Kuzma 4 Point Tip

Obviously those lucky enough to own a $6000 tonearm are few, but we don't discriminate here against the 1%. So if you own a 4 Point and over time as you've switched headshells to use different cartridges, perhaps you've accidentally pulled out from the arm tube opening the tonearm wire so you now have excess.

No harm done and it doesn't affect performance but esthetically it's less than pleasing. There is a solution.

First, remove the vertical damping paddle, then move the tonearm wire harness back to the transport pin position and then, after removing the head shell, lift off the arm assembly.

Inside the ring to which the armtube is attached you'll see a coin sized disc. Using a hooked piece of metal or a small allen key, carefully pull that disc straight out. You'll then see the tonearm wire inside. Using the same hooked piece of metal, carefully pull the tonearm wire towards you paying attention to the length coming out of the head shell end of the arm tube. Stop when there appears to be the correct amount showing.

You can always carefully pull some out if the wires are not long enough to reach the cartridge pins, but you can't push the wire back in, so it's better to err on the too short side.

Then carefully push the disc back into place and reassemble the arm.

You are then back in business with the arm's esthetics restored to their original menacing black beauty.

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Nice to know, thanks!!!


But will I need more "tips" for the remaining three points of the tonearm?


(Just kidding, I have a 4Point, because of your review in SP, and love it... and even spoke with Franc Kuzma when I was in Munich this year... he is very serious about his products!)


Menacing is right. If Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum were a tonearm, this would be it!!! It does exude precision and beauty, and is cleverly designed in many ways, right down to the installation and packaging...


The interchangeable headshells are a great feature... but they are relatively expensive.

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I have so far changed cartridges only once on the 4Point, therefore not an issue yet for me, but good to know. Glad to be part of the 1% community, this is indeed the best tonearm I ever heard. Mikey when you wrote in Stereophile that the arm reminded you of analogue tape I first thought you went nuts - until I heard the neutrality, tonal balance, dynamics and overall lack of distortion myself. You used the right words, I cannot agree more!