Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono Turntable

A lot of cool analog gear was seen and heard at the recent Florida International Audio Expo in Tampa, and one of the just-introduced products that caught both our eyes and ears there was Pro-Ject’s new T2 Super Phono turntable. Considering how much we liked what we saw with the Pro-Ject T2 W wi-fi table that was introduced late last year, we felt the T2 Super Phono garnered a closer look.

The T2 Super Phono is the latest entry in Pro-Ject’s T series of turntables, and the company says that, among other things, what the T2 brings to this table line is its “enhanced” size, the inclusion of a 10mm thick glass platter that weighs in at 1.7kg, and its satin white, gloss black, and walnut laminate finish options.

Our sister site Stereophile just so happened to visit with Pro-Ject at the Florida Audio Expo, and if you zip ahead to about 1:34 into the YouTube clip below, you’ll hear company rep Robert Bruce extolling the virtues of the T2 table accordingly.

As noted, the T2 Super Phono table features an integrated two-stage split-passive MM phono preamp, which is said to offer flexibility for users who might want to opt for an external preamp and/or wish to upgrade beyond the included Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge. That cart, seem below, which is part of the Sumiko Oyster series, comes with an elliptical-cut diamond needle, but Pro-Ject notes that it can be exchanged for an MC cart if need be.


The T2’s tonearm, which spans an effective length of 9in, holds the cart in place, while a newly engineered sub-disc beneath “ensures the smooth rotation” of the glass platter. The assembly operates on a traditional main bearing, which consists of a hardened steel axle within a brass sleeve. It is propelled by a synchronous motor equipped with electronic speed control, the button-push of which enables “effortless switching” between 33⅓ and 45rpm playback.


Complete with a CNC-machined plinth — which is said to have been “manufactured with zero plastic and with zero resonant hollow spaces” — the T2 table stands on specially designed anti-vibration feet, and it also comes with a proprietary ultra-shielded, low-capacitance semi-symmetrical phono cable, dust cover, and felt mat.

Finally, the SRP for the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono turntable, which is projected to be introduced into the marketplace in April (“or so”), is said to be $599.

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ivansbacon's picture

Can i get one with a stylus?
Why in the world do TT's come with felt mats?

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Was the soft focus intended to make the turntable look sexy?