Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat, Hypocritical Racist Idiot

Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Party shill and pathological liar who is addicted to blaming Bill Clinton for everything that he thinks has gone wrong in America, showed his hand on ESPN last week by claiming that Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb has been given "preferential treatment," by the press because he is black and that his performance on the field is "overrated."

Blowhard Limbaugh was supposedly fired (he was allowed to resign), though the ratings that night were ESPN's highest for a game in that time slot, proving while a large number of Americans are also idiots, even more took the time to bitch-slap Disney, which owns ESPN, into reality.

Limbaugh had every right to criticize McNabb or any other player on or off the field. His offense was in making it a racial issue, but what else can one expect from Mr. Limbaugh who sees everything in terms of black and white, and like his hero George Bush, is a divider not a uniter?

He later proved his obtuseness by saying he'd also criticized the play of Kurt Warner and some other white footballers, but when criticizing Warner and the high esteem in which he's held, did Limbaugh make light of his race? Of course not. More to the point, did Limbaugh say that Warner's position and popularity are due to his being a fundamentalist Christian who says things that can lead one to believe that he thinks Jesus is in some way responsible for his play on the field? No.

As for the recent pill popping and illegal pill procuring allegations, unlike Limbaugh and his crowd, who are happy to convict their enemies before the evidence has been offered, I say this man should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but like the virtuous hypocrite Bill Bennett, odds are pretty good, based upon what's been shown already, that while destroying former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders on the air for merely suggesting that the so-called "War on Drugs" be examined for its efficacy and fairness, and for suggesting that drug users are a 'drain' on society and should be shipped off to Luxemburg, Limbaugh was high as a kite on the so called "hillbilly heroin," Oxycontin, said to be 10 times more potent than heroin itself.

Indicative of the Manson-like mind control Limbaugh has over his audience was the response from Howard Stern's E! producer Scott DuPace the other day on Stern's show, who said that he agrees with Limbaugh's position on "drugs," but that his hero is not a 'drain' because he's rich! Stern, to his credit, corrected DuPace and tried to reason with him about Limbaugh's mindless assertions in other areas like so called "tax and spend," Democrats, but to no avail.

Probably, to Limbaugh's fans, their hero wasn't really using "drugs," because the pills he was taking were manufactured by a corporation and not by brown-skinned peasants in South America. Rush's sycophantic, supporters will probably say that he was a "victim," of some unscrupulous "pusher," and got hooked because he had a painful medical condition, but in fact, the deafness he's been complaining about appears to be one of the results of taking these painkillers not the other way around.

Tommy Chong is getting 9 months for selling pipes. Despite no evidence that he's using drugs, he's being forced into the humiliating spectacle of having to regularly pee into a cup for his captors.

If that's Chong's "justice" in this absurdly unjust country when it comes to "drugs," then what can we expect Limbaugh's fate to be? It should be 9 years in jail based on Chong's raw deal, but probably he'll get Jeb Bush's daughter's treatment, "rehab" and sympathy. Imagine the "sympathy" right wingers would have for Chelsea Clinton had she so succumbed. And given that she grew up in a "permissive liberal environment," it's miraculous that she's not a drug addict, or a member of the Taliban for that matter. In fact she probably is, but the "liberal media" is covering it up, while attacking poor Rush!

Jeb's daughter, Rush and others with money don't do jail time for drugs (unless, like Jeb's daugther, they're caught with more drugs in rehab!). Jail time in America for drugs is mostly for poor black and hispanics, and/or "show criminals" like Chong. Not only do these laws get these people off the street, but it allows Repubicans, er, I mean "the government," to take away their right to vote—forever—even after they've paid their debt to society. Gee, taking away the vote from poor blacks and hispanics... I wonder who that benefit? Figure that out and you'll know for whose benefit the irrational "drug war "is being fought.

Meanwhile for proof of just how depraved and despicable Limbaugh is, go to his website and read his attack on Joe Wilson, who's wife's CIA cover was "outted" by Robert Novak in a disgusting act of political revenge probably orchestrated from within The White House.

Turns out, according to Limbaugh, that Wilson is a Democrat who has actually committed the treasonous act of giving $$$$ to Democratic candidates. Therefore, nothing he says should be taken seriously, and what happened to his wife, serves him right! The other nasty liar Bill O'Reilly makes the same point on his website, and when Wilson appeared on Faux News, at the conclusion of the interview in which Wilson performed brilliantly, morning host Steve Doocy asked in true, sinister toned McCarthyite fashion about Wilson's party affiliation and financial contributions. I've never heard him or any other Faux News announcer ask Bush supporters for their party affiliations after their chirpy appearances. I wonder why?

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