Some people travel, collect coins and stamps, comic books, and all of them spend small or exorbitant amounts pursuing them, according to their own means and priorities. If it brings you joy, that’s all that really matters. Life is short.

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I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw the price…
Submitted by Jazz listener on Mon, 2022-01-31 18:36
for that kind of cash you can get a beautiful mid-century looking solid wood sideboard that will hold/store both your equipment and records, and look much more stylish doing it. I see bankruptcy in this company’s future…

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To put it all in perspective there is the half billion dollar yacht that we keep reading about. That guy has employees that get treated quite poorly to make his piles of money and nobody feels bad buying all their stuff from him.

These are pocket change for many people and if someone wants to sell to a 'limited' market at a larger profit margin, then more power to them. There isn't thousands of dollars worth of fabric in most 'high end' clothes, there is just a name so the people with that kind of money put their own value on things.

I can get riled up about people and companies that try to take average people's money based on fake promises but if someone wants to spend that much for a record cabinet then I'm fine with it. I'm guessing the rest of their furniture is crazy expensive too. In fact, most of them probably won't ever see what these cost because their designer will put them in their house and all they will do is pay one total to their designer.

And, I like reading about all sorts of stuff so keep the interesting and unique coming.

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Obviously wildly overpriced but the design is interesting. Thanks Michael.

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that limited how we can spend our money. As long as someone is not funding a terrorist group, involved in child porn, and any other illegal activity, who GAF what people spend their money on. There are some who have the ability to pay $3800 or $4300 for LP storage and to them it would be equivalent to what others spend on an Ikea Kallax shelf. So what? Last I checked, it's a free country,. So don't get your panties in an uproar. Relax and enjoy your LP's. I'm just pissed I didn't think of it before they did!

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With your post.
Anton D's picture

In the spirit of freedom, people are free to kvecth, as well.

Love it, hate it, complain about it, fawn over it, attack it, defend it....great.

Do keep in mind we are the smallest tempest in a small teapot of a hobby.

I think we fight with this sort of intensity because the stakes are so low.

I do hope we get to see some pics from people who simply drill these babies into drywall!

Anton D's picture

That might make for some tough stud finding.

Elubow's picture

First time I’ve heard that phrase. I’ve heard don’t get your panties in a bunch, or a wad. I guess this is a new take on the expression…

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I think he misspoke about this bespoke shelf which made him choke on his breakfast egg yolk, some folks!

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Has been around a long, long time.....
Elubow's picture

But in researching I did learn a new word: MALAPHOR
Malaphor is an informal term for an unintentional blending of an aphorism and a malapropism. An aphorism is a brief saying that teaches a lesson or truth or that expresses a view. A malapropism is the wrong usage of a word or phrase.

Amazing what you can learn on ANALOG PLANET!

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But we really don't need pedantic shit-talkers on this website.

Show some fuckin respect dude.

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Hey Mike.
Sometimes I don’t know what’s more entertaining, the comments or the reason for the comments. It is an amusing product to consider when you have 7k LPs. Will you be at the Tampa show in a few weeks ?
John Deuble
North Florida

Michael Fremer's picture
At the time I had to commit to attending and participating, Covid was still flaring including in Florida so I erred on the side of caution and declined. It's much safer now (even though a record 3600 people died yesterday, but only a few in Florida). However the show has no precautions in place so when I had to decide it seemed not going was the best idea.
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I'd don't have the wall space for this and my collection of Cheryl Tiegs' posters.

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At $56 per record I’d have to go through my collection and find the LP’s that are worthy.

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...that Mr. Fremer didn't misplace a decimal point somewhere? Maybe they're really only forty bucks each. Of course, the bespoke cube market is pretty hot these days so maybe they're forty grand.

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or on what they spend their disposable is no one else's business as long as no one is harmed even if most folks finds it evokes the title of WC Fields' film, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. This is product is far from unique in this regard. High end consumer audio is rife with some feel is exorbitant profiteering only because others are willing to pay the fare. To those who choose to draw a line in the sand here and say the emperor is naked, I'm not going to say they're wrong. Maybe I'll ask, "Why here?"

