Love Those Vintage British Pressings? Consider The OXFAM Online Record Store

Power has been restored. Thanks to all for your "warm" thoughts under the previous story. A reader and Oxfam volunteer in the UK sent a link to the Oxfam Online Shop's vinyl store.To access the vinyl store click on the "Entertainment" header

You can shop by genre and/or price and a variety of other filters, which is a good thing because the store is loaded with great records! The Oxfam people know their vinyl and so don't expect collectibles for £1 but if you're looking for U.K. originals there are many there and the prices seem fair. Also, they know the lingo and show you labels and even give you matrix numbers.

So for example a UK original of Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden is on the site for £29.99, which today in dollars is around $41. The first person to scoop up that one will be very happy! There's plenty more on the site worth buying—things not easily found at reasonable prices.

Oxfam is a global charity working to relieve poverty in over ninety countries. So you get good records and help alleviate poverty (though you may sink into it yourself if you don't control yourself on the site!)

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Hey, thanks Mikey, what a find! I like this Elvis Costello Punch the Clock on F-Spot for 6 English Pounds in Very Good shape. Who knows what else awaits me?