London Maroon Cartridge and StylusTimer Sweepstakes

Register to win a London Maroon Cartridge (Value $950.00 ea) and a StylusTimer (value $19.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"The legendary London (Decca) cartridge is known for its extraordinary and unmatched musicality, delivered by its unique transducer design.


With a StylusTimer (2021 Stereophile Recommended Component) you can track cartridge break in-time, total stylus time, and the time you spend enjoying music, while preserving your system’s sound quality and protecting your records from damage from a worn stylus."


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Dobro910's picture

Shopping for a cartridge now. I'm In!

jxp40's picture

Would love to hear the London sound in my system.

JJCalvillo's picture

Good luck guys.

Mile High Audio's picture

...which bodes very well for a vinyl experience that will be very engaging! Thanks! :-)

rvarey's picture

Looking forward to the London coming to town - the timing's just right.

Xmilio's picture

The maroon color looks great and I bet it sounds even better!

ManyRekids's picture

This would be timely, the Hana SL is unfortunately nearly played out.

horaciojervis's picture

Always grateful for a chance to win some gear. Thanks Mike.

fcmu's picture

I'm In! Looks great

dbvl13's picture

Thanks Michael for another chance to win!

mraudioguru's picture awhile. Maybe it will come here!

rich d's picture

"What a maroon!"

Greg S's picture

Count me in

audiof001's picture

and I'm replyin'!

orthobiz's picture



kelossus's picture

I love Fremer

Vinylbeast's picture

Could really use a new cart....This one would do handsomely, the timer looks like a neat gadget as well!

Happy Will's picture
Happy Will's picture
Happy Will's picture

I don't live in the USA so I can't enter

Paul Boudreau's picture

Nice, thanks!

KLW's picture

Thank you Mr.Fremer for the chance to win!

mcsac67's picture

The cartridge looks lovely. I have a couple StylusTimers. They work like a charm unless you get too sleepy and forget to turn it off when you shut down your rig.

A Hidden Noise's picture

Thank you for offering this up!!

Anton D's picture

Thank you in advance!

Bmcpherson's picture

Excellent idea. How many hours does a stylus last generally speaking?

Jeffrey Lee's picture

Count me in.

Tasingegade's picture

for this maroon

rshak47's picture

and the maroon looks like a good one.

Tom L's picture

Please count me in.

Steve Arnold's picture

I'm down!

garyalex's picture

I'm in.

USCGRetired09's picture

No, really... ;)

JoeESP9's picture

Count me in please.

Gazny's picture

Good luck to everyone, as always love AnalogPlanet

egronenthal's picture

I could use a new cartridge.

tparker14's picture

Never tried a Decca before!

Babysharks's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

jnp619's picture

I'm in.

wesm's picture

Would love to have.

2_channel_ears's picture

and Decc'd out.

ssand1's picture

Would love to try this on my Scoutmaster.

mtglass's picture

Would love a new cart to set up!

drobin71's picture

But I’m willing to learn. ;-)

Realred's picture

I would love to try it.

xtcfan80's picture

Art Dudley mentioned the London/Decca goes well with Rega arms. I have a Planar 3 and would love to hear this unique cartridge.

Timmonsdan's picture

Very cool looking cartridge....

Modstang's picture

London cartridge and stylus timer such a Big Ben combination!

swimming1's picture

My cartridge is worn out! It's about time!

Sbavc's picture

I’m in. Interested to hear what it sounds like

68kadett's picture

I'm looking forward to getting the cartridge!!

Mealticket's picture

Will sound fantastic on the new Lennon/Plastic Ono record.

culturcide's picture


djSpinner's picture

This cart would look great on my SOTA!

Steelhead's picture

Not a Clash fan per se but would definitely use that cartridge for the fab four

CAPTdel's picture

Count me in please. This is a lovely cart.

brednjam1's picture

I'd love to win this!

Dbriv's picture

Would love to try this cartridge

Glotz's picture

Though I doubt I'll win again..!

MrGneiss's picture

Yes Please!! :-D

periclimenes's picture

This would be way better!

Fulford's picture

i am just about ready for a new cartridge so the timing is spot on

Sigurd Krekling's picture

I would love to win the London Deca Maroon

Andy1974's picture

….but I never win these things

Crtex's picture

Hmm I bet this would make my Decca UK classical recordings sound stellar

Bob Henneberger's picture

i wont win ,but nonetheless here we go.

arcman67's picture

add me to the contest plaease

jdmoviebuff's picture

Would be nice!

tedonald's picture

Hey Ho! Let's go!

TinEar's picture

I am on board.

