With Newly Announced Expansions, Tennessee Emerging as Center of American Vinyl Pressing

GZ Media's Plating Operation in the Czech Republic. (Photo: Michael Fremer)
The State of Tennessee's recent press release makes clear that the state will soon emerge as the central hub of America's record pressing business.

First, the Czech Republic's GZ Media announced the formation of Nashville Record Pressing. The new company, located in Nashville, will invest $13.3 million and create 255 new jobs over the next five years. The factory will included company headquarters, manufacturing and distribution as well as back office functions. The new wholly owned GZ subsidiary will be equipped with "..brand new, best-in-class equipment and infrastructure".

“We’re launching Nashville Record Pressing as a direct answer to customer requests to make more vinyl and locate that new production in Nashville. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from Tennessee and the warm welcome we’ve received from Music City. We’re committed to becoming a source of pride for the community. We’re here to be Nashville’s favorite vinyl pressing plant.” – Drake Coker, CEO, Nashville Record Pressing, LLC

In addition, Nashville's United Record Pressing announced a major expansion including 48 new presses and over in Memphis, Memphis Record Pressing recently announced it had begun construction on an almost $30 million expansion that will triple the company's size and more than double its workforce. In June a new packaging operation will open, while in September a new 33,000 square foot addition holding 3 dozen presses will go online.

But wait! There's more! That can't yet be divulged. This is amazing! My only concern is that the TN legislature will forbid the pressing of records by LGBTQ artists, gay themed albums and Disney products. And I'm not being facetious if you look what Governor Ron DeSanitizer is doing in Florida. Who would have thought he'd go on the warpath against Disney for being supportive of gay rights and inclusion of all? Not even I thought the groomer of young children to pose for his pathetic signings would stoop so low.

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hopefully they teach their new employees how to properly press records... i've gotten many good united pressings but most are quite mediocre if not blatantly defective. their plating sucks and they're pressing too many records to have consistent quality control (i think they operate 24/7).

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Would be a plating room update…
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TN is pretty anti-union as well. Figured I’d add a little to M.F.’s Political Thought for those it annoys.

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"Me and the gambler, we couldn't agree
We got in a fight over Tennessee,
Pulled our guns and he fell with a thud
And I rode away on a Tennessee Stud"

James Driftwood

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He's got one for Louisiana too. "In 1814 I took a little trip....", and that's about where the Stud ends up!!

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I have a dream.

That one day all of the people interested in vinyl, turntables and audio equipment can read a story devoid of Michael’s political thoughts.

I have a dream.

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really only classifies as a "political thought" because republicans have chosen to make it a political issue. it really shouldn't be a political issue but it is, simply because republicans need something to waste everyone's time bickering about.

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Politicians have made basic human rights a political issue.

Blame Ron DeHumanizer, not Mikey.

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I don't advocate pushing any political agenda to 4-8 year olds. Florida shouldn't of had to put that to law, but some people are just too dumb to know the damage they can cause to children against at such a young age. Not to mention most parents don't want that woke garbage in the schools.

I do advocate Union workers. I was in the teachers union for many years.

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You can get an AMEN!

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If you are happy will all that this administration has allowed to go on; open borders (and these are not political refugees but too many drug smugglers and criminals); defund the police with crime, no bail, and murder through the roof, how can you look at NYC and be happy about the state of affairs(?); and the FL bill is not anti-gay, but does not want sexual issues taught to small children and "groomed". That label was from the left to alert their troops.

Now you should be happy that you have a new member of SCOTUS who is soft on pedophiles (that looks great on a resume) and you probably forgot how terrible Senator Biden treated a black, conservative nominee years ago; and inflation out of control.

You might have thought that with all the money Hunter and Joe made off Ukraine they would have done more for them in this mismatch of a war with Russia that has left 10s of thousands dead and a country in near total rubble. There is no way someone can look at any of this in a good light and there are many regretting their Biden/Harris lawn signs, just not Michael.

Regardless, since you lit this candle I am throwing in my 2 cents and tired of all the wokeness this administration has heaped upon us. So I am calling into subscription services, after this and even though mine was just renewed, I am cancelling as I am just tired of it all and can't even come here or read the magazine and not get just audio news with subtle jabs coming our way in the process.

