WAM Engineering/WallyTools SRA WEBNAR This Saturday March 20th 2PM EDT, 11AM Pacific

Stylus Rake Angle Webinar! On March 20th at 11am in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone, WAM Engineering / WallyTools will conduct a free one hour instructional webinar on how to accurately measure your cartridge's dynamic Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) for optimal playback results.

In this webinar you will learn:

The ideal SRA to which we should set our stylus
What type of stylus benefits the most from ideal SRA
WHY we need to align for an ideal SRA even though the recording industry does not have a single cutting angle for its lathe cutter heads
How to improve measurement accuracy with a basic USB microscope - even on asymmetric styli
How to decrease time needed fussing with the USB microscope
How to keep diagnostic equipment costs down, and...

​There is no cost to join the webinar. To register for the event click the registration button on the WAM Engineering website.

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JR Boisclair is a terrific communicator and joins Mikey in the pantheon of vinyl protagonists who make this hobby so much better. Miss this at your peril!


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Will this be archived for later viewing for those of us who will not be able to attend?

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...make a recording of the webinar, a copy of the powerpoint presentation and the instructions available for free following the event.

Everyone who is interested in improving the playback of line contact styli should know this stuff. SRA is NOT reliably adjustable by ear as the changes are multivariate (you are hearing the impacts of more than one parameter), the optimal angle is often achieved only by using a shim and you'll never know if you have a stylus mount flaw. However, there IS a single RIGHT answer for what angle your cartridge should be at to achieve optimal SRA that CAN be determined using a univariate method such as this.

Much more to come...

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Might there be a paywall on the website to gain access to a transcript and/or the webinar? Or a FAQ on questions of this nature?

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Now that I've messed with Wally-Reference/Skater/Tractor/Fulcrum, guess I'll dabble with microscopic evaluations in the near future. Lots of info, nice webinar, JR!


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I was likely at work anyway, but fear not. JR has kindly made a video of this and more to come. I had a great conversation with JR about a month ago, good man!
I will eventually be investing in at least one of the tools...it will be several months from now though.