Thorens Introduces New TD 1500 and TD 403 DD Turntables

Thorens today announced two new turntables: the TD1500 and the TD403. The 1500 takes its design cues from the iconic TD 150 introduced in 1965 that according to Thorens's press release featured for the first time in a mass produced turntable a spring suspended sub-chassis with a flat belt driven inner platter. However, the AR-XA introduced in 1961 had this design feature and sold 100s of 1000s so must be considered "mass produced". The TD403 is the "big brother" of the recently introduced TD 402.

The 1500's three conical springs can be adjusted from above without having to remove the 3 pound cast aluminum platter driven by an electronically controlled DC motor. The 'table features the new height and azimuth adjustable TP 150 tone arm fitted with a standard SME-type head shell connector. Thorens supplies the new 'table with an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge. The TD 1500 will be available in December in high gloss walnut or black for 1999 Euros. The price in dollars has yet to be announced.

The new 403 DD features the same direct drive mechanism found in the TD402 DD but features a more massive 3 pound cast aluminum platter similar if not identical to the one found on the new TD1500. The new 403 DD also features the new TP 150 arm and will also be available December in either high gloss walnut or black. Both turntables include dustcover and RCA cables. Fitted with the Ortofon 2M Blue, the TD 403 DD will retail for 1399 Euros. The dollar price has yet to be announced.

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Hi Michael:
Unless I am mistaken I think he AR-XA (1961) preceded the Thorens as the first of its type. It also had a suspended sub chassis and a flat belt driven sub platter. I had the pleasure of owning one of the early samples.
Lee Fitzgerald

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I have an AR here now and yes, it was from 1961 well before the TD 150. However, what I posted was from the Thorens press release. I will update it. Thanks!
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I owned one for awhile & the AR had it's arm mounted to the top plate not the sub chassis didn't it?

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circa 1974 cost me $88 new. Traded it for a Lenco after I found my kitten sitting on the platter, spinning in circles! Will look into these new Thorens tables. Thanks for the review.

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They will require minimum maintenance and be speed steady and can swap a cartridge in mere moments. What's not to like.

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I don't know what the 1500 brings for 600 euros more because it is doubtful that the buyer keeps the very basic cartridge. I hope they will be available without!

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I've been looking to upgrade from my Music Hall mmf-2.3 and when the Thorens TD 402 DD came out I was very excited. Until I read your review on it and became disheartened. Now that the 403 is out, let's hope they've fixed whatever was wrong with the 402 and have improved it. Here's to hoping you'll review it at some point.

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Overall they are beautiful and I really like them. Will continue to come back. Thank you. Omegle online