Exposure 360 Turntable

Since an LP regularly spins a full 360 degrees, it only seems logical that someone would capitalize on the concept for a model number — and that’s what noted British electronics manufacturer Exposure has done with their new 360 turntable.

Fact is, Exposure has been making great gear since 1974 — with product lines that include power amps, pre-amps, integrated amps, and power supplies — but in their 50 years of electronics experience, the 360 is actually their very first turntable.


Let’s see how they did. The 360’s plinth is made from a lightweight laminate, using polyurethane foam as its core. The table is fitted with a high-quality precision tonearm with its mounting braced to the bearing housing. The arm is suitable for use with MC, MM, or “other cartridges,” though a cart is not supplied. The bearing is an ultra-low friction brass hub, which is anchored to the plinth using a machined aluminium collar.

The 360’s subplatter is part of the bearing assembly, itself a single piece of machined aluminium, and it is said to “improve speed stability, compared with [an] ordinary plastic type,” according to Exposure. The platter is made from dual-layer float glass, which “also improves speed stability due to increased platter mass, which increases the flywheel effect.”


Additionally, the 360’s external power supply — shown above, next to the table — includes a precision speed controller. The unit is precision-matched and tuned to the motor for each individual 360 table, and it incorporates pushbutton speed selection for 33⅓ and 45rpm playback. Exposure feels that “using a separate power supply reduces the chance of noise entering the turntable and keeps delicate low-level signals away from sources of potential interference.”


Also supplied with the 360 is a smoked polystyrene dust cover, and the table — which is available in black only — boasts a three-year guarantee. Its isolation feet are made from Santoprene rubber and reinforced by aluminium, and the table also sports a 24V motor with an aluminium pulley. The Exposure 360 table measures 447 x 120 x 360mm (w/h/d), while the power supply is180 x 50 x 155mm (w/h/d). The 360’s gross weight is given as 6.5kg, and net weight is 5kg.


Finally, the Exposure turntable has an SRP of £1,300. (A U.S. price equivalent has not been provided, but you can click on the dealer link below to see what’s being offered on this side of the Pond in terms of its Stateside availability.)

For more about Exposure, go here.
To find an authorized Exposure dealer, go here.


molinamolina's picture

Is Rega the OEM here? I'm looking at my P6 and doing a double take with this Exposure.

Tdiddey's picture

My understanding is based on Planar 3 with outboard power supply

Jazz listener's picture

This is a complete rip-off / clone of a Rega P6. What exactly is the thought process here by Exposure?? Sure, throw your hat into the TT ring, but at least come up with something original. Why, why, why would anyone spend this kind of $ on a P6 rip-off from a company with NO experience in buidling TTs??? I've owned Exposure amps in the past and have always respected them. My respect has just gone down a few notches...

Glotz's picture

Many companies white-label their turntables as to fill out their lineup. I don't think they are trying to fool anyone- as everyone knows this is a Rega deck. Mark Levinson went to VPI and Clearaudio. Marantz also comes to mind. Project also does white label products for Brian Eno as well.

Perhaps the product isn't real; it's just click-bait for Boomers so they have heart-attacks from their rage... and die. LMAO.

Jazz listener's picture

I likes it. In terms of rage, interesting that this often gets attributed to so-called "boomers", as if it only applies to them, when social media, the darling of Millennials and GenZ'ers, is ripe with rage and anger, and in most instances about so much nothing. Interesting that...

Glotz's picture

That is far more interesting- you can't admit your own guilt (of rage) that you accuse others of... Right Here.

What has Exposure done to elicit such contempt? They put out a rebranded turntable?

Jazz listener's picture

LMAO, how on earth do you get out of bed each day. What a stupid comment.

Glotz's picture

The accusation of "rip-off"... And I noted an unhinged "Why, why, why???"

Certainly not rage-y??

More rant-y??

Most importantly, I notice you only like complaining.

Why, why, why??

Jazz listener's picture

police this chat? And it's not just me, anyone who voices a contrary opinion or questions a products is "raging" and/or "a boomer" according to you.

We're all entitled to our own opinions man. Chill out, and maybe have those meds checked - I think you may need a top up or something.

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Cause you're full of it.

rich d's picture

On the other hand, I'm a little surprised that Exposure didn't work just a bit harder on the cosmetics in order to better differentiate it from its far cheaper cousin.
While we're kinda-sorta on the subject of British Hi-Fi, the Bristol show last weekend was good fun. I heard some grumbling from a few industry people but the attendees were numerous and seemingly quite pleased. Highlight for me was a new turntable meant to retail for a grand (in pounds sterling). The build quality was more in live with 'tables three times its price. Really couldn't tell you how it sounded, but it looks promising.

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I'm wondering whether I should use it or not.
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