ERC White Blood Cells Goes On Sale Friday November 5th 1 PM EDT

The Electric Recording Company announced that sales of its limited edition reissue of The White Stripes' White Blood Cells goes on sale this Friday, November 5th 1PM EDT on the ERC website. In addition a limited number of copies will be available via Third Man storefronts.

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I wonder if there will be future co-productions between them and other indie labels.

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Please remove this thread. You are hurting my chances.


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Let's hear from each other tomorrow, who succeeded.

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Looks like they all sold out in less than a minute. I was fortunate enough to get one. Clearly there is a demand for more contemporary releases from ERC I hope they keep it up.

I just encourage more rock titles in general, new and old. I would gladly sell my soul for a ERC pressing of The Zombies, Odessey And Oracle. Pleeeeease!

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It was sold out at 12:58. I was waiting and decided to press refresh 2 minutes early and it was there. I clicked pre-order and it was sold out. 2 minutes early :(

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I went to the website and was going back and forth between the Home page and Shop page, starting 5 minutes before it was set to go on sale for preorder. The site was showing the same thing - a photo of the WS title on the Home page and the Shop page had all the titles up to the last Miles Davis title - all sold out - but no WS title. The 2 minutes before 1pm PST, the first time the WS title was listed on the Shop page, it was listed as Sold Out. I was refreshing that page every 3 seconds! Sold Out 2 minutes before it went on sale. Something stinks.

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Agreed! :(

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I was doing the same thing. When I refreshed at 1pm ET the record appeared in their store and was already sold out. This means that sales started prior to the time they announced, or only insiders got them. Why even claim they're going on sale? This is complete BS.

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Wow, I was logged in a hitting refresh every 5 seconds and it popped up at 9:56 already saying sold out. Not even a whiff!

Reminds me of those Craft Records.

This is God's way of telling me ERC no longer needs me!

As a semi-collector of things, when I have a break in an ongoing set I am liking, it makes it easier to stop. So, that may save me some change in the long run, but still bummed I missed this. I was looking forward to comparing pressings.

As a consumer, I loathe having to scramble on my time hoping to buy an item I desire, as well.

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How can something sell out BEFORE the time they said it would be on sale? Inexcusable.

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Is it on Ebay or Discogs yet?

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did anybody, except re-sellers??

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I was also on the site a few minutes before 5pm GMT and it went live about 2 minutes early. It was sold out when I checked back at one minute past the hour. I'm happy for ERC as it's a great PR move and should elevate their visibility.

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The way they do things is a bit of a quixotic quest, I greatly appreciate that part.

You had the best over-all take.

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How much did they charge for this release?

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But I think the "sold out" before on sale is a common glitch in these websites. I experienced this with a Craft limited release. It said sold out before the start of the sale. And then right after the start it became available. And then promptly sold out within minutes. I think the lesson is you can't jump the gun on the start time, there is an actual delay so even if you are perfectly on the mark you may miss and if it's a really high demand item you have to get lucky.

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I do recall there being quite some debate as to whether or not the Miles Davis Kind of Blue UHQR would sell out with a "limited" edition size of 25,000 copies. Some people here were quite certain it would sell out very quickly. I was the lone doubter if I remember correctly. Here it is almost 5 months later and it is not sold out. Which IMO is great. No one is getting left out on that one.

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I have a copy of the Kind of Blue UHQR and it is worth every cent. But, I have never heard an Electric Records pressing and I so want to. I was thinking of buying one from Discogs but then, 1) it is big dollars 2) I'm not a fan of those who buy it to sell it. If it is "new" then they bought to sell and I feel that is wrong when they only print 300 of them :(

I do highly recommend the Kind of Blue. Perfect in everyway...

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It won’t sell out in a long time , and when it does the 45RPM UHQR is coming .

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I was on the fence with this ERC edition, which I didn’t get my hands on anyway. I didn’t get the ERC Barbirolli Mahler 9th a few years back either, but back then I came across a 70’ies EMI UK box set with a sloid state cut that is phenomenal (records were mint and the price was the equivalent of 15 USD – and you also get the Mahler 6th). Today, instead of getting the ERC White Blood Cells, I bought the TMR 20th anniversary edition of White Blood Cells from a local record store in Copenhagen. Judging from the dead wax it’s the new TMR AAA US cut (WG) pressed at Pallas in Germany. The vinyl is totally flat and the sound is awesome. Just listened to it with my 11y-old son and compared it to my early 2002 V2 US pressing, which I beleive was cut from a digital file – we both agree that there’s no competition. I’m pretty sure that that the ERC tube cut is outstanding, and it would be interesting to hear from someone, who actually got the ERC tube cut and had the chance to compare it to a pressing that is still available.
Using solid state equipment (Rega P10, Apheta 3, Aria 2, Naim Nac 202, NAP250), I certainly hear the magic of tubes on the electric guitars on the original UK mono Rubber Soul (as compared to the version from the AAA Beatles mono box), but for those (like me) who did not get the ERC White Blood Cells, the Pallas pressing may be a worthy alternative (it was 35 USD).

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don't have that pressing but the numbers listed on discogs reveal it to be a GZ pressing, which is also good (despite what a lot of people on audiofool forums may tell you). it's a new cut but i wouldn't be surprised if the mastering is the same or similar to the 2011 TMR pressing, also cut AAA by wes garland but instead plated and pressed at united (my copy of that turned out good, fwiw). the 2011 TMR press sounds very good, better than the CD for sure though i haven't heard the other vinyl pressings (yet i do have three copies of 'de stijl' - the 2002 V2 pressing, the 2010 TMR, and the 2020 VMP TMR, of which the former sounds best).