Andover Audio SpinDeck2 Turntable

Some sequels are worth waiting for more than others. Case in point: Andover Audio’s SpinDeck2 turntable, which is the replacement piece for the company’s well-received SpinDeck belt-drive turntable. (We duly reported on the entry-point SpinDeck last fall, right here.)

The tech stats are these. The SpinDeck 2 adds electronic speed control and end-of-the-record automatic shut-off and arm return. Lifting the tonearm from the armrest will start the platter, and returning the tonearm will stop it.


The aluminum tonearm features a fully adjustable counterweight and standard 0.5in cartridge-mounting system, enabling substitutions for virtually any cartridge you might prefer. That said, an Audio-Technica AT3600 magnetic phono cartridge comes pre-installed on the SpinDeck2.


The sturdy MDF plinth — available in either black or white — and soft rubber vibration isolating feet are said to provide the SpinDeck2 with “solid stability for skip-free playback” (their words). SpinDeck 2 also features a built-in RIAA phono preamp, again making it compatible with virtually any system. The preamp may be bypassed for use with systems that do not require it, like Andover Audio’s own SpinBase and SpinBase MAX turntable system. (If you’re also interested in learning more about the now-available SpinBase MAX, we reported on it here late last year.)


Other features of the SpidDeck2 turntable include a cast machined-aluminum platter with damped silicone rubber mat and an electronically stabilized DC motor. The SRP for the SpinDeck2 is $299.

If you want to learn more about Andover Audio, go here.
If you want to order the Andover Audio SpinDeck2, go here.



Features & Specs
Nominal speeds: 33 rpm, 45 rpm; both ±2%
Wow and flutter: 33: <0.20%; 45: <0.20%
Signal-to-noise ratio: >67dB A-Weighted
Effective tonearm length: 8.5in (214.5mm)
Overhang: 22mm
Power consumption: 1.5W
Power adapter: Universal 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Dimensions (w/h/d): 420 x 119 x 340mm
Weight: 10lb (4.5kg)


Specs for included Audio-Technica AT3600
phono cartridge

Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
Channel separation: 24dB/1kHz
Channel Balance: <1.5dB
Output voltage: 4.2mV @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec
Recommended load impedance: 47kohms/200-300pF (MM input)
Stylus type: 0.0006in (conical bonded diamond)
Recommended tracking force: 2.5-3.5g
Replacement stylus: ATN3600L stylus
Weight: 5.7g


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I understand that consulting an online inflation calculator may not seem fun, but please bear with me. Upon reading this post, my reveries took me back through the mists of time to a point roughly forty years ago. Back then, a pretty good record player could easily set you back $299, often more. The aforesaid calculator informed me that in today's money that would be...never mind, I won't spoil your fun. The point is, that while this turntable isn't for me, and may not be for you interest the average analog planeteer, one has to derive some satisfaction to know that a young person could get into vinyl in 2023 for the cost of my bar tab last Saturday.

I feel compelled to add:

1. no, I'm not making it up, though I kinda wish I was.
2. no, I wasn't driving.
3. yes, I paid for all five people in my party. I gotta get better friends...

Anton D's picture

…so, of course you paid!


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"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

What makes you believe "I gotta get better friends" by paying up the tab ?

Wait until you ask them for help when you were in distress one day !! This is a realworld.

Jack L

rich d's picture

Surely anyone could tell I was joking? I have no friends.

And one of them (let's call him Acquaintance 1) is buying the beer next week.

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if the eighth line in my post doesn't scan well it's 'cause I failed to check properly (story of my life). Sorry for any confusion or dizziness caused.

You can probably figure out what I meant.

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Glad y'all see the bigger picture as to why we're covering all ends of the gear and SRP spectrum here on AP. All comers welcome, after all. And there are some truly cool higher-end turntables, cartridges, phono preamps, tonearms, and more in the gear coverage mix already in the queue too. :)
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Too true. Music enjoyment is personal & subjective. It is not qualified & quantitified by the money spent on the audio hardward/software. Surely hoarding up tons of vinyl records R.I.P. on the shelves does not warrant the owner is enjoying its music by tons.

Let me take the example of my elder son who was graduated in our city Roayal Academy of Music (founded 1886) in theroy & practice of classical piano with first class honour when he was 18 before he entered university for his professional disipline (sorry no music).

Yet he never owns any HiFi & enjoys music bigtime from his laptop minispeakers & earbud from his iPhone-to-go. He is still a perfect pitch. He can size up the pitch of any music a second or less without fail. I test him spontaneously from time to time.

Music enjoyment is timeless & money-irrelevant.

Listening is believing

Jack L

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but some day he will realize that laptop minispeakers suck.

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An audio sound guy goes for the sound alone, no music. A musician enjoys music out of the sound even from laptop minispeakers that "suck" !

This is musical culture that so many many audio sound guys do not possess. Just like selling coconuts to Eskimos.

Listening is believing

Jack L

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I know plenty of "audio sound guys" whose love of music moved them to assemble top notch stereos. And I know a few musicians with very good systems (and some with awful ones, to be fair). Tar everyone with the same brush and you just make a mess.

With respect to coconuts, many people like them and I'll bet that plenty of Eskimos do too. As coconuts don't grow in snowy climes, these folks would need to buy 'em somewhere. Which would mean someone is selling coconuts to Eskimos. No-one is being injured or defrauded in these transactions, so what's the problem?

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"selling coconuts to Eskimos" is a common sarcastic expression describing someone acting something IRREVANT to another party without knowing that other party does not know about it at all.

Coconuts are popular tropical fruits but Eskimos live in freezing polar areas where coconuts never exist & would not know what coconuts are. So it would be a very hard selling to Eskimos who got no idea what coconuts are.

I borrow such sarcastic expression to describe many sound guys who go for sound quality instead of music quality. My elder son, a formally educated pianist, is a good example who goes for music instead of costly audio equipment. Please don't tell me he got lousy ears - he is a perfect pitch.

Some rich & willing audiophiles drop a huge bundle for exotic brandname audios as a showoff display at home. Ask them how often they go attending live concerts !! You may be surprised.

Listening is believing

Jack L

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...for telling me where coconuts come from and where Eskimos live. And bless you for employing sarcasm - I must try it sometime! Lastly, please forgive me if I inadvertently denigrated your progeny's ears.

I guess my next step is to open a place up north where I can sell coconuts. I'll call it (wait for it) a grocery store!