The left just never gets it and is like the $300 mil spend on CNN+ that is ending after a very short run the end of April. Couldn't happen to a bunch nicer bunch of folks so devoid and out of touch with reality.

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The borders are not open. The police dept in NY has not been “defunded” and the mayor is a former cop. Your pathetic pedophile charge against the new SCOTUS judge is a Putin tactic you have adopted. Nice. The right today is about stunts (claiming CRT is in math books, book banning, attacking corporations for being inclusive, not hateful, inspecting trucks on the Texas border causing BILLIONS of dollars in damage to truckers and state revenue and finding NOTHING other than spoiled produce, building an easily breached wall Mexico didn’t pay for etc.). You have swallowed whole so much nonesense spewed by people who have no policies or solutions to problems and so are left to invent non-existent crises, which is different than the problems we have that always exist. I’m surprised you didn’t claim shutting the Keystone pipeline causes high gas prices since of course Keystone has been open since 2010 pumping tar sand oil from Alberta to the Gulf bound for China. Gasoline prices are high worldwide. Keystone XL wouldn’t have opened until 2030 and it was a shortcut not a supply increaser. But it hasn’t stopped the liars from saying otherwise. I’m happy to leave up your pathetic series of fictional charges and fantasy scenario about what’s occurred since voters rid America of a Putin stooge.
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Give me a break Michael. You should go down and see for yourself. I just came back from Texas. VP being in charge of the border she is useless and a joke. Sorry I try to stay out of politics with music but it was mentioned here. Just wish the people leaving the blue states and going to red states don't screw them up like the blue state they left. Why are they leaving? What's the old saying make your bed lay in it.

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"The borders are not open. "

That is true, we are turning Ukrainian refugees away at the southern border.
The rest are pouring through with nothing more than a "please come back for a court date at some point". Hmm, that seems open to me.
Honestly, read a little bit from a variety of sources and ask yourself if we stopped 23 people that are on the terror watch list trying to cross the southern border just how many did we not catch? Customs and Border Protections own website lists the massive influx of entries. The DEA's website lists Mexico as a top source for Fentanyl flowing into the US. Fentanyl death have more than doubled since 2015 to well over 100,000 by the end of last year. Maybe there is a mask that people can wear to protect them....

Goodbye analogplanet, I come here to read about audio not get crackpot political views shoved in my face by people that haven't worked a 9-5 job in decades and have no idea what regular taxpayers go through to pay for education, medical care, welfare and free covid bonus checks for people that are here illegally. Of all the countries in the world that the living brain donors quote when telling us how we should do things in the USA, NONE just put people on busses to spread them around the country before processing their request to be allowed in.

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I hear Qanon.com has room for you!

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Amen. Crack pot views is right. C'mon Michael.

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The borders are not open. The police dept in NY has not been “defunded” and the mayor is a former cop. Your pathetic pedophile charge against the new SCOTUS judge is a Putin tactic you have adopted. Nice. The right today is about stunts (claiming CRT is in math books, book banning, attacking corporations for being inclusive, not hateful, inspecting trucks on the Texas border causing BILLIONS of dollars in damage to truckers and state revenue and finding NOTHING other than spoiled produce, building an easily breached wall Mexico didn’t pay for etc.). You have swallowed whole so much nonesense spewed by people who have no policies or solutions to problems and so are left to invent non-existent crises, which is different than the problems we have that always exist. I’m surprised you didn’t claim shutting the Keystone pipeline causes high gas prices since of course Keystone has been open since 2010 pumping tar sand oil from Alberta to the Gulf bound for China. Gasoline prices are high worldwide. Keystone XL wouldn’t have opened until 2030 and it was a shortcut not a supply increaser. But it hasn’t stopped the liars from saying otherwise. I’m happy to leave up your pathetic series of fictional charges and fantasy scenario about what’s occurred since voters rid America of a Putin stooge.
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One contributing factor to high gas prices is an administration that is completely unfriendly to new exploration. Under the increased domestic production in years past it scared the other oil producing countries into keeping the prices lower to avoid us increasing production even more. The current administration put a hold on new permits and stated that it was reevaluating all current permits. Anyone with a couple brain cells can guess that would have a huge impact on oil production in this country. What company wants to put millions into researching and building production only to have the likely possibility that it would be shut down in the near future?

