Say Hello To a "Little Disco Fwend" For Technics Direct Drive Turntables

Though today's Technics Direct Drive turntables are for audiophile not disco use, not surprisingly "Little Fwend"'s playful Norwegians wood name their specially designed for Technics turntables end-of-side arm lifter "Little Disco Fwend".

Designed in Norway and manufactured in Denmark and distributed in America by MoFi Distribution Little Disco Fwend costs $199. With no Technics turntables in house, I didn't ask for a review sample but based on how the two others in the line are manufactured and operate, no doubt this one is of equally high quality.

From the press release:

"Our first end-of-the-record lifter model, Little Fwend, has provided cartridges (and their owners) with peace of mind since 2015. Some use rare or expensive cartridges they want to keep from unnecessary stylus wear, others just think the sound of the run-out groove is annoying.

"Last year we received a lot of enquiries from customers asking for a model with a small enough footprint to fit their Technics SL-1210/1200. We decided to engineer a model that is very intuitive and easy to mount as well as feeling like a natural companion to the turntable.

Most of these legendary machines are at home playing entire album sides - rather than single tracks at the disco, hence the need for a lifter to take care of business when you´re not. The shape is designed to be positioned by visually aligning the mounting base to the geometry of the armboard area.

"When mounted in the magic spot, the only set-up that needs to be done by you, is the adjustment of the height and rotation of the trigger antenna to the correct angle for release. Tighten the hex set screw and you are good to go. Little Disco Fwend comes with an additional piece of 3M™ 300LSE ultra-thin double-sided mounting tape and an Eklind 0.9mm hex key. The new model fits all Technics SL-1210/1200 Mk2/3/4/5/6/7/LTD/G/GR/GAE with the standard tonearm." Here's a shot of "The Three Amigos" in the Little Fwend lineup:

Andrei Gorin's picture

It is kind of funny finding this article, as theLittle Fwend had been delivered on 24th July (had to wait for its delivery for about 3 weeks, current world logistics issues I suppose). Installed it right away on my SL1200GR. It look very nice on the armbase. A bit fiddly to setup once installed, not too convenient to find the correct height and screwing the rubber beam in position, as there's not too much room near the tonearm base. But once properly set up, it's a little piece of marvel. Obviously not cheap, but well worth it, peace of mind costs much more.

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Awesome... I wish I had a little disco friend!

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Does anyone know if this can be used on a 1200 if you’ve got a KAB fluid damper mounted to your tonearm also?