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According to the company:

One of the indisputable masterpieces--and most commercially successful titles--in the ELO canon, Out of the Blue, the group's seventh studio album, was originally released in October 1977. The musical and conceptual brainchild of Jeff Lynne, who wrote and produced the entire album, Out of the Blue is among the most ambitious double albums in classic rock history, a complex and visionary work that included, as the album's complete Side 3, Lynne's "Concerto for a Rainy Day," a coherent song suite comprised of four movements and authentic ambient weather effects recorded by Lynne and incorporated into the soundscape of the record.

Out of the Blue was the first ELO album to feature the group's logo as a three-dimensional flying saucer/space station, a visual motif central to ELO's live shows. The album, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 has gone on to sell upwards of 10 million copies worldwide. Out of the Blue is the first double album in UK chart history to spawn four Top 20 singles.

The 2LP collector's picture disc edition of Out of the Blue was remastered from the original master tapes and includes a digital download of the album.

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whereisclayton's picture

I'll take Mr. Lynne for a spin.

whereisclayton's picture

The first comment slot doesn't win, right? I suspect if your scrolling through a list, the chosen are likely in the middle. Not the first or last. Or maybe there is some sort of statistical chart showing probabilities of... ah, forget it. I'm putting on some Hank.

jkanyok's picture

Classic album, could use a new one as my daughter took my original away to college

duncan66's picture

Lucky winner!

Badbry's picture

One of the classic’s! Great album to have in anyone collection. Would love for it to be in mine. :)

Steelhead's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

tandemdude's picture

Cool. Fingers crossed

Bomberbooey's picture

This was the very first album I ever bought. Thanks for the opportunity to win an update copy!

booker's picture

Curious how it stands against UK1P

mraudioguru's picture

...with that picture disc.

bmwalker's picture

I'd love to win this.

MrGneiss's picture

Yes please!! :-D

sangfreud's picture

Thanks, Michael.

reidcc's picture

I could not get into this one back in 1977, nor a New World Record. It took a lot of years to be able to play these end to end, but now they are staples on my playlist.

RLss's picture

I'm in!

nebennett's picture

Count me in

matthra's picture

Pick me please!

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

Zardoz's picture

I would sure like to add that to my collection.

Mealticket's picture


Goochified1's picture

Out of the blue arrived on my doorstep, for I was the winner of a picture disc set. Thanks everybody.

palasr's picture

Great album! Thanks.

carl478's picture

Where were you when you first heard this album? I don't remember; too many brain cells ago. But boy was the music Out of The Blue.

kworcester's picture

I can be bribed into creating an account. Please throw my name into the hat!

Curvfalls's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

cher143's picture

As always, a great web site, Michael. This sweepstakes caught me Out of The Blue

2_channel_ears's picture

Can't Get It Out Of My Head

gdphoto's picture

One of my ELO Favs! Would love to have it.

evilroyslade's picture

Count me in.

Tbuss's picture

Count me in!!! Would love to have this!

RCZero's picture

This would be awesome

gnatster's picture

This would be fun to spin.

markbrauer's picture


starman1573's picture

Reminds me of a red head I new in Lambertville. Oh boy oh boy can't wait.

ajpanic's picture

Pick me and I promise to give it a good home.

infohou's picture

Hope you folks are well and good.

I would enjoy this as I only have one other ELO.

Y’all take care,

isaacrivera's picture

But I wonder, is this the way life's meant to be?

rakemup's picture

"I never win anything"

Mistermuse1's picture

I'll take this...

Tom L's picture

...waving hand wildly above my head...

TooCooL4's picture

I have some ELO albums, but I have struggled to find a well-mastered good sounding one so it would be interesting to hear what they have done with this release.

disjmr's picture

Can’t wait to win this!!

jazzguy's picture

Let's do this.

cdvinyl's picture

Just in time for Christmas.

simpsonav's picture

For some reason, this is the only ELO album I dont have. This would be amazing. Thanks for all that you do!

terrybbagit's picture

ELO at the Hollywood bowl in September what a show would love to have this record

Sgood@verizon.net's picture


timthenchanter's picture

Almost my favorite is "Turn to Stone"

SpeedBump's picture

Pick me!

stephsrecords's picture


ddgimd's picture

Please enter me in the contest.

GFaulk's picture

Should be a great listen!

anomaly7's picture

I love ELO, and own this album, but in the highly uncolored version. This would be great to display-

teachscience's picture

I want it badly!

swimming1's picture

Miss the Wizard but Jeff Lynne is ok!

Flynehome's picture

Loved this album in 1977 and looking forward to this release!!

madoco's picture

Get me out of the blues, by winning

hockeyyo's picture

and into the hat

beaur's picture

I'll take mine in Blue.

longlivethequeen's picture

I love colored vinyl and picture discs. This one has quality toons, too.

KJHalloran's picture

This would be nice

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win.

audioholic63's picture

...maybe this time! :-)

jostber's picture

Looks like a beautiful edition of this classic album. Would like to win this. :)

8thman's picture

It will definitely be a blue sky if I win this.

McRCN's picture

I’m in!

nelsonkiwi's picture

Always was a fan of ELO.

genesplitter's picture

Maybe this time?

zaustin2's picture

Wonderful trip back in time.

mgrenwic's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

bdubois61's picture

junior year of high school. great time and lp.