Mikey, check out the Netflix show "The Social Dilemma" and then search out multiple sources of information beyond what google and youtube show you. Use a private window and VPN so they can't guess what will keep you happy and sitting in front of the screen longer. Because that is what they do. Then please, don't just sit and shout "oh yeah well the other side!!...". You are living in your own world where you only see one version of what is going on. Sure, plenty of people on the other side do the same thing but they don't pretend to be well informed, worldly people.

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thank you for taking Fremer on in this political rant of his. he is obviously getting too old and senile like someone else in the administration for any of us to take him seriously anymore. my guess is his hearing is shot as well given some of his review comments. it is too bad the woke left have to make everything about virtue signaling and ignore the facts

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Good post. haha

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That last paragraph was completely out of left field. I can’t even enjoy reading about records and audio - on a site about records and audio - without being virtue signaled about something completely irrelevant. Why do I come here???

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That’s rich. I suppose you’d post the same “thought” during segregation, right? Yes tolerance is a virtue. What’s going down in Florida is disgusting and being done by a petty tyrant and I’m mentioning it for good reason. If Disney can be attacked for tolerance and inclusion by a homophobic creep could happen in TN as well. They are pulling books, rescinding tax deals and there’s no reason to think they might not try to restrict what gets pressed.
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They'll start to complain only when it affects them directly... losing vinyl pressings that they were looking forward to.

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i know that most major pressing plants currently restrict nazi/fascist material from getting pressed, and i'm not going to jump to the conclusion that these private companies operating in TN are going to censor non-white, LGBTQ+, or even simply explicit material. however it could easily happen if things keep turning to shit as is happening. still, i remain optimistic... if united or MRP restricted what they were willing to press, we definitely would've heard about it by now. it sounds like your concerns are primarily about government censorship, but thankfully the first amendment still exists and restricting non-hateful content from getting pressed would be a clear violation of such first amendment rights.

mainly what i'm saying is: there's a difference between school boards and municipalities banning books from libraries (books that anyone could order online, though one's access to such material might vary) and governments or pressing plants restricting what records get pressed. both are bad but i think legally speaking, the latter is more of a cut-and-dry first amendment violation. but again, everything seems to be turning to shit everywhere.

[disclaimer: i am not a lawyer]

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It’s done through financial and tsx coercion as is being done in Florida.
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Disney should just stick to entertainment.

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I didn’t even disagree with you, I thought it was completely out of nowhere that you would include that topic at the end of an article on new record pressing plants. Then, you imply I’m a racist. You don’t even know me but you jumped to conclusions about my character with zero information… the exact behavior of an actual racist.

thatguy's picture

If you don't jump up and down in agreement then you are against them. No civil discussions allowed.

Tullman's picture

The left does that to everyone that disagrees with them. You are called a racist, homophobic, white supremacist (even if you are black) etc. Just pathetic.

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You think a company selling content to children should even be treading in the waters of sexual politics? It's sick and I'm glad these deranged weirdos are losing their privileges. But hey good news about the pressing plant.

Michael Fremer's picture
Include one about a farting snowman. No books for children include CRT. CRT is a buzzword. The state has not identified the math books banned nor have they pointed out the “offending” content. Disney is targeted for inclusiveness and being as welcoming to gay and straight kids alike. The haters will hate.
Robert Moon's picture

That’s rich! Based on the Pew Research data, the American children are significantly behind Vietnam, Estonia, and Vietnam in Science. Their reading skills are significantly lower compared to Hong Kong, Poland, and Slovenia. And finally! Russian children dwarf the Americans in Mathematics. Pew concludes: “After years of growth, math proficiency of U.S. students dips. “ I am glad you got your priorities right! Maybe it is time to stop promoting the advantages of petroleum byproducts and start writing “Propaganda for Dummies?” If the American academic decline continues, who will take your place?


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Are not your strong suit.
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First of all, I'm glad to see more vinyl pressing plants. That's great news for fans of this medium.

Regarding the political comments, it's rich that white Christians somehow think that they're not only in the minority, but think they have the corner marketed on what is moral and correct.

Those who are truly ARE a minority, those who walk a different path in life, whether they are gay, or not Christian, or disabled, should be able to not only do so, but be supported in their quest to live. It is not for Christian whites to opine and even restrict their ability to live their lives.

And he who is without sin, may you cast the first stone.

The fact is that those who are people of color, the LGBTQ, the disabled, all love, have families, have careers which contribute to society in some way.

