HIGH END Munich 2021 is "Fully Booked" Weeks Ahead of End of March Deadline

Munich's HIGH END trade show is fully booked weeks ahead of the end of March deadline according to a press release announcement issued today by show organizers HIGH END SOCIETY GmbH.

The 39th show runs this year from September 9 to 12, 2021 instead of the usual May dates in order to "provide a high degree of planning reliability" as the world hopefully exits from the worst Pandemic in 100 years. HIGH END announced that as in previous years a waiting list has been established for companies wishing to exhibit who register now through the end of the month.

Thursday and Friday September 9th and 10th are reserved for the trade and press. The public is invited Saturday and Sunday. It's a show not to be missed.

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...maybe 2022 will be the right time.

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RMAF 2021 is scheduled for 10/8 - 1/10 but I have to wonder if it's actually going to happen. I'd love to attend an audio show and have been vaccinated. But now there's talk of a new variant and no one seems to know if the current vaccinations will still be effective.

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I'm afraid it is wishful thinking at best. I hope they have a plan for "just in case". I don't see big events like this happening until maybe 2022, if that. I think we may need to realize that those days are over forevermore. The vaccines seem to be failing all over the place with the new mutations. Europe is currently experiencing a full-on third wave as we speak!
Personally, I'm not ready to attend such a thing again either.

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To make plans for Munich, given COVID trends in Germany, and Europe more generally. Just read the latest piece by John Darko (on his site darko.audio), who lives in Berlin, providing some details, graphs and links to latest data from public health authorities. It does not look remotely encouraging. I'd say hold off until next year.

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but part of me hopes you're wrong as I really wanted to attend. If a) they haven't cancelled or postponed by July, b) exhibitors are willing to, er, exhibit and c) I get my shots, I'll go and let you know how it went.

The beer will be good regardless.