DrDub's picture

This looks like a thing of beauty. Would be lucky and fortunate to win this.

chefrobcmb's picture

Please count me in!!!!

carolina orchards's picture


drip_tray's picture

Help me to leave my Ortofon/Nagaoka purgatory and give me the Decca Cartridge that Glenn Croft thinks is one of the best matches for his amp. How else am I going to be able to afford one? BTW Analog Planet is totally awesome! Go Michael Go!

kb54's picture

So now's the time!

rich121's picture

I'm surely in need of this!

rich121's picture

I sure could use this!

deauguie's picture

And the timer is an added bonus! Pick me please.

carl478's picture


GuitarNut's picture


Chris Everhart's picture

Thanks for the chance Michael!

Bomberbooey's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win this package!

adamhull1's picture


Mark P's picture

Always wondered how the London Cartridge would sound in a Dynavector arm.

gjetson's picture

Fingers crossed.

jeni83's picture

This would be my most expensive cartridge if I won. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

jrampoldi's picture

throwing my hat into the ring

evilroyslade's picture

Looks like high quality stuff. Thanks for a shot.

mikenc's picture

Pick me please!

cdvinyl's picture

Let me sail off in my golden years with a win.

triode's picture

I just received two of the timers. I would love to have the Decca and another timer. I will have to label them and become a button pushing maniac

laurierxx's picture

Been looking this would stop that :)

lcater1's picture

The Stylus Timer is Great. I had a "Gold" Decca many years ago, sounded special until...........

patunnell's picture

What a maroon!

Zardoz's picture

Sign me up! I already have a Stylus Timer, but can certainly use another. And the London cartridge would be great to try.
Thanks again Mikey for these great give a ways, and the rest of your work too.

ggmusic's picture

Interesting, not sure I will use a stylus timer but never know :)

mariojzz's picture


malanz's picture

My comment is: I hope to win :-))

King Of Dirk's picture

“I may not be normal, but nobody is.” - Willie Nelson

GrandLarsony's picture

Thanks Michael!

Bspeis's picture

But here goes...

Radyson's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to win!

MrRom92's picture

That stylus timer is such a cool idea! I’d love to find a really neat way to integrate it into my system.'s picture

Love to win this guy

giubeppe's picture

And I need a new cartridge!

terrybbagit's picture

Very nice package I'm in

drumarty's picture

Very cool looking cartridge....

RLss's picture

This looks great!

wmattburns's picture

Nice! I'll try one.

brentc's picture

Dare to dream

Zim's picture

Fingers crossed......

fullglass's picture
fullglass's picture
fullglass's picture
fullglass's picture
javabarn's picture

I would LOVE it!!!

nojoarm's picture

I'm eager to hear the unique musicality for which this cartridge is known!

zohaib00's picture

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Spwill's picture

I've always wanted to try a London/Decca cart.

GFaulk's picture

Will be a nice addition. Can't wait!

jeffrosen's picture

Count mr=e in please

Deploderer's picture

Yes please.

RinziRadio's picture

What a great offer. Fingers crossed!

scottok's picture

I'm in. Thanks

AnalogJ's picture

I'm in!!

Kokomo O's picture

I'm about due for a new cartridge too.

PotatoJunkie's picture

Yes please, love to hear the sound of London in my living room.....

abernardi's picture

Thanks for the give away Michael. It's given me the opportunity to learn something about Decca cartridges!

smashadams's picture

What a great idea for Mother's Day. Please count me in!

jonnytwit's picture

Amazing contest! fantastic prizes!

hockeyyo's picture

I'm in

robertaich's picture

So I'd love to this way.

shawnwes's picture

That would be a nice present.

Tterag's picture

First time, long time. Here goes nothin'!

Vinylhound's picture

Nice cartridge,

hi-fivinyljunkie's picture

Could do with another cartridge - thanks in advance!

dmgrant1's picture

In 25 words or less, explain to me the difference between HTA, VTA, azimuth, sibalence, inner groove distortion, wow & flutter, moving coil, moving iron, moving magnet, tracking force, skating, 33 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm, shellac, shibata, microline, conical, elliptical, line contact, ....... Thank you.

BillyMac's picture

Count me in for a shot at this!

slunz's picture

Pick me, please!!!

robert r dawson's picture

...of course I'm IN

bcash96's picture

Early Christmas here we come.

Pretzel Logic's picture

Perfect timing! I need to replace my cartridge on my Rega RP6!

PMO's picture I am in the market for a new cartridge right now!


dronepunk's picture

The cartridge I have always wanted to own but have been too scared to actually purchase due to stories I’ve heard....

bkinthebk's picture

interesting combo. Would love to hear this cart on my table.

Razorball's picture


ivansbacon's picture

To quote the great American philosopher Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon"

Ajay213's picture

Would love a chance to win them both!

swimming1's picture

Records outsold CDs last year in Italy for the first time since 1991!

Juanbpv's picture

I have several DECCA records and they are great, then I would like to hear the cartridge!!!!!