People such as DeSanticide who make policy based on feeling icky over things like two men raising a family have NO place in being in government.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday that forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, a policy that has drawn intense national scrutiny from critics who argue it marginalizes LGBTQ people.

What kind of perverts want to teach children sex education from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Get your facts straight.

thatguy's picture

Parents shouldn't have to be worried about what their kindergarten kids are getting taught about sexual orientation. Is it homophobic to say I don't want them taught about straight sex either? I don't want the straight teacher telling kids about their marriage or dating life.

Let the kids be kids, they can be boys that like dolls or girls that like playing army. At that age they aren't dating, they aren't thinking about having sex with their same gender or the other gender, so why bring it up?

Sure, tell the other kids not to make fun of any kid for their choice in the way they dress or act; just like they should anytime.

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your are clearly insane. you should seek some good psychiatric help.

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YOU are clearly insane. YOU should seek some good psychiatric help.

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When the music's playing do you just hear the jingle or do you listen to the lyrics too. Heads up! I've heard they sometimes get political too.............

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He lectures his turds about politics if they hit the right side of the bowl.

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Hate is not a conservative or Christian thing. The people acting out are neither Christian nor conservative. They just call themselves that says this former member of The Young Americans For Freedom who met Barry Goldwater and subscribed to Bill Buckley’s National Review. As Reagan once said “I haven’t left the party, the party left me.”
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Politics and the like only hurt, never help. It is getting to the point where one can't even exist or breath without permission or being harshly judged without evidence backed facts.
So far it is apparently wrong and soon to be illegal I guess to be not on any side, to be educated, to be intellectual, to have concern for others, to be ethical or fair, to be anything other than evangelical Christian or non-religious, even to have a broad taste in music. If it isn't one side of government or groups trying to impose it's will on everyone, it's the other. It seems living in peace is forbidden.
I happen to agree with what MF posted and I agree with ML "everything does seem to be turning to shit everywhere" and I can show proof unfortunately.

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While, on the face of it, this may appear to be very encouraging for vinyl as a format, what disappoints me is that it involves GZ Media and United Record Pressing. Neither one of these can be considered quality oriented operations as respects vinyl record pressing? I would rather see facilities being commissioned by people whose focus is on producing quality vinyl records with strict quality control. I avoid anything that is pressed by Memphis Record Pressing and United, like the plague. What America needs is more vinyl pressing manufacturers like Cleveland's Gotta Groove Records which, in my experience, produces the best quality records in the U.S.A.

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i can see why you avoid united like the plague, as there's a high chance that there will be some defect or issue of some sort on anything pressed there. however, i've gotten some solid pressings from MRP (like the recent spiritualized reissues, or the 180g version of caroline polachek's 'pang') and GZ has been very good in my experience.

gotta groove records is a good pressing plant and maybe it presses the best records in the US, but european vinyl pressing absolutely destroys most of what the US produces. sure, we've got RTI, QRP, TMP, and gotta groove, but the former two at least have taken a bit of a quality dive in pressing (but still have top-notch plating). most new records i buy these days come from optimal, GZ, MPO, record industry, etc and are almost always excellent. the EU plants are also far more efficient in their operations.

Anton D's picture

Tennessee is perfect.

That way it's more cost effective to get the records to where they will be burned!

Let's see if book publishers follow suit.

(I apologize, I didn't mean to take a political stand, really just joking about things, in general.)

The same joke could apply to all the record and book burnings that those cursed liberal states would endorse.

Anton D's picture

"Tolerance" is a BS word. It implies disapproval of something but allowing it to exist.

I prefer, honestly, "apathy."

As in, "I am apathetic about someone's gender, race, etc."

I think it is better to not care about these differences rather than saying we 'tolerate' them.

Hope that made sense, I meant it in a wholey positive way.

Glotz's picture

I got what you were saying... and you are always funny... unless you're being serious... lol.

Michael Fremer's picture
It would be better we’re these not issues but who really makes them so? Start with who segregated schools, banned long hair etc. If a kid has two male or female parents and everyone was apathetic about it great but that’s not what happens in Florida. That becomes a hot button issue because it brings votes. That lefty college kids have become intolerant and pathetic is true but bringing it up here is just whataboutism. That’s a subject for another discussion.
recordhead's picture

Or take any freebies.

