Hagerman Audio Labs Debuts Archiver-JFET Variabl Equalization Phonostage

Hagerman Audio Labs just announced the new $1,189.00 Archiver JFET Equalization Phonostage, describing it this way: "The ARCHIVER is a very flexible phonostage designed to replicate any known equalization curve (36 in total), from 78rpm shellacs up to the modern era. Circuitry is fully balanced using precision matched JFET pairs ($100 my cost) for amplification. Equalization is split-passive, with no feedback employed anywhere for a more natural sonic presentation. Two inputs allow selection between mono and stereo configurations. In addition to the TURNOVER and CUT equalization controls, the ARCHIVER accommodates any cartridge from MC to MM with variable LOADING and GAIN. Output is both RCA and balanced XLR in either PHASE." Click on th above hyper link for more information.

Anton D's picture

Somewhat reminds me of the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2.

Just over half the price.

Good for Hagerman!

dconsmack's picture

At 220pF input capacitance it makes it too high for most modern hi-fi moving magnet cartridges. Most want to “see” 100-200pF including tonearm wire, which adds about 100pF more with a low capacitance interconnect. I’ll never understand why so many preamp designers don’t create a circuit with a lower input capacitance to make their product more compatible with currently available cartridges. Frustrating.

Jim Hagerman's picture

To be frank, the capacitance can be lowered greatly, but then the stage becomes sensitive to radio, WiFi, and cell phone interference. Pick your poison. In my opinion, hearing voices, pulses, or other radio chatter in the background is far more offensive than a slightly non-optimized MM cartridge treble response. If you would like a customized unit without added capacitance, I can make you one no extra charge.

directdriver's picture

I agree with dconsmack that perhaps adding a switch to have the options of low and high capacitances is viable?

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