DÉJÀ VU : 50TH Anniversary Edition Coming May 14th From Rhino

DÉJÀ VU: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION will be available from Rhino on May 14 for $99.98. Presented in a 12 x 12 hardcover book, the collection comes illustrated with rarely seen photos from the era and annotated by writer/filmmaker Cameron Crowe, whose revealing liner notes recount the making of the album through stories told by the people who were there, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young.

On the same day, a deluxe vinyl version will also be available with the full content across 5 LPs of 180-gram vinyl. The deluxe vinyl version is available for pre-order now exclusively at CSNY50.com (and Rhino.com) for $249.98. The music will also be available on digital download and streaming services and in high-resolution audio at The Neil Young Archives (customers who purchase any version of the release at CSNY50.com or Rhino.com will receive a high-resolution download version as well).

As has become Rhino's habit of late, there's no information about who mastered from what source, whether or not the LPs (or at least the original release) was cut directly from tape, nor do you know where these records were pressed. It's a 100% win for the zero information age. AnalogPlanet will attempt to get this information for you as soon as possible but why should anyone have to ask? However, a digital hi-resolution advance sounded extremely promising and clearly the file was not "smashed", which is a good sign.

Also, expect here soon an interview with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash about the making of the album and the production of the reissue.

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Appreciate you investigating the origin and source for this Mr. Fremer. At the asking price it is ridiculous to have to dig to find out who and what were involved in the release.

Have an original or close to it and the mobile fidelity copy and the mofi is my go to. Great album for sure and the mofi does it for this listener.

Going to pass on this but they sure know the baby boomer market as I am sorely tempted to spring for the vinyl box.

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$50 each for a five lp set (albeit including book and packaging) is more Deja Vu than I need. And yes, the source and pressing info should be fully revealed; shame on Rhino

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I've come to assume if it's not mentioned, it's probably digital. Michael, did you ever find out the source used for Rhino's Giant Steps?

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Likely a key piece of information missing from your first paragraph of this announcement.

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As to not disclosing sources, I think that’s spot on and I operate on the same assumption. Seems to me every label is (justifiably) loud and proud when they’re sourcing from the analogue master. Conversely,
It’s comical how many release descriptions focus exclusively on the cover/packaging...you just KNOW it’s digital!

I’ve got a classic records 4lp 45rpm test pressing that’s my go to, but I’ll happily get the vinyl set; hopefully they at least mastered from hirez, and demos can sound phenomenally transparent when recorded well. AND with only 3500 copies being pressed, it will probably sell out, so I’m not going to wait too long.

Thanks for the news Michael!

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when comparing with the AAA reissue of the Deja Vu Classic Records release and the Giant steps 45RPM Rhino Grundman release. But those like myself who have those two won't buy the new ones just for comparison, that's the problem. Maybe Michael has all of them.

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He does.

He's the reviewer with the mostest.

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More specifically it says 1st run is limited to 3500 copies. They have the best of both worlds here. The excitement of a special limited quantity release without actually having to limit the quantity.

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A source from Rhiono posted on the SHF that Chris Bellman mastered and cut the vinyl. There should be more info about the source, most, most, if not all the Rhino CSN, Buffalo Springfield, and of course Neil Young releases in the last decade have been AAA.

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The link posted above take you to the site, the $250.00 option says this: This version is only available for purchase on the official CSNY store and Rhino Store, and features the remastered original album and four additional LPs of demos, outtakes, early versions, and alternate versions of songs recorded during the Déjà vu sessions.

I will pass on this, thought the packaging and book look very nice.

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Rhino says the 5lp set will be limited to 3500 copies for "the first run", which is corporate-speak for 'we'll have as many 'runs' as necessary to sell every copy we possibly can.' No mention about how many copies per stamper, which would actually be useful info.

Not that it matters to me, I have zero interest in a digital remaster from an unknown engineer. Screw Rhino.

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Hey Powermatic,

Did you use to post on audioasylum years ago? Do a motorcycle tour of Alaska?

Use to enjoy your posts on the asylum. What state you in?

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I've been banned for life after posting on audioasylum that I have no use for, and strongly disapproved of, recreational drug use.

The final, banned-for-life ban followed an earlier warning and temporary ban for submitting a post in which I inquired how many audioasylum members were either married to, or in relationships with, actual biologically female females.

The inevitable conclusion is that AA strenuously supports and approves of illicit drug use, and just as strenuously discourages and disapproves of common heterosexuality.

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and more importantly I need to find out if MoFi is doing a release of this again. It would seem so for 2021.

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But less so without David. Sheeesh, just make up already!

50 years of friendship is worth more than some stupid conviction.. You're all going to be dead soon! Get right with each other!

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David is who he is, and they can't stand who he is, so?

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... After I tweeted the same comment to David 2 years ago, he felt the same way.

And being that David said some stupid, arrogant shit to Graham, I would imagine all good people want to right any long-term relationship. (Don't hold me on The Black Crowes though... one can only hope.)

The power of forgiveness and the willingness to change is universal- and supremely powerful. Anything else is a anomaly waiting to be corrected.

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I was working with a sound engineer who was mixing a documentary that included Neil Young and Crosby, and at the last minute Neil would not allow any of his music to be used in a film that had Crosby in it causing sections of it to need to be remixed with different music over it. I'm not sure if they worked it out later, but it was clear that there was a lot of ongoing anger from Neil in regards to David Crosby, and that it seemed to be still fresh.

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>>You're all going to be dead soon! Get right with each other!<<


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This is a reason I never buy new records. I have an original pressing of this LP in excellent condition all the way to the cover (original textured gate fold), there is no question that it is AAA. Fantastic LP by the way!

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I know it's not in the same price bracket, however for the cost of this one, I hope Rhino did a better job then they did with Chicago's 50th anniversary remix which is pretty bad. I would prefer this one to be all analog, at least the original LP should be. I don't care about the out takes. Just give me a killer version of the original and if they have to make extra money, make it a double 33 1/3 and the second LP can be sourced fron high res files. I have a few 45 rpm LP's and they do sound great. However, I also have a ton of 33 1/3's that sound equally great.

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Reported on Hoffman forum that Rhino Customer Service sez the original Deja Vu LP is mastered from the original master tapes and cut directly from the analog tape. Most bonus material from 192/24 transfers and nearly all outtakes newly mixed by Bruce Botnik from 192/24transfers of the original multi-track tapes.