Deacon Dan's picture

Then we could all gladly pay $50 to $100 per album made out of material we could eat after playing it once. And there would quotas on who would be pressed having nothing to do with talent or what people want to hear. Businesses and people are moving to TN due to the business climate and lower cost of living and not having to put up with all the PC crap. It seems conservatives are a lot more tolerant of liberals and progressive artist's music than the other way.

Tom L's picture

when someone makes a statement supporting human rights and opposing bigotry on their own platform.

Glotz's picture


MalachiLui's picture

it's amazing how many people are whining and bitching in this comments section about a simple statement about human rights. i'd tell them to go back to listening to their kid rock CDs...

USCGRetired09's picture

to read the bill? I have heard some talking points, and some over-the-top rhetoric, but again, did anyone take the time to read it? I read through it, and what they are proposing seems reasonable. Don't forget, this bill only prohibits formal teachings to K-3, but in 4th grade, they can have formal instruction. Do you realize the age we are talking about? If I remember correctly, about 10 years of age. Again, perfectly reasonable. I didn't get anything like that when I was 10, hell I barely received anything in high school, and it was called Biology then. I have three grown children, and I can tell you, I wouldn't have wanted my children under 10 to have any sort of sexual content taught to them. You call it basic human rights, I call it indoctrination, and I'm not okay with that. They are my minor children, and I am their parent. I pay taxes to the district I live in, and I agree with this reasonable bill. However, I don't have a problem after 10 years of age. Again, I feel that age is reasonable. This is not a "basic human rights" issue, it is about putting the decision into the hands of the parents, and not all of the "anyone can be elected to" school boards we have seen throughout the country.

Now that is out of the way, I just want to say that I appreciate and welcome differing opinions, but not on my favorite site regarding vinyl. I am not going to tell you your business, but I too wish this would be a political-free zone. Michael, I get that you don't like DeSantis. You have earned your opinion, as have I. Malachi, I do not know if Michael has children, but I am guessing you do not due to your age. I'm not saying you have to have skin in the game to have an opinion, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. I think the comment that we should stop bitching, and return to listening to our Kid Rock CD's is pretty condescending. How are you better than any person that trolls this site, and gets banished by Michael?

SeagoatLeo's picture

I completely agree with you as to Parent's responsibility and NOT teaching or indoctrinating 5 to 10 year olds concerning the topic of sex and sexuality. In the early 70s, we had a health course in high school which included sexual behavior information; primarily, on sexually transmitted diseases.

I thought Fremer was an attorney like me, non-practicing, who should know better and read the legislation prior to making assumptions as to its content.

"My only concern is that the TN legislature will forbid the pressing of records by LGBTQ artists, gay themed albums and Disney products" That is a dumb comment and you should remove it from the article!

StonedBeatles1's picture

I've seen him lowering the bar and hanging out with one of those crazed right wingers at a Stones show in Philly.

Cybele's picture

Please read the bill. Essentially it prohibits sexual orientation and gender identity from classrooms from kindergarten through third grade. That's not profound, dozens of other states have passed similar laws, and please understand that it is not only within their right to do - but it is their job to oversee curriculum.

Disney can disagree all they want. Was it petty or childish for DeSantis to strip it of it's self governing privileges? I think so. Nut I think it's important to recognize the difference between this childish action vs an unconstitutional restriction on Disney's right to free speech. At no point can a governor tell a company that they cannot produce content that violates their first amendment rights.

Such a thing will, and cannot happen in Tennessee. Government oversight of curriculum is not the same as government violation of freedom of speech. A legislature cannot ban records by LGBT artist or Disney. That's preposterous, and the Supreme Court would easily deem it a violation.

I love that we're producing more vinyl btw! Wonderful news! I hope they emphasize quality.

One other thing. Look it's totally cool and within your right to tell us how you feel anytime on your site or blog or whatever. Please recognize that a lot of people are totally hungover from politics though. The Orange Menace, the riots, and Covid have totally put a lot of people way off. Music can be an amazing way to escape from this BS just as much as it can be a conduit and expression of it.

What I'm saying in a nutshell is that it's a fine line, and when readers get the sense that your posts are more about political opinions they seek to escape from - and less about what they actually tune in for - they may stop tuning in.

