Onkyo Re-Enters the Turntable Market With a Direct Drive Model (Facts Added)

A reader in Europe sent a link to a European Onkyo site.

Since first posting this story, a reader points out that it's also on the Onkyo America site.

The news is that Onkyo is re-entering the turntable market with the CP-1050, a direct drive model featuring a die-cast aluminum platter, MDF plinth and "S" shaped arm fitted with a MM cartridge. The MSRP in America is a steep $599.

Okay, we'd prefer a heavy platter of machined aluminum but, depending on the build quality of the direct drive system and the quality of the tone arm and MM cartridge this could be a decent entry-level product like the one from Audio-Technica recently reviewed here.

If the quality is no greater than the Audio Technica, which is also direct drive and includes a built in phono preamp, A/D converter and USB output plus the highly regarded AT 95E cartridge, I wonder what Onkyo is thinking here? Analogplanet will try to get a sample to review.

Meanwhile a new one from Pioneer just arrived and will shortly be reviewed.

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...is about 35 years old and still runs like like a champ. Carbon fiber tonearm too!

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The 0.15% wow & flutter spec isn't very reassuring, especially for a direct-drive unit.

The owner's manual states that the nominal tracking force for the factory-fit cartridge is 3.5g. This suggests that the cartridge is some variation of the Audio-Technica AT-3600, sold mainly as an OEM item, with a conical stylus and an ABS (aka plastic) reinforced with carbon-fiber cantilever. For six bills, you'd think they could at least fit an AT95, if not an AT100 - or an Ortofon Omega.

Makes you wonder how an old Pioneer PL-12D (with a decent cartridge) would fare in comparison.

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It would be interesting to do a head to head comparison between the Pioneer PLX-1000 and Technics SL-1200 using the same phono cartridge on each as that is the turntable the Pioneer seems to be emulating. For fun I did something similar between the Technics and a Rega Planar 2 and posted the needle drops on a popular hi-fi forum for folks to listen to and most preferred the Rega.

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... why Onkyo would want to introduce a turntable that so strongly mimics a '70s style. It's as if they want to offer people what a Japanese Turntable Looks Like while not realizing those of us old enough to remember (and still want one) can just visit eBay and have a little patience.

Maybe this thing is OK, and looks more serious to a neophyte than the widely available (but simple-looking?) ProJect Debuts and Essentials that cost less and come with better carts.

So yeah I wouldn't be the demographic for this player ... but I suspect something like the Teac TN-300 should/could appeal more to "modern buyers" based on looks alone, if not value.

I'm not comfortable passing judgement on something I've never used (obviously!) but my impression here is that's what Onkyo may be guilty of: offering a "throwback" item that's heavily based on old skool looks above performance.

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From the pictures it looks like its another version of the same OEM deck that was the overpriced Denon DP-500M. Which I suspect shares a lot of the same guts as the "Super OEM" DJ turntables, minus the DJ features.

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I recall that the new Pioneer was reviewed in the latest issue of Stereophile by another reviewer. Apparently it's an incredible sounding turntable for the price - I recall a statement near the end of the review calling it the best audiophile turntable bargain under $2,000.

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When you do your review, would you please confirm whether the Pioneer is made by Hanpin who apparently also make the Audio Techinca DD turntables.



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Is the pioneer review canned or still coming Michael?