This product's flaw--a fatal flaw to my aging eyes--is the fixed height at which it's attached to the wall. Records stacked face forward are best set at waist to chest height so each jacket can be viewed as the one in front of it is flipped forward whereas spine forward records are best shelved at eye level to facilitate reading the small print. I would insist on a means of raising and lowering the boxes at the asking price.

If I were to criticize Mr. Fremmer, I would point out too in "lern too spel" is a grammatical, not spelling error.

Happy listening &, as always, YMMV.

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The units can be placed on the wall at any height you wish. You can see a video about it half-way through our just-launched Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toneoptic/an-innovative-spin-on-vin...

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I would insist on a means of raising and lowering the boxes at the asking price.

Yes, I might pay some money for that feature, assuming I had the ceiling clearance, which the house I could then afford to live in would.

As it is, getting down on the floor to look at my bottom tier of records, as I enter my 70's, is getting tedious.

Elubow's picture

the asking price.” LOL! I get the sarcasm but good luck with that one! Great idea, though…

Jazz listener's picture

you came in acting like a jackass and now you’re everyone’s friend I see. Is this what happens when you skip your meds every other day? lol

ChrisS's picture

....the items in 99cent stores.

Who thinks any of those items are actually worth 99cents? Nearly all will end up in a landfill or polluting the air and waters.

arcman67's picture

The shelves are attractive. The turntable rotation is a good idea that could be implemented on may existing shelves if they have the room.

jnp619's picture

My thoughts exactly, build your own. I have a record storage project, for myself, slated for the spring. I am going to try and incorporate the concept into the project. Thank you Michael.

Elubow's picture

Did it ever occur to you that you’re the only one here who seems comfortable attacking people personally? “Fock off, verbal diarrhea, jackass”— all your words. None of my postings were personal. You really should look in the mirror before you accuse someone of having anger problems.

Glotz's picture

You were talking shit about Michael earlier in your posts..

Choose your words carefully and direct it to the products, not the reviewer.

Again, MF can easily kick your ass out of here (again).

Elubow's picture

Did I insult Michael personally? You won’t find one personal insult in my posts. I criticized the Toneoptic record holder and was disparaging about his $50,000 tonearm. No tonearm is worth that money, IMO. It’s just symptomatic of some of the crazy pricing of recent audio products. Yes, I was sarcastic but please indicate where I attacked him personally. I think MF is grown up enough to survive the sarcasm. If you’ve read some of his postings through the years, you’ll know that he engaged in quite a bit of it himself through the years. And some of it has been a lot more vituperative than mine. I would turn it back on you : “Choose YOUR words carefully” before you accuse someone of talking “shit”.

Elubow's picture

I was never kicked out of here. Have no idea what you’re talking about.

Tasingegade's picture

Can that be true? It would go a long way to explaining the cost. Its just hard for me to imagine such designers would take on this project and don't have a lot more lucrative work to do, than make a shelf for records which partially spins. Yikes. More power to them all

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This is

Toptip's picture

This is a great idea and you can fashion one at home from some IKEA parts and a Lazy Susan, probably for $50 or less. We should thank the “inventor.”

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I think the reason that you get comments like those in this thread about certain kinds of products Michael, and I have nothing but respect for you and your commitment to vinyl records- is that this hobby highlights a couple of things that might bug some folks a bit. Many products are designed for a class of buyer that could, if willing, spend virtually anything they wanted on the hobby. That would be, even here, a tiny fraction of your audience.

What bothers me about a lot of products just like this one, is that they are designed to rip you off-- so long as you're willing to be ripped off.

Let's just be real-- this is a small piece of functional storage furniture, not a Bentley, not an Italian leather sofa, and it is priced to gouge any chump stupid enough to not care they are being reamed. So by all means, buy it. The seller thanks you for supporting his order of magnitude profit margins.

Just like a $20k power cable is an utter RIP-OFF and does not sound better than a $500 power cable-- they just sound different based upon your system, room, etc. If you have the dough for it, buy and enjoy-- but the dude that made that cable that you dropped $20k on is laughing his ass-off all the way to the bank. I know a few people in this biz. They know what they're doing when they design a product for chumps. So chump away! Somewhere in most of their products lines are items that are often a solid value-- then there's the "Bling Series"-- that would be for those seeking a new status symbol.

The multi-thousand dollar record weight (and I of course use weights and clamps on my turntables) and most other clap-trap like this, is designed for people with more money than sense-- but do I say therefore no one should by any of this stuff-- hell no! It's free country.