Tom L's picture

It is painfully vague and, in some places, contradicts itself. It prohibits teachers from discussing anything related to sexual identity through grade 3, but then fails to define what that means. The age limits are not really defined, as it says elsewhere that any instruction must be "age appropriate", whatever that means. If one student has two fathers or two mothers, or if Johnnie comes to class one day as Joanie, the teacher had better keep their mouth shut about that fact. If any student is scorned and made fun of by the others the teacher had better stay out of it or they can be sued. Overall, a very poorly written piece of legislation that attempts to deny the realities of life and may violate the First Amendment.

Tullman's picture

"If any student is scorned and made fun of by the others the teacher had better stay out of it or they can be sued."

There are plenty of other ways to address bullying, ridicule and scorn, without going into sexuality. I taught students in the 4-8 agerange for 35 years, and never once did Johnny come to school as Joanie.

Zardoz's picture

You saved me the trouble of writing just that.
By the way, do posters no longer spell or grammar check before posting?

PeterPani's picture

I am an audiophile and I like to discuss politics, too. Interesting thing is that I do not know one audiophile fellow here in my Vienna, who would not be interested to share his/her thoughts. To be honest, I find it very interesting to read the polarized comments here. I welcome it.
Just wondering, why is the majority of the haters of political discussion living on the right side of the fence?

JJCalvillo's picture

they are ashamed.

Andy18367's picture

Glad you allow adults to post what they want. One your sister website, the (still fairly new) editor-in-chief spends a lot of time policing comments. Your approach evinces confidence in the value you bring to your readers and in the value your readers bring to your content. His does not.

anomaly7's picture

The right wing nut jobs all protest against Mikey’s freedom of speech but are fine with the Southern laws restricting the freedoms of liberals. The ways of the Nazi sympathizers. Don’t like the label? Then don’t act the part.

SeagoatLeo's picture

This comment is for you, anomaly7. As a religious, Conservative intellectual Jew, I cannot be associated with either the right wing Nazis or the left wing Commies. My comments concerning the topic were concerning Mr. Fremer's uncalled for comments concerning Tennessee and Florida politics, not free speech.

JJCalvillo's picture

Please continue to lest us know what’s kosher or uncalled for. We didn’t realize you’d been appoinnted.

JJCalvillo's picture

Please continue to let us know what’s kosher or uncalled for. We didn’t realize you’d been appoinnted.

padreken's picture

I’ll take awkward segues for $500, Alex.

Deacon Dan's picture

The great conservative intellectual William F. Buckley once said, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” Who shuts down free speach at college campuses when they don't agree with the viewpoint of the speaker. Liberals are scared to death that Elon Musk will restore free speak. Who leads the cancel culture and boycotts on businesses they don't agree with. It appears that some on this site is starting early by the reference to Kid Rock. We can decide on our own just like we did with CNN+.

DigitalIsDead's picture

Firstly, you should stay in your lane as you clearly have NO idea what liberalism because it most certainly does not exist in US politics. And bullshit like 'Free Speech' is just another way of saying please give me a megaphone to show what a complete fucking moron I am such as calling a diver a pedo without much in the way of accountability. So, Mr Moron, go away.

Tom L's picture

William F. Buckley once said of Donald Trump, "this is a narcissist we don't want in politics".

MalachiLui's picture

but i'd like to make a few points real quick.

1. i'm not sure what CNN+ has to do with any of this. seems like more vague conspiracy shit that's brought up to waste everyone's time and distract us from the real issues.

2. my stance on what's happening in florida is simply a pro-human stance. teaching young kids that some people might end up romantically/sexually gravitating towards a person of the same gender/sex, or feeling that they don't belong in their gender assigned at birth, is NOT "indoctrination." rather, it's teaching acceptance of basic human differences that are proven by science. it's as simple a human difference as "there are old people and there are young people" or "there are people who come from different place." teaching acceptance of such basic human differences at a young age INCLUDING gender and sexuality differences would lead to a better society that's more tolerant of said differences. the fact that this is a political issue is idiotic. the reason i have an opinion on this is because seeing such bigotry and hatred exist in the world for absolutely no fucking reason is really depressing and makes the world a worse place. FOR NO FUCKING REASON! imagine how much more advanced (and pleasant!) society would be if racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism didn't exist... except those things unfortunately do exist and it keeps humanity from reaching its full potential.

anyway, that's it, i'm outta here. to the sensible voices of reason in this comments section (especially TomL who provided us an excellent analysis of this nonsense florida bill), thank you for passionately arguing about the fine details of this shit so i don't have to. and to the people who consider discussion of basic human rights to be some sort of unspecified "indoctrination" or whatever, fuck off. i don't want to have anything to do with you.

bkinthebk's picture

This is an embarrassing comment by you. People can believe all sorts of things about societal norms without being told to fuck off in the comments section of an audiophile blog. Get a hold of yourself.

