Cleer Audio SCENE Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Sweepstakes!

Register to win a Cleer Audio SCENE Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker (value $99.99) we are giving away.

"The SCENE Water Resistant Bluetooth speaker is portable and supports up to 12hrs of playback. IPX7 waterproof rated, giving you a high-quality music experience for any adventure. Scene features a digital amplifier, dual 48mm drivers and passive radiators bring the beats."


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

volvic's picture

I am headed to Greece this summer and need this for the pool.

Bomberbooey's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Anton D's picture

They are giving one away over at Stereophile, too!

I can’t lose!

I will each one as part of a stereo pair!

Mwaaa ha haaaa!

MrGneiss's picture

Speaker, please!! :-D

Noodlebluesman's picture

Grandkids can listen to music in the backyard during a water balloon fight.

mariojzz's picture

I would enjoy

Spencer's picture

I can never find out who actually wins these sweepstakes. Does anyone?

volvic's picture

I won some in ear headphones ten years ago, they even posted my face on this site. It does happen.

Spencer's picture

I've never been able to find any info on actual winners. Perhaps the winner is the only person that's contacted?

mikerr's picture


IndyShrew's picture

Enter the sweepstakes

terrybbagit's picture

Looks like a fun prize

mrl1957's picture

...count me in!

Badbry's picture

I could use one of theses!

malco49's picture

maybe this will be to speaker to make a believer in bluetooth and audio quality !

suzannefleming's picture

This would be fun to use when showering! I would love to win one.

EmoPhonic's picture

I need one for my next camping trip ;)

tedonald's picture


Lazer's picture

I’d like to be lucky.

ddgimd's picture

I’m game.

AnneGB's picture

This would be awesome!

AnneGB's picture

I would love this

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win!

DAMP's picture

In for the win, pool guy

torturegarden's picture

be perfect for my summer vacation plans.

otaku2's picture

Can barely hear the speakers on my laptop

Brown Sound's picture

Yep, I could use this, thank you!!

Voolston's picture

Might be good for something.

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

orthobiz's picture

are beckoning


2_channel_ears's picture

that I have won

moushka's picture

Happy Spring everyone!

jstrube's picture

this will not take up much space in my suitcase

Vinylhound's picture

Very Cool!

Zardoz's picture

Kewl, sign me up. Will we ever see who won the last contest?

JoeESP9's picture

Although I have no real need for one. What the Hell. Count me in.

spencer1's picture

I'm in.

elmore244's picture

Looks like an interesting speaker. I wouldn't mind having a go at it.

FSTNBLBS's picture

i would like ti win this.

Trevor_Bartram's picture

I've had a Bose Soundlink II, Taotronics Pulse X and the Tribit Soundmax Plus. The Bose has good bass and volume but lacks clarity, the Taotronics has clarity but lacks bass, the Tribit has everything. The Tribit is designed in Germany and made in China. There are YouTube videos demonstrating the superior sound of the Tribit. Enjoy!

Marco63's picture

I would love to win this speaker! The sound system in my vehicle doesn't work, so I have been using a little speaker to listen to music when I drive. Winning this would be like Christmas in April!

satchidananda's picture

pick me!

MrValve's picture

This seems like something that would be nice for using in a hotel room

nosogirl's picture

Love the style of this speaker - very different!

jasonj78's picture

This would make a very welcomed addition the the backyard setup. Crossing my fingers!!!