Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) Announces New Denver Pressing Plant Opening Late 2022!

April 25th, 2022—Vinyl Me, Please today announced in a press release its new Denver area pressing plant, which will open towards the end of 2022. Perhaps equally big news here is that the plant will be run by plating and pressing expert Gary Salstrom who has previously worked for QRP and RTI.

The plant's existence has been known to some industry insiders for some time, but the "code of silence" held and few outside knew about it---until now.

From the press release:

“I’m thrilled to have the resources and partners required to make the best vinyl LPs ever produced, in a place where the experience will be as special as the finished goods,” said Salstrom.

Our 14,000-square-foot pressing plant will be located in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, otherwise known as the River North Art District. Sitting just across the street from Mission Ballroom, AEG’s premier 3,950-capacity, state-of-the-art concert venue, the plant is being constructed as an experiential space with music fans in mind. Music lovers will be able to tour the space, see firsthand how records are made, and explore music together in an extraordinary environment.

“Quality, control and availability are critical to maintaining and expanding our leadership position in the vinyl industry,” said VMP Chief Executive Officer Cameron Schaefer. “With this in mind, we’ve decided to press records in a way that provides an incredible experience for our customers and visitors to our plant.”

David Rawlings, artist, producer and co-founder of Acony Records, has been appointed Chief Groove Officer for the plant, and will play a significant role as VMP’s partner.

“It’s a dream come true to work with Gary [Salstrom], optimizing, refining and innovating to press the finest records possible,” Rawlings shared. “We want this facility to be a game-changer in an industry that has too often been focused on quantity over quality.”

Not only will the atmosphere of our pressing plant provide an unprecedented experience for guests, the new addition will allow VMP to grow our mission, provide our customers with the kind of quality we’ve become known for at a greater scale and produce the highest quality records possible. It’s no secret that vinyl records are the most popular and growing physical medium in the music industry, and that manufacturing them to meet the rate of demand, while preserving their quality, has been a challenge.

More great news for vinyl lovers, "tho" for some the location in the RiNo area may prove politically problematic (jeez, please take a joke, okay?).

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I've enjoyed my subscription, glad to see them successful.

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This is great news.

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Just picked up Taste's first lp and their pressing was excellent all around.

Nice meeting you too Michael! (I was a little too high... sorry!)

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...50 minutes or so from where I live. Will be spending some time there for sure!

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Will this be a problem for QRP? Can Salstrom be replaced successfully?

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I'm wondering the same thing. At least from the outside, it seemed Salstrom played a very major part in QRP's pressing quality. I wonder what'll happen now.

RodSerling27's picture

without training someone to replace him. After all, he won't be around forever, so I'm sure there is someone filling his shoes. At least I hope!

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Nice S-shaped bar! They really thought this through!

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Those folks are a class act in terms of repertoire, extras and bitchin' colors. And evidently they're successful enough to build new digs. Good luck to them.

Don't know about you folks but I am beat, having arrived home late last night after four days in beautiful Schaumburg IL. Good show, though.

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The first record leaving the new pressing plant should be something worth it.
When will Bob Dylan releases his next record?

MalachiLui's picture

VMP almost always has something worth it lined up, their essentials subscription almost always features solid albums. just as long as they're not opening the plant by pressing sam hunt records that absolutely no one wants, i think the first record leaving the plant will be solid lol.

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What is THIS?!?! Neofidelity

Has anyone heard about this analog medium and process? If Dylan and T-Bone are in... it could hold some serious importance!

I'd love to see Michael et al dig deeper into the validity of this...

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I am trying to get an interview with T-Bone
Glotz's picture

Cannot WAIT!

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given the fact that it will require new hardware (i.e. not backwards compatible with your existing TT or vinyl collection) this is going to need to represent one hell of an improvement in sound to rationalize the expense of buying a new TT to play this new medium and then starting over with your music collection. With the calibre of audiophile-quality of vinyl releases these days, including UHQR and others, does anyone realistically expect this will be such an improvement that it leads people to convert? Also, who is the demographic for this? Those with established vinyl rigs and collections? Not likely. One of the things I love about TT’s and vinyl is that is that both the hardware and software have remained virtually unchanged since the 60’s (i.e. future proof). I find the fact that someone has now decided to try and make it obsolete kind of alarming.

Lazer's picture

The fact that people with lots of money are investing in pressing plants and other things analogue means, in my opinion, that vinyl is back and here to stay for the long term.

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We are truly living in great times

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Looks like I have something to look forward this year. Alright!