MalachiLui's picture

if you're saying that i should "get a hold of [myself]" after rightfully attacking people for being homophobic, transphobic, and racist pieces of shit, then i think you should have your internet and tv access revoked. doesn't matter the setting, i'll say what i'm gonna say when that sorta shit arises.

arcman67's picture

I'm glad to see any entity invest in new vinyl production. This is great news for the industry and great news for people who live in the area of the plant with new potential job openings.

Anton D's picture

I'll overlook it this time.


azmoon's picture

LPs pressed at their Czech Rep plant are just fraught with ticks and noise. Do they even know what quality control is? Horrible performance on many releases.

MalachiLui's picture

i've mostly had good experiences with GZ pressings, except for certain color variants that end up noisy no matter who presses them

Cybele's picture

Are there any immediate giveaways? I can go on discogs and start looking up dead wax but I was wondering if there was an easier way. For that matter, other pressings too.

MalachiLui's picture

you can go onto the discogs profiles for pressing plants such as GZ and the codes are explained there... i can immediately identify product from most currently active pressing plants (but there are a few that don't include any identifiers in the runouts)

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The problem with both sides is they take things too far. Going after Disney is a childish move. But at the same time is first grade the place to be telling kids about gender or just the place to tell them to be kind to all other students?
Informing kids that the way they see the world might be different than the way someone of a different race experiences it is a good thing. And asking them to be aware of the way they treat people that look different is also good. Having little kids ask if they were born bad because they are white is probably not a good thing. Segregating the students to teach them about race seems idiotic. Teach them to notice instances where they could be acting in a racist way but telling them that white people are inherently racist seems like grouping one color of people and saying they all have a characteristic that just some have....
Teachers can't kick out kids that get loud and belligerent in class anymore because that could be racist. Somehow teaching right and wrong and respect isn't a good thing? If we can teach them that a variety of different sexual orientations are a good social norm then why can't we teach them that respect for others can be a good social norm too.
Teachers can't send little 2nd grade girls home to change when they are wearing short shorts that show off their butt cheeks because that would be sexist. But we can teach them who they might be wanting to show those cheeks to?
I know that some will say the extreme examples given are made up or are the rare case but if you don't have a very well defined curriculum for either of these things then you have teachers (some who aren't very good) getting a chance to really inject their own beliefs.
Just imagine if it were decided that religion is a big thing in this country so teachers should teach 6 year old kids about God. Oh the screams we would hear....

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I live in TN. I quit all social media a few years ago. Lots of folks are “escaping” from NY and CA finding freedom and common sense in this wonderful low tax conservative state. Please keep your NY politics in that state and enjoy.

Anton D's picture

Please enjoy spending other states' money for your socialist paradise.

"Conservative," yet happy to take more money from the feds than you bother to send.

Some day, the blue states are gonna get fed up with this fake 'conservative,' then y'all will have to pay your own way. Then what?


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It's Michael's blog and he keep writing whatever he wants. Anyone that doesn't like it, doesn't have to visit here anymore. Simple as that.

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This is why I usually won't engage with people on these issues.
Nobody-and I do mean NOBODY-is telling white kids that they are "inherently racist" because of the color of their skin. That's a straw man argument, an exaggerated fallacy set up to change the subject. Nobody currently alive was responsible for slavery or starting racism. That's different from teaching history as it actually happened and recognizing that what happened in the past has had repercussions in the present. And where did this stuff about "butt cheeks" come from?
When you concede yourself that you are using "extreme examples" that are "made up" then you are going "too far".

Tullman's picture

And where did this stuff about "butt cheeks" come from?
When you concede yourself that you are using "extreme examples" that are "made up" then you are going "too far".

Now this I have seen... There have been times that a child, usually a girl, comes to school dressed inappropriately. What happens is there friends tell them that their attire is inappropriate. The child dressed inappropriately ends up wearing a coat/jacket over their clothes the rest of the day.

