Charles Lloyd Hosts an Online "Listening Party" Tonight With Joe Harley For His New BN album Tone Poem

Tonight, Thursday March 11th 9PM ET/6PM PT Charles Lloyd will host an online listening party for his new Charles Lloyd and the Marvels Blue Note album Tone Poem, with special guest "Tone Poet" Joe Harley.

Having had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Lloyd a while back, I can promise you a truly entertaining and fun evening because in addition to previewing the new record Mr. Lloyd is funny, engaging and an occasionally mystifying fellow—in the best sense of the word. And of course, Joe Harley is also a hoot! So tune in!

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Well, I missed this event but I did listen to the album on Qobuz. It's really good. I'm definitely going to order it on vinyl. If you like Charles Lloyd you should give this one a listen.