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Michael Fremer  |  May 16, 2016  |  7 comments
Analogplanet Radio's show today pays tribute to Warner Brothers/Reprise Records. The "golden age" of the merged labels was in the late '60s/early 1970s when it had the hippest lineup, hippest promotions and advertising and everything was "golden", though the WB label had gone green!

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 07, 2015  |  10 comments
The Labor Day holiday didn't stop Analogplanet Radio from broadcasting live today at noon. It was a special Labor Day broadcast with a holiday-appropriate musical theme.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 15, 2016  |  14 comments
Analogplanet Radio's President's Day Show is now available for streaming here and on the website.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 09, 2016  |  2 comments
Analogplanet Radio's second pledge week WFDU radio show is now available for streaming. Most of the songs are money and giving-related and of course all were vinyl-sourced..

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 23, 2015  |  4 comments
Today’s Analogplanet Radio show is all about giving thanks, eating and then driving home.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 30, 2017  |  9 comments
AnalogPlanet Radio's "Bang Your Head Against a Wall" All-Percussion Radio Show can now be streamed here via the Soundcloud widget embedded at the bottom of this page.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 19, 2016  |  8 comments
Please enjoy this year's AnalogPlanet Radio Christmas show. It contains some very familiar and many unfamiliar (to most listeners) secular Christmas songs (and one Hanukah song).

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 20, 2017  |  5 comments
President's Day seemed like the ideal day for a "funny music" show, so do your patriotic duty and listen and hopefully laugh at it all.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 06, 2017  |  4 comments
The Costello album cover is misleading. Today's show is mostly a collection of happy songs, not a spotlight on Elvis Costello's great R&B tribute album.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 28, 2016  |  7 comments
This has been a year in which hitting yourself on the head hard with a hammer seems like a reasonable activity, but rather than do that, we've produced a radio show in which everyone else is doing the hitting but not on the head!
Michael Fremer  |  Mar 27, 2017  |  15 comments
From where came the inspiration for a two hour Phil Spector radio show, I do not know. However it did and I acted on it. So here is a two hour show featuring Phil Spector produced songs sourced exclusively from vinyl.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 27, 2017  |  10 comments
Today's show is a mix of "stuff" including from records pressed at the new Third Man Pressing Plant. Also comparisons between Analogue Productions' and Electric Recording Company's versions of Prestige monos and AAA and DSD sourced "Satisfaction" vinyl. And yes, if I sound sorta tired it's because I was!
Michael Fremer  |  Mar 13, 2017  |  7 comments
Today's AnalogPlanet Radio show celebrates Saint Patrick's Day with an eclectic assortment of tunes and artists designed to demonstrate the strong connection between Irish and American music. Van Morrison once famously quipped that American soul music derives from Irish music.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 20, 2017  |  6 comments
Today's playlist is all about spring, with a short detour to celebrate Chuck Berry and Larry Coryell.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 23, 2017  |  3 comments
A Doors tribute today on AnalogPlanet Radio occasionally sourced from original pressings but mostly from Analogue Productions' 45rpm box set. If you are hesitant to purchase it but love The Doors, better not listen! From the first note of "Touch Me" you'll easily hear what a great job Bruce Botnick and the late Doug Sax did with these fragile tapes.