Carlos Santana's Blessings and Miracles Sweepstakes!

Register to win one of three Carlos Santana Blessings and Miracles Vinyl Editions (value $34.98 each), or a limited edition Carlos Santana hand signed Blessings & Miracles PRS SE Doublecut Electric Guitar (value: $2,995/priceless) we are giving away.

Blessings and Miracles Vinyl LP:
Music legend and guitar master Carlos Santana's latest star-studded masterpiece Blessings and Miracles is out on vinyl March 18, 2022 via BMG. On it, Santana delivers one of the most ambitious, inspired, and magical records of his storied career. There are genre-bending, hook-filled celebrations featuring Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, G-Eazy, American Authors and Ally Brooke, and thrilling feats of bravura musicianship that pair the guitar master with fellow icons like Chick Corea and Steve Winwood, and knockout rockers with Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Living Colour's Corey Glover, among others.

Santana Sweeps

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“Meeting once again at the intersection of American pop and Latin flair, [Rob] Thomas showcases his signature vocals over Santana's dizzying guitar, congas and a lively horn section…there's a similarly gigantic energy [to 'Smooth'] on 'Move' that's fit for both afternoon cookouts and dance clubs.” - San Francisco Chronicle

Santana Sweeps

“'Joy,' as its title suggests, is a celebratory, uplifting track, though that euphoria is couched in a heavy, yearning groove that blends elements of reggae, blues, gospel, and country.” - Rolling Stone

Santana Sweeps

Carlos Santana Hand Signed Blessings & Miracles PRS SE Doublecut Guitar:
Featuring the artwork from the 2021 Blessings and Miracles release, this Santana Student Edition PRS is a must have for any collector. This is a very limited run of these guitars. Initial print is 1 of 17 Guitars. This guitar is hand signed by Carlos Santana.

Santana Sweeps

The mahogany body and 22-fret mahogany wide-fat neck combine to give this guitar its warm, woody tone and focused mid-range, making sure you fit into every mix just right. This guitar comes decked out with all the classic PRS appointments, including a rosewood fretboard with iconic bird inlays and PRS-designed humbucking pickups and stoptail bridge.

Specifications: Top Wood - Maple with Flame Maple Veneer (no veneer on opaque finishes) Back Wood - Mahogany Number of Frets - 22 Scale Length - 24.5" Neck Wood - Mahogany Fretboard Wood - Rosewood Fretboard Inlays - Birds Neck Shape - Wide Fat Bridge - PRS Designed Tremolo Tuners - PRS Designed Tuners Hardware Type - Nickel Treble Pickup - PRS SE 245 Treble Bass Pickup - PRS SE 245 Bass Controls Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

Santana Sweeps

Please note, the color of the headstock and body of the guitar may vary from the photo.

Click here for more info about the guitar.

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[This Sweepstakes is now Closed.]

phumiston's picture

If the guitar I win doesn't look EXACTLY like the one in the photo!

Suggs's picture

Yes please make it so

David Drake's picture

Sophomore in High School, Columbus Ohio, 1973. My very first concert was Santana. It doesn't get any better than that.

oldmustang's picture

Cool guitar and cool LP. Thanx!

charlesroddy's picture

I would be free falling or floating if I win this guitar & all!

alexdias's picture

Santana was mindblowing spectacular to see live. Mid 90s', wasn't expecting anything like this, he simply blew the roof of the place. Great artist!

Tom L's picture

and count me in!

azmoon's picture

Would be nice to win.

punkzter's picture

count me in

robert r dawson's picture

heck yes I'm a player!

Chops's picture

... a one, a two, a one two three four.

mikenc's picture

Santana fan all my life, used the link to purchase the LP.

mikenc's picture


Glotz's picture

May I wish on this one?!?!

mcsac67's picture

We sure could use a few right now...

martyh's picture

Been following Carlos's career since waaaaaayyyyy back in the day! Cheers.

wfkthree's picture

now if I could only play 25% as well!

Wolfsburg86's picture

Count me in.

Steelhead's picture

Fantastic band that has stood the test of time
Still spinning them!!!!!

Dobro910's picture

Let the children play that guitar! Good luck to all!

