Let's Take a Break From Munich Coverage For This Tune From Sara Gazarek and Josh Nelson

Let's take a (short) break from Munich High End 2017 coverage and instead play a track from this piano and vocal LP produced and engineered by legendary recording engineer Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI.

It's on Steel Bird Records. The two have been playing together since 2002. This is Gazarek's fourth record. The cartridge is the amazing Haniwa HCTR-01 6T "Green Marker" cartridge. Its super low internal impedance (almost a short circuit) means it must be used either with Haniwa's own phono preamp or one that is a current, not voltage amplifier like the CH Precision P1/X1 used here. BTW: no pop or click filter was used. Enjoy!

If you want to buy a copy click here

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Nice sound Michael. BTW, who makes the record clamp you used in this video?

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That is a suction cup Continuum supplied that maintains the vacuum for the platter vacuum hold-down.
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Thanks for sharing. Definitely worth picking up.

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall listening to the dialogue between akshay1418 and 13hm13. After reading the latest 2 articles by Mr. Fremer and the accompanying comments, I would think philosophers, theologians, scientists, politicians, heck, the whole world would be entranced, enthralled and enlightened by any discussion between these two. I'm sure music and associated equipment would be but a minor aside.


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Michael, I enjoy your writings and thoughts (thanks and keep it up) but it is hard to watch that video with the cartridge leads sticking out like that. If you removed those wires and weighed them, it would be a gram or two and that weight is in the form of cables hanging and vibrating off your tonearm/cartridge. With vinyl, vibrations and dimensions start to stray over from Newtonian into relativistic realms. The devil is in the details! :)

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The arm features a single length of wire from cartridge clips to RCAs. The arm's designer made mine extra long figuring I might have issues that normal consumers wouldn't, given how many corteges I change in and out and that it's one long run from cops to RCA plugs. He figured if I broke the clip if he gave me extra lead wire, I could cut it off and re-solder. Normal consumers don't get tat long a wire...
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I figured that was the reason but was just giving you a hard time. ;) You have a bizillion dollars in your system, it was just jarring to see all that excess wire. I wonder if you could lightly twist the wires together to dress them up and shorten them a bit?

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It lists The River/Riverman on Side 2, but that track isn't on the Dream in the Blue CD.

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Mikey - great LP but all I can find on the web is a CD - ??????????? - would love to get - am I missing something?

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I don't know. Will check into it.
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I found a copy at Josh's site.