Waxrax 45A Is Luxury You Can Afford

Waxrax CNC machines from solid aluminum this easy to grip 45rpm adapter.

It fits easily in your hand and the taper makes it easy to place on it your favorite 45rpm single. The 45A 45 RPM Vinyl Record adapter is machined to RIAA spindle size specs and has a gold anodized finish. Waxrax claims the shape "catches the strobe light from the turntable and looks tripped out when spinning."

Shipping is free throughout the United States for the 45A, which costs $25. Definitely a good stocking stuffer for your 45rpm singles loving friends or for yourself.

flippyshark's picture

I have enough 45s that I wish someone would bring an inexpensive but reliable changer system onto the market. But this does look fun and cool.

Michael Fremer's picture
Made an expensive reliable single play 45 record player. I wish I could have afforded it and had the room!
Paul Boudreau's picture

A dedicated 7"-record player would be a nice thing to have. Prying smaller records off a full-size platter isn't easy to do.

Paul Boudreau's picture

Not long ago I put these in all my singles (300, maybe?). Took awhile but now I can use my usual record weight when playing them.


Bluesbob's picture

I got something like this at Grimey's here in Nashville for a buck. It's made of heavy-duty red plastic and fits over the spindle of my VPI HW-19 perfectly. Maybe I'll paint it gold.

Tubemaniac's picture

Too much candy for a nickle!