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

jasonj78's picture

teaching my daughter how to play & this would make a great gift/incentive.

sangfreud's picture


wesm's picture

Nice collection

rshak47's picture

Why not this one?

noirx7's picture

Carlos, one of my first musical heros

MrRom92's picture

Always wanted a PRS. Dunno if the rarity/value would be enough to stop me from playing the thing, but there’s only one way to find out…

Badbry's picture

Count me in!'s picture

Looking forward to this sweepstake outcomes.

jeni83's picture

are super fun. I like Santana.

2_channel_ears's picture

oyo come va

sennj's picture

Very cool!

mraudioguru's picture


Jazz listener's picture

would love to win an album or that fabulous guitar to pay him back.

MarkD's picture

I'm in.

jamespwheeler's picture

I ain’t got nobody that I can depend on.

mrl1957's picture

...count me in!

aneumayr's picture

and I can play the guitar, and the record!

FrankMcA's picture

Yes! What could be better than winning A signed Calos Santana Guitar

Sbavc's picture

Count me in

jamdiii's picture

Yes please!

gmangman2's picture

I love music!

Deploderer's picture

Yes please

Mealticket's picture

is the bomb

JJCalvillo's picture

Been meaning to learn how to play. This would be irresistible motivation. Still have all my Santana Columbia SQ records, as well as some reissues. Fingers crossed!!!

StonedBeatles1's picture

His/their early albums were just great.
All I can say is
Pick Me!

McRCN's picture

I'm in...

Alex320's picture

I could use a miracle or blessing. Doesn't have to be a signed guitar or anything material like a record. Just something to know I am not alone in this Universe.

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win!! :-D

mogelbrod's picture

I'm in.

funambulistic's picture

I'm in.

AnalogJ's picture

I'd love to win a copy of the LP. Thanks for the opportunity.

mdcomdial's picture

Please count me in.

rickyjay's picture

What a beauty!

TinEar's picture

Fingers crossed

carl478's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to register.

otaku2's picture

...and miracles if I win.

kb54's picture

if I win the guitar?

Zardoz's picture

This is exactly what my listening room needs. Please pick me.

tedonald's picture

Wonderful! Viva Santana!

Spencer's picture

Absolutely! Great guitarist! I'm IN!

Shep's picture

Good news for grumpy days

fishbone35's picture

Thanks for this offering. Count me in.

marty.kuhn's picture

Of both the guitar and the album!

Loxgator's picture

I could use a guitar like that

saronian's picture


Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win!

Mr.T's picture


anomaly7's picture

We are blessed to have Carlos still producing marvelous sounds for us to listen to.

asodoma's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

TexDave1212's picture

Longtime Santana fan!! Wondering how is doing now after his heart surgery? Hope all is well with Mr. Carlos!

ivansbacon's picture

Oye como va
Mi ritmo
Bueno pa gozar

MikeT's picture

Please enter me to win. Thank you ahead of time.

Swervn's picture

Never enough. Thanks Carlos, and thanks Analog Planet!

Scarberian's picture

I'll have to learn how to play it.

Jim Tavegia's picture

for my youngest son's record collection. Just getting into vinyl.

A very nice contest.

mdiehl's picture

I have been a big Santana fan. It is amazing how much music Carlos Santana has made since then. He's also always open to collaborations.

Corry's picture

Count me in!

carja's picture

The Guitar is fantastic.

izzywizzy's picture

Thanks for the chance.

orthobiz's picture

Would like to win, thanks.

Kyle's picture

Santana's been on my play list for way longer than I'm willing to admit to now that I've added it up.

dbp's picture

Santana is on of my favorite artists of all time! Nearly 30 years ago, while still a teenager, I was able to find an original first printing of BG134, the concert poster from the Fillmore West that inspired his first album cover... it's still one of my prized posters. Good thing I got it then, because I couldn't afford one now! And I've also seen him live many times. Would love to have this guitar!

michaelouimette's picture

What a blessing it is!

Static's picture

I am a bassist but need a new guitar. This one would be perfect. LOL

Noodlebluesman's picture

Yes, please! Pretty please! I've never won a contest. May this be the first?

tower_of_power's picture


Mark Cherrington's picture

Every since I saw Santana at Woodstock, I've been a fan, and it's nice to see he still has the fire.

PotatoJunkie's picture

Me! Me! Me!

