68 Weird and Unusual Records In My Collection

The first AnalogPlanet video in months is an hour plus worth of weird and unusual records in the editor's large collection. What makes an album "weird" or "unusual"? A wide variety of possibilities as you'll see in this amusing and entertaining video in which the website's editor literally lets his hair down.

At least I think there's humor here! There definitely are many unusual records!

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That awkward stage between long and short hair.

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That was a lot of fun. It was over all too quickly. Please do the Fernando Lamas video. You have to use the right voice for that. I'd avoid the British accent. Just a suggestion.

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...Cousin itt!!!

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Not looking good sorry Michael. I’ve been cutting my own hair for a year and it looks pretty good! You can do it too!

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Fantastic Ramones vibe to your hair Michael! Great video as usual. Keep up the great stuff, a source of light in these corona times.

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Grow it out! My cousin used to do a killer Cousin Itt impression. Lol.

It's so much easier with a pony tail when you need it and...

No more haircuts!

More money for vinyl!

(Besides hair gel or spray mousse works great.)

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Records, comic books, same difference...Go the full Jeff Albertson!!!

Regarding the great tour of your LP Atlas Obscura, big fun! I liked seeing which ones I knew of.

I go long on tire store Christmas compilations.

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Many years back, I picked up a CD copy (heresy, I know) of Tommy, at a used record store in Toronto. This was the first CD version issued by MCA in 1984, as 2 discs in separate jewel cases. On this copy, I DID notice that "Eyesight To The Blind" was a bit different than my original Decca LP. The drums sound way more bloated and compressed, and the whole track is more distorted than the rest of the tracks, with several tape dropouts at the end.

About Switched-On-Bach... According to Wendy Carlos, the cover photo change was because she/he was 'horrified' at the headphones being plugged into the wrong input on the Moog synthesizer. Not so much that Bach was angry (perhaps at not being able to hear anything).

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My first copy of Tommy was a UK Track Records reissue (two-disc version, gatefold and all), and it has the alternate version of Eyesight to the Blind that you're referring to. I had always thought that it was the only version until hearing an original US pressing later. I actually prefer that alternate version because the vocal is in a lower range that (in my mind) better suits The Hawker.

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MF - this article was posted on the Hoffman forum. It does not even mention RTI or QRP! Wonder how many other inaccuracies it contains??

A Pressing Issue: How ‘the vinyl revival’ has caught out the music industry during the pandemic – SuperDeluxeEdition

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has the wrong name for "Record Industry" too!
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Fitting title! We've missed you, glad Chad has started to pick up the slack without your informative viewings. Too many posers have been allowed to fill the gap, we need your expertise and comedic relief. As a Jersey resident I think it's a requirement for hair styles.

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A lot of fun stuff there!

I've got a couple of almost interesting LPs.

One was my dad's, Chango And The Polynesians' Polynesian Percussion.


Then I swerved into this on ebay and picked it up. I think Capitol sent these out to radio stations every month, kind of a sampler. I had to laugh when one of the cuts turned out to be a cover of a song on the Chango album! It wasn't as good, but made me smile.


Maybe the soldiers, sailors, and marines that dispersed across the Pacific and back again picked up a taste for this music.

Thanks for doing this, sir.

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I'm so happy
That you love me
Life is lovely
When you're near me
Tell me you will stay
Make me smile

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Your wife tell you you look like Carol Channing? When you came forward to start the video, I thought it was Cousin It.

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Don't do it!! [Read: two exclamation marks]

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morning, perfect way to kill it. I wish you had stopped, turned around and put that Ellington track on the killer table behind you, and shared music that I will probably get to hear! Going to try to stream After the Riot, Pop + Jazz = Swing, Word Jazz, and Soundproof.
I might have the weirdest record of all time : an unopened copy of The Best of Marcel Marceau, MGM : GONE-IF RECORDS, that I paid $2.19 for back when the minimum wage was $2.00.

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I'll probably NOT get to hear the Ellington. Sorry.

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I am waiting for the Illustrated Coffee table edition. (Complete with cheesy plastic 45rmp audio disk containing the best of Analog Planet
YouTube video introductions such as - "Dont try to sneak into your room like that. I know what you've got behind your back, Records, more new records".

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rmp? it is THE new format. )

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The front of the record sleeve of this album that I have lists the original songs that Dylan wanted on the album, which Columbia soon deleted, re-edited, and re-released. Alas, the record inside is the re-edited version.

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...was my old stomping grounds when I worked in Jamiaca at Sternberg's shoe-store during HS. I'm from Fresh Meadows. How about you?

Q17A bus to Korvettes in Douglaston at least once a week after school.

Life is simply not as much fun anymore.

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196th Street, Union Tpke. Cunningham Park on one corner, P.S. 26 at the other end of the block
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I grew up near the Blue Bay Diner. Didn't know you were a Queens guy. Anyway, I dig the long hair. In retirement, which is coming soon, I might do same.

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misspelled Jamaica...forgive me

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Truly your 100 all analog records video is my most watched video of the past 2 years. I can watch it over and over-love all the little stories that come with it-2nd most watched is your Stereophile vid-and now this. Wish you would do a monthly vid and when are we going to see your vintage Strat?

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Hi Michael,

The Neil Young After The Goldrush you mentioned in your video is listed as unknown on Discogs..


Hilarious video!
James, Dublin, Ireland

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Society couldn’t abide Moby Grape showing a finger in 1967, and now you’d bring down all of You Tube if an album with boobs on it was shown.

Delicate sensibilities are shaped like tiny airborne ice particles.

Luckily, Arnold Schwarzenegger killing 287 human beings in the movie “Commando” is wholesome family fare. His nipples are fine, just not that lady’s on the record cover.


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Actually I have an early UK Track Records Tommy double album that contains the rare alternate take of Eyesight to the Blind. I remember when you first wrote about that alternate take in The Absolute Sound many years ago. (Or maybe it was Tracking Angle. My memory is fuzzier than it used to be.)

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Just to note, the 50th Anniversary edition while it does use the 2009 mastering uses a different vinyl profile. It is flat to the edge and does not have the lip, similar to the old Classic records and it appear heavier that the 2009.
I found that it offered better imaging and clarity. Not a night and day difference but if you love the record it’s worth considering.

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Is that a cane next to you?

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of that hair

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OMG! I had forgotten about that stuff. I did the same thing trying to achieve the Beach Boys look? Too damned funny!!!