You are free to believe whatever subjective, placebo fueled nonsense that your heart desires. Even when it defies all logic, physics, or other worldly explanation existing outside of your own head.

Beyond a certain build and materials quality point, things like cables, weights, cable lifts, contact enhancers, etc. and whatever; things don't just keep getting better just because the price gets higher and higher.

You will never be able to sit and listen to an array of any of these types of products and align them in order of price based upon how they sound.

Want to bet?

Why is a $200 bottle of Pinot Noir better than a $30 bottle? It's not. People that think otherwise are deluding themselves. There are differences, but none of them are qualitative. This hobby always likes to claim otherwise. It's a lot BS.

When you get into more complex stuff, like tonearms, amps, turntables, speakers, etc., the rule also applies, just at much higher price points, but beyond a certain point, it's all just flavor notes-- not better, or best, or alien technology, or bespoke whatever.

In this case, it's clever record storage box at a rip-off price point. Yeah, it's a rip-off, but if you dig it, go for it!

Elubow's picture

Thanks for one of the few intelligent and articulate responses here. I completely agree with you. The real question here is: IS THIS PRODUCT WORTH THE PRICE? I would wager that almost everyone here would say no. But I would never tell anyone NOT to buy it. I can afford this shelf and even the $50,000 tonearm so it’s not a matter of envy. I just think the prices are absurd. If this isn’t greed, please define what the word means.

Michael Fremer's picture
I can definitely say that some power cables sound way better than others and not system dependent and DEFINITELY wine! Which is not to say there aren't many good inexpensive bottles and decent inexpensive power cords. Once a host at dinner decanted a bottle while we drank a very good Burgundy. Later he asked the waiter (corkage fee paid) to bring out the other. This guy is very low key and never makes an issue of what's being poured as i later found out since I'd not previously dined with him. He poured a glass from the decanter and did not make a big deal or any deal out of it. I took one sip and EXCLAIMED IN A REALLY LOUD VOICE: "OH MY GOD I'VE NEVER HAD WINE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!" Everyone in the restaurant heard me, I'm embarrassed to say. He asked that the bottle be brought out. It was a 1989 Chateau Haut-Brion that goes for around $3000. I've never had a bottle of that caliber anything but trust me, YOU WOULD KNOW IT AS SOON AS YOU TASTED IT.
Fsonicsmith's picture

I have a six pack of 2019 Haut-Brion arriving this year on futures. I am 62 so it will be my sons who enjoy them one day. As a point of historical interest, at one time Haut-Brion was widely thought superior to Lafite Rothschild. It has never really lost that perch though due to supply and demand both Lafite and Petrus command higher prices.
Hey Dr. Anton Dotson-should you happen to read this you can not be a well-meaning Goy and misspell "kvetch" on my watch, good sir!

Jazz listener's picture

once in a while because of some people’s delicate constitutions? Plush-ease. EVERY hobby has this kind of thing in it. There are golf clubs that cost more than my first car. Bespoke furniture, which this is, very much like bespoke clothing, is EXPENSIVE. I don’t really care if he sells zero or thousands of these. I know I won’t be buying it, but I enjoyed reading about what is a new and novel design to display records. And if this thing gets featured in a home design or fashion magazine, maybe it helps spark interest in our collective hobby, especially young people. The fact of the matter is, there is something for every budget in our hobby, and once you’ve been in it long enough you realize that there is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of budget and super expensive that is within our means, depending on how big a part of our life music is. So, I guess what I’m saying is - don’t get your panties in a knot!

Sans_Solo's picture

Michael- I am sorry to report (and this is not on YOU Sir) that this product is way overpriced.  Who am I to judge?....am an Architect, an Audiophile, an Audio repair technician, and an avid Woodworker (speaker designer/builder). Even if I had $150 million in the bank, I wouldn't be so cavalier to spend 4K on a product with very low intrinsic value.  I mean come on just because the self slides out and spins around does not make this anymore convenient to view records (oh there's a big plate on the front right in the way!) I see what the "designer" is trying to emulate i.e minimalist Art like Donald Judd.  Now if this was made by Judd yea I would pay 15K for one (Then the unit has intrinsic value....an investment) I don't know for sure....but would suspect this was brought to market by a Millennial (some of the most entitled and under deserving generation the world has to offer...not all of them but most in my experience)  Also how is this attached to the wall?....records are heavy as ShXX! I highly doubt the designer thought far enough in advance on that subject (I would have used a blind cleat) Yo

