Ortofon Introduces New MC Verismo Moving Coil Cartridge

Ortofon today in a Facebook video announced a new moving coil cartridge called Verismo. I've had it here for a few days and tomorrow will post an exclusive video interview I conducted with Ortofon's Chief Officer of Acoustics and Technology Leif Johannsen, who is responsible for the design.

As with other top of the line Ortofon cartridges, the MC Verismo features a SLM (Selective Laser Melt) Titanium body that's reminiscent of Ortofon's original SLM cartridge the now classic A90 and the later A95. The new Verismo features a diamond cantilever fitted with a Replicant stylus similar to the one used in the more costly Anna D.

The new Verismo fits in the line above the $5159 Windfeld Ti and below the $8924 Anna. The more costly Anna D fitted with a diamond cantilever sells for $10,499. Johannsen says the Anna will remain in the line "for now" but at some point will be discontinued. The new Verismo is priced at 6000 Euro, which equals approximately $7000. How does it sound? "Bellissimo"!

Watch for the video tomorrow!

Anton D's picture

I have an A95 and simply love it.

I'm an Ortofon fan (that would make a great portmanteau) and also play with a Windfeld, a Concorde century, and a 'customized' SPU A worked over by the Needle Clinic.

This new cartridge seems to be in a sweet spot.

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The strangest tonearm (still in production) that I have ever seen. Perhaps only Teragaki can do worse.

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Understanding its operating principles will make it easy to use slope game