Soundsmith Strain Gauge SG-200 phono cartridge system Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Strain-gauge phono cartridge with interchangeable styli (6 choices) and dedicated preamplifier and power supply (two 24V DC wall warts, no specifications provided). Styli supplied (both with ruby cantilever): SGS-5 nude line contact (standard, $399.95 if purchased separately), SGS-6 "Contour Optimized" nude line-contact ($499.95 if purchased separately). Recommended vertical tracking force (VTF): 1.7–1.9gm. Compliance: low–medium, depends on VTF, 10–16µm/mN. Frequency range: DC–70kHz. Effective tip mass: 0.30mg, SG-10; 0.32mg, SG-5. Channel separation: >25dB at 1kHz. Channel balance: <1dB. Recommended load resistance: not applicable. Recommended load capacitance: not applicable.
Dimensions: Cartridge weight: 10gm. Preamplifier/power supply: 6" (150mm) W by 3" (80mm) H by 8" (205mm) D. Weight: 2 lbs (0.9kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: SG2000131.
Price: $5499.95 with SGS-5 stylus; add $100 for SGS-6. Approximate number of dealers: 18; also sold direct. Warranty: "All cartridges are warranted against defect in workmanship for a period of not less than one year."
Manufacturer: The Soundsmith, 8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417, Peekskill, NY 10566. Tel: (800) 942-8009, (914) 739-2885. Fax: (914) 739-5204. Web:

The Soundsmith
8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 417
Peekskill, NY 10566
(800) 942-8009

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Any recommendation for a good, low-cost, digital 'scope to comfortably handle the audio range and raw output from low-output moving coils up through OTL tubed output stages to drive electrostatics?