ForgetYourself's picture

Can't wait to WIN!

drobin71's picture

This would be cool.

Doronca2856's picture

Yes , please.

jek's picture

First real concert? Santana.
Reason to learn to play guitar? Santana.

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

abbalion64's picture

I hope I get the guitar but the music it made would be a nice second place prize.

Steve Edwards's picture

I don't think anyone plays with more soul than Carlos. Play on

samman's picture

Count me in!

Dr. Frankenheimer's picture

You had me at "Santana."

rexlibris's picture

... were I to win it!

vinylvin's picture


richiep's picture

One of the heritage artists that is producing new relevant music! Growing up a friend that played Guitar was using Carlo's individual identifiable facial expressions.

dmgrant1's picture

Lo quiero

Blaqpool's picture

This beautiful guitar appears to have somehow escaped my dreams and arrived to reality… I believe dreams do come true!

terrybbagit's picture

Have always wanted a Paul Reed Smith this would be great way to fulfill that wish

Radyson's picture

I'd love to win a copy of the LP. Thanks for the opportunity.

MrValve's picture

Gorgeous guitar.

Bskeane's picture

That guitar will go nicely with my new speakers in the music room.

Fulford's picture

And toes!!!

stretch35's picture

the Guitar is a beaut

cdvinyl's picture

I,m all in.

MJSsolwhiz's picture

Beautiful album and gorgeous guitar. This will take me to another level.

8thman's picture

Santana Music + Guitar = Fun!'s picture

Of maybe just a guitar! I already have the Boogie amp, waiting.

tedcole's picture

Please! Would love to hear the new one this way!

Dave1170's picture

Count me in!

Ruben Sano's picture

Thank you Carlos for being a big part of my musical growth.

charliemcd's picture

Great musician, beautiful guitar. Thanks for the giveaway!

hadrovinyl54's picture

Can't wait for this beauty!

pbowne's picture

Very interested in how the vinyl of this sounds. The digital copy I downloaded has the lowest DR (dynamic range of 4-5) of any recording I own.

Skip Pack's picture

Music or the guitar. Great fun.

gsuen's picture


jkingtut's picture

Muchos gracias!! Macho's gracias!!

joeslang's picture

Sign me up, Scotty!

virtualbryan's picture

thanks Michael, very exciting Sweepstake!

wimartin's picture

I think the guitar looks great!

charliepress's picture

But would be happy to win a vinyl copy!

sjrodia's picture

I'll have to connect my old Dual 1229 turntable if I win vinyl!

csenning's picture

To win and play a Santana PRS!

Lxgreen's picture

Workday love yo win anything

niftymusic's picture

This guitar would provide all kinds of inspiration to play!

mrbruce's picture

And to win a guitar signed by a legend would be a MIRACLE!

pkf2's picture


vinyl_ninja's picture

PRS guitars are something.'s picture

Every Santana record I have is well recorded and sounds great. I can’t wait to spin this LP!

drdavid2000's picture

Santana has been such a joy and influence. What a beautiful guitar.

tsmith727's picture

Can't wait to hear his new album. He plays with such emotion from his heart. That is a beautiful guitar.

handinglove1's picture

Fingers crossed. Lol

mikerr's picture

I should learn to play

Bill-B's picture

I love winning & look forward to it.'s picture

Looks great.

evilroyslade's picture

OMG What a great giveaway! My hand is up.

Joycestvinyl's picture

I have loved Santana’s music from its beginning. Carlos Santana is one of those rare artists who bridges generations. My son & I love his music and have enjoyed him live - together! This cannot be said of many of my favourite artists. My son & I definitely have different tastes but we both agree on Santana. I cannot thank you enough for this gift, Carlos!

neilspeed's picture

Count me in! Also hope the record is a great pressing.

SteviePD's picture

I'll be waiting for the truck

kwolfdds's picture

I would be happy to win one of those LPs or somehow win the guitar.
Either way, count me in.

cher143's picture

I experienced Santana not to long after their Woodstock show. Mind blowing! Been keeping up with them ever since. Would love to have the latest music, and the guitar isn't too bad either. My son would love it!

Spicydave's picture

One love

getgross's picture

Are we all guitar players?

alphajim5's picture

You mean I'm not the first to enter?