Jazz listener's picture

observation that many of us have already made. Yes, it’s over-priced. Newsflash - go take a look at ANY medium or high-end modern furniture shop online and the prices will make your jaw hit the floor. There are lamps that cost multiples of what this guy is asking for his shelf. So a bit of perspective please. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Michael also featured a cool affordable white table lamp that works amazingly well to light up your hi-if rig. I for one enjoy looking at and reading about over-the-top products once in a while. If it bothers you that much, spend your time flipping through an IKEA catalog instead. I will give you credit though for not feeling the need to include any cheap personal attacks on MF in your post like SOMEONE else who shall remain nameless. Now p,ease excuse me while I go scratch my Elubow…

Elubow's picture

I’ve never once engaged in personal attacks. However, I’d love to make an exception here: YOU’RE A JERK!

Sans_Solo's picture

at least "I am not Arrogant"......an OJ quote

TommyTunes's picture

but extremely overpriced, plus I couldn’t imagine stacking them without having them tip when pulling out a draw. Back in the day every department store carried record cabinets that you could stack. I don’t understand why a manufacturer can’t produce a simple cabinet that’s 28”x13”x13” made of 3/4” plywood that can be stacked so you can add units as your collection grows and price them at $150 each. Today it’s either cheap particle board or uber artisan cabinets with little inbetween.

anomaly7's picture

I did chuckle at Michael’s comment in the article, “yes, these are costly”.
But I hope they sell thousands of them so that maybe IKEA knocks them off at a reasonable price.
I think it’s a great storage option for a limited amount of vinyl or for the 1% to who money is no object.

Toneoptic's picture

We filed a patent and after 6 months of R&D we got the unit's price point down from $4,250 to $575. Now available via our Kickstarter campaign if interested in learning more about how we got here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toneoptic/an-innovative-spin-on-vin...

liguorid42's picture

Even $575 would be out of range for me, for the amount I would need to store my records.

TooCooL4's picture

Cool design, out of my budget range.
I would never understand people who get mad because they can’t afford something, but think because they can’t afford it nobody else should be allowed to have it either.

Toneoptic's picture

We listened, and after 6 months of R&D we got the unit's price point down from $4,250 to $575. Now available via our Kickstarter campaign if of interest: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toneoptic/an-innovative-spin-on-vin...

Ivan Lietaert's picture

In all the pics of this I've seen (also on their official Instagram page), the lovely artwork that many vinyl records have, is hidden out of sight by an ugly square of metal. It does come in different colors, though. I guess this is what happens when you get a space engineer to do interior design.
So what does it do? Does it 'store' albums? Then it is very expensive. Does is display albums? Then it is a failure.

shawnwes's picture

As I'm sure you were thinking as you wrote the piece but it is an interesting design which could be easily copied by any cabinet shop for a few hundred $ ea, incl the swivel base :)

Andrew L's picture

The "On The Wall" unit looks like the ideal partner in which to display your complete ERC collection and impress you audio buddies! :P

cdynak's picture

I like these, but I can't afford the asking price. Such is life. I like Patek Phillip watches as well but I'm wearing a Casio. At the end of the day, I have some decent wooden crates that I could screw on a french cleat. Viola! I'm hanging my vinyl collection. But if you can afford these...rock and roll!

Vinyl On Tubes's picture

Keep in mind, I have some very expensive records. I'm just not buying a shelf that cost more than my records. I understand the concept of putting a 200K car in million dollar home. But you buy the house first because it offers more than just a garage.

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For me, they'll be prizing my Per Madsen Designs record racks from my cold dead hands. I know Mikey uses them too, because I've seen them in his photos. I have too many records and not enough wall space to store them that way, even if I could afford to, and don't have any particular "favorites" I want to highlight and break the continuity of my filing system.

BTW you can still get Per Madsen clones from some woodworking craftsmen, at comparable prices to the originals (maybe even better accounting for inflation). Search the 'Net for them if interested. Maybe Mikey will do a review of them.