Ortofon's Chief Officer of Acoustics and Technology Talks On Camera About the New MC Verismo Cartridge

Ortofon launched on a September 30th Facebook video the company's new MC Verismo cartridge. The previous day Ortofon's Leif Johannsen participated in a ZOOM interview with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer and discussed the design and features of the new MC Verismo cartridge.

The new cartridge set to sell for approximately $7000 in The United States fits between the circa $6000 Windfeld Ti and the top of the line $10,499 Anna D (the standard Anna, which sells for around $8900 will eventually be discontinued). Like the Anna D, the new Verismo features a diamond cantilever/Replicant 100 stylus assembly and a SLM (Selective Laser Melt) titanium body that returns to Ortofon's line the revolutionary look of the A90 introduced in 2008.

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also a big time Ortofon fan here. I bought an A90 when released, and had it rebuilt by the factory a few years ago. The thought of a similar design, with a diamond cantilever, is very appealing.

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Agree, Ortofon does good things but I'm afraid my vinyl collection isn't worth the investment.

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Although I am not in the rare air territory of the Ortofon lineup I enjoy the Bronze for it's great tracking and overall even response and the added refinement and beautiful presentation of the Kontrapunkt B.

I have always thought the Ortofon line offered excellent value at their price points and can only imagine how freaking good the upper tier must be.

Happy Spinning!

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The Kontrapunkt line delivers the full 'house sound!'

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