Lehmannaudio Phonolith Phono Preamp

Could there be a better name for a new phono preamp than the Phonolith? Lehmannaudio’s latest phono stage model happens to bear that name, and it combines a phono preamp and headphone amp into the same device.

And, as you can see in the photos we’re showing throughout this story, the Phonolith is supplied with the separate PWX II LZ power supply unit that’s housed in a matching chassis, both of which come in either black or silver options. Both units are also fitted with Lehmannaudio’s 3S feet underneath.


Some company background now. Lehmannaudio is based in Cologne, Germany, and they released their first gear in 1995. In addition to the phono preamp line — which includes various incarnations of their Black Cube, Decade, and Silver Cube models — Lehmannaudio is also known for their headphone amps that are used by mastering studios and sound engineers across the globe. The German company also manufactures preamps, power amps, and other related accessories. In this particular case, the Lehmannaudio Phonolith phono preamp is being distributed directly in the UK by Henley Audio.


The Phonolith has two inputs — one for the phono stage, the other being a line-level option. Both are selectable by using the switch on the main unit’s front panel. The phono preamp section offers numerous setting options for MM and MC cartridge impedance and four different gain settings that allow for “wide compatibility” with most turntables. The Phonolith also includes an adjustable filter with three selectable cut-off frequencies that are said to “ensure silence in the bass range, where necessary.” (We’ll get to the full Phonolith specs array a little bit later.)


The headphone output on the Phonolith offers adjustable output gain to ensure “optimal performance,” even with “insensitive” headphones. The Phonolith’s preamp output can both drive long cable runs and be connected to any active speakers or power amps, such as Lehmannaudio’s own Stamp model.


Specs for the Phonolith include MM input impedance of 47kΩ; selectable MC input impedance of 100Ω, 390Ω,1,000Ω, and 7,000Ω; MM gain of 36dB or 46dB; MC gain of 56dB or 66dB; amp voltage output of 9V max; channel separation of >70dB; selectable subsonic filter options of 7Hz, 32Hz, 50Hz, and 78 Hz (via DIP switches); output impedance of 50Ω; headphone amp output power of 400mW (60Ω) and 200mW (300Ω); headphone output impedance as 5Ω; and maximum power consumption is 13W.


Dimensions of both the Phonolith preamp and power supply units are 110 x 50 x 280mm, respectively (w/h/d), while the main unit weighs 2.8kg.

Finally, the Lehmannaudio Phonolith phono preamp has an SRP of £2,599.

For more about Lehmannaudio, go here.
To find out how to order a Phonolith direct via Henley Audio, go here.


rich d's picture

This looks like the perfect device for my needs: my system has consists of a 'table with MC cartridge and a CD player. I occasionally use headphones. I've been looking for a smaller, simpler preamp for some time and I may have found it.

My joy may be short-lived, however: the article makes no mention of a US price or even domestic availability. Does Henley ship 110V versions to the States? Does anyone know if this will be available over here? Or does the search continue?