Brown Sound's picture

Please sign me up!!

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badboss429's picture

Please add me to the lottery. Thanks!

Jmpa91mg's picture

ELO made many fine records including Out of the Blue. For me, Face The Music resonates strongest, but Out of the Blue isn’t weak by any means.

gak27's picture

joining the fray

Hermanenmonja's picture

Remember the UFO that was originally a part of the album? You had to cut it out yourself!
For me typically 70’s sound, this album. In an instant i’m 10 years old again.

John G's picture

This would be a wonderful gift for my daughter who’s a big fan of ELO and vinyl!

elinter's picture

Wonderful album!

pboser's picture

Well, do I, punk?

253mal's picture

Yes, please

scirica's picture

This would be a very cool edition to my collection. Thanks for the contest!

mbutchko's picture

Thank you!

audiof001's picture

Would love to add them to my collection. Thanks.

Preston's picture

Would love to win this.

jeni83's picture

I wonder how the sound is. These tend to be a little spotty in terms of surface noise, but I have run across some good ones. Thanks Michael!

TinEar's picture

Please enter me.

EdAInWestOC's picture

I'm not greedy...all I need is one copy of that picture disc.

kkatseanes's picture

fingers crosses

Juan Antonio's picture

Good luck to all, and lucky the winner of this splendid Album

noah1017's picture

I hope I get lucky!

Mile High Music's picture

Bought this in the big Boots store in Bath, England before I even had a record player and was at school....and I still have it! Thank you for your consideration :-)

orthobiz's picture

From back in the day, I am the biggest Move/Wood/Wizzard/Lynne/Idle Race/ELO fan of the universe.


pgilpat's picture

One of my top 5 albums of all times.

rhodges89's picture

Pick Me!

Catcher10's picture

would make my TT and cartridge very happy, happy!!

richiep's picture

to win the picture disc set would be OUT OF THE WORLD

Wimbo's picture

for the Christmas gift Michael.

Chemguy's picture

Yes please, thanks!

jrhud's picture

Stay away, don't want it.

soupcitybump's picture


audiot's picture

A good excuse to upgrade my cartridge!

LazyOldSun's picture

This album cover is my screensaver.. just need it making me dizzy on the turntable.

UA1229's picture

Merry Christmas if I win!

Patanalog's picture

Add me to the drawing!

galacticz00's picture


galacticz00's picture


GromitInWA's picture


myheroiscoltrane's picture

In 1977 when it first came out. It still sounds great!

Manimaldoug's picture

Sign me up!

MrRom92's picture

Count me in!

Odyssey41's picture

"Mister blue sky is living here today, hey hey"

Gstepcox's picture

There it is!

Graham Brown's picture

As a Canadian, I'm ineligible to win the ELO LP, but I can add that I still have several LP's by The Move, a British band that transitioned into ELO (w/Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood) and they are worth seeking out....

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DLKG's picture

I would love to win !!!

AnalogJ's picture

Hello, ELO.Yes, I'm in it to win it with Jeff Lynne in it.

gringostarr's picture

They look so good on the wall!

SWC's picture

suppose it would be OK to win.

docvinyl33's picture

Would love to add this classic album to my collection.

SVinTO's picture

Excellent record. Big fan of this band and would love to compare these recordings.

SLS's picture

would go well with my others

charliepress's picture

A fan for 40 years!

gaplaus's picture

Gotta love ELO!

Howard's picture

Im really thankful that Stereophile is giving ME this fine recording.

Ringaleavio's picture

I wanna win it!

jek's picture

Jeez Fremer, for a guy on vacation you get a lot of hits. Please pick me. I don't have a single ELO record.

Rtram1's picture

I like ELO

Henry2's picture

I have this on pre-recorded open reel tape from 40 years ago.


l33tplaya's picture

This would be a good present. Down on my luck, losing job, almost ready to sell my stereo... :-( Hope I win. Wow, choice of album is a blast from the long past...

Philt56's picture

Would love to add to my vinyl collection.

rlbought's picture

Merry Christmas to me!

Fingal's picture

Elo, elo, elo! What do we 'ave 'ere? A worthy prize indeed.....

bluesman66's picture

Ho ho ho lets do this....

RubenH's picture

1977 was a great year

Chad452's picture

Traveling Wilburys

HT Guy's picture

Lets do this. My Rega is looking for something new to play.

Anodyne71's picture

Would love to hear this!

gorkuz's picture

Ready for this.

swissguy's picture

I'm in!

mberger's picture


mberger's picture


Moleman X's picture

Wondering if picture disc technology has improved since the 80's... which is the last time I bought one, pretty sure.

lanetim's picture

Totally Awesome!

Rmoondog2's picture

thanks for the chance!!!

niftymusic's picture

Would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity.

seykayay's picture

I have my tickets for the concert this coming summer!

Mikey84010's picture

The first album I ever bought for myself was OOTB, in 1977. I was 11 years old. (Also, ELO was my first concert in '81.) Actually bought an LP to keep and a cassette to listen to. I keptthe LP new and unplayed--with the poster and cardboard spaceship intact--nearly 40 years until a couple of years ago when our then-unruly puppy got into a room she shouldn't have and chewed it to pieces. Would love to have this edition.

lotusguy's picture

I'd love the ELO album. Thanks for the opportunity, Mikey.

Bluesbob's picture

I need this album.