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with the political agenda garbage!!! I don't come here to AP to read all this krapp, especially coming from one of the main writers. Stop it Michael Fremer!!!! I have a gigantic amount of respect for the Steve Hoffman Forums, they have a ZERO tolerance for politics. There are a gazillion other sites to visit to read about someone's political agenda, I don't need it creeping into my hobby.
This is horse dung, I come here to read about a new pressing plant only to be onslaught by all this....HORSE DUNG!!!

MalachiLui's picture

that place is a total shithole cuz sure they ban all political talk but anything negative about their "host" also gets removed...

Catcher10's picture

Malachi your rather new to this whole audio game as well not of legal drinking age I believe....So I will grant you a small pass on your post calling SHF a "total shithole". I'm very surprised all this stuff is coming out from you and MFremer, but I am glad your honest and showing your true colors, as it gives me a reason to ignore what you guys are writing about.

I've read negative things on SHF about Mr Hoffman, but you will never read derogatory comments about ANY member on that forum. The admins keep it very clean.
Analog Planet needs to take a step back, you two are not representing the magazine/website in a positive way at all! Unless you all plan to change the name to Analog Plant and Politics.

MalachiLui's picture

i mean if you like to talk about beatles and stones pressings all day, i'm sure SHF is quite nice. personally, i find it quite boring and filled with a lot of people who have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

and if you're very surprised by what fremer and i are posting in this comments section... let's just say i'm phrasing it quite nicely and if i felt like it could be viciously attacking you lot. but instead i'm a polite person who values pleasant interaction unless other people are being absolute pieces of shit which they occasionally are :)

Catcher10's picture

Why do you feel the need to attack me? Everything you have written about has ZERO to do with the political rantings going on in this thread.
Your describing a lot of people who you have no idea who they and are assuming they "have no idea what the F they are talking about". I don't know you, should I assume the same about you?

Your writing about stuff in an industry that is filled to the brim with subjectivity, but yet your insinuating you know that these people have no clue. I would not give you a shred of authority in this industry, you have proven that already.

Also you should proof read your post above, certainly not written well like someone who is supposed to be a reviewer.
You've got a lot to learn young grasshopper...be careful of the bullfrogs champ, as they like to eat grasshoppers.

And I'll say it again, this thread has for sure shown a new light on both you and MFremer. Good job!

Tullman's picture

Ignorant, you are.

Tom L's picture

LPs pressed from this substance are notoriously crackly.
They also have a peculiar odor.

robert r dawson's picture

...that we have a POLITICAL discussion that's gone sideways. The person who actually thinks that their articulate powers of persuasion will finally convince those with the opposite viewpoint is a fool or a politician. Avid readers united in their love of vinyl broken into separate factions. To what end? Now that IS horseshit!

KLW's picture

1) The CNN+ failure shows how replete with disdain "the people" are with WOKE agendas and Liberalism these days.  Just wait and see what happens this Midterm!

2) I am a conservative republican. However, I'm open to considering different ideas/opinions.....which seems to be a very difficult concept for most Liberals to reciprocate. As far as introducing young children to sexuality/identity politics, 0-12 years old (from non-parental authority figures) I think is a Morally reprehensible idea.  Let children figure this out on their own - Nature's way. This is not a "Human rights" issue. Children are not fully formed adults/humans and not capable of forming their own resolute opinions (at this age).

xtcfan80's picture

While we're at it, zero tolerance policy for man-buns will be strictly enforced!!!

Chemguy's picture

...launched by anyone is a welcome occurrence.

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Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, Michael Tilson Thomas, one member of Queen? I never discriminated against sexual orientation in my huge music library. Do you believe as a "White" child that I cared about gender or race of the music I was listening to (I listened to doo wop, rock, pop, opera and classical music from 3 years old).

No, children should NOT be thinking about sex or discrimination of people when they are under 10 years old. That's child abuse unless they ask a question of a parent, religious consultant or physician.

I don't want a sexual pervert or predator of straight or gay or other sexual orientation teaching my kids or grandkids ever.

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Shelby Lynne, Joe Jackson (Night and Day is stupendous and beautifully recorded), Billy Strayhorn.....

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Been to Europe in the last 50 years? In the USA The default price is $3. So complain about about a buck? (not a typo)