65 Year Old Tommy Chong Still in Jail

65 year old former "stoner comic" Tommy Chong was sentenced to 9 months in the Federal slammer and forced to fork over 120,000 dollars by a foolish, mean-spirited Federal judge in Pittsburgh, PA yesterday, convicted of selling so-called "drug paraphernalia" over the Internet.

We haven't caught Osama, or Saddam, but Ashcroft's InJustice Department got their Tommy Chong! Good work, men. It's supposed to send a message and it does: that the Justice Department that prosecuted this case and sent this man to jail includes some seriously vicious, nasty and disturbed individuals. But what can you expect from a Justice Department headed by a repressed child who covered a statue's tit because it was "dirty?"

And what was Chong selling? Go here and look for yourself:


These were clearly works of art that could be used for smoking pot or anything else. Ashcroft made a big deal when the bust took place last spring, holding up a dangerous "roach clip" which of course is identical to the alligator clips sold at your local Radio Shack. Some people use hemostats as roach clips. Better close down the medical supply houses selling on-line too.

I think you can still buy a pipe on line, but it has to be the "old fashioned" looking kind of pipe, and I bet you can buy rolling papers on line as long as you say "for tobacco use only. " I think.

And of course the FDA was prevented from regulating tobacco a few years ago because a court (under the thumb of big tobacco) ruled that cigarettes were not a 'drug delivery device' which would have been a requirement to put cigarettes under FDA jurisdiction, but these beautiful glass pipes are "drug paraphernalia." Do you understand this? Of course tobacco farmers still get hugh Federal subsidies.

Meanwhile our kids are being plied with mind altering pills by the pharmacuetical industry and that's just fine with these clowns.

In court, the judge and prosecutor held out a slap on the wrist for Chong if he danced like a trained monkey for them and admitted to having a "drug problem." He did, and he promised to do anti-drug public relations for the government and whatever else they asked him to do. They made him kiss ass the way political dissidents were forced to do in the Soviet Union and still are in China, and then they bitch-slapped him to jail anyway, the scumbags. In addition to the jail time and fines, Chong will be forced to undergo regular drug testing, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that he's using any, and the "crime" he committed did not involve drugs.

He should have stood his ground against these crypto-fascists, but they could have upped the sentence to 10 years and probably would have. Never mind that in most states possession of pot is a misdemeanor and a fine. Chong wasn't selling drugs, he was selling pipes and that got him 9 months.

These radical right wingers-the same ones who proclaim 'states rights' when it's convenient, have no compunction about behaving like thugs.

Of course they're doing good work because we know that a suburban kid crafty enough to get a hold of some pot, wouldn't bother to smoke it if he couldn't buy a bong or some papers. We know the kid would never take an empty toilet paper roll, put a quarter sized hole at the end, put some aluminum foil in the hole, make a bowl out of it, puncture some holes with a pin and use that to smoke the dope, nor would he take a an empty aluminum soda can, put a dent at the closed end and puncture the dent with a pin and use that either. Nah! He wouldn't do those things, he'd just flush the pot.

So maybe this was a good prosecution because maybe, just maybe, it will discourage one kid from smoking that evil weed and start him on the straight and narrow path of alcohol abuse, nicotine addition, or maybe religious indoctrination.

If this prosecution doesn't work, there's a more drastic solution to the pot problem: outlaw combustion. Don't put it past these idiots to try it.

It's only going to get worse if you don't speak up, my friends. Don't be afraid to do it. They were in Germany.