Audio Video Show Warsaw 2019

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Michael Fremer  |  Dec 01, 2019  |  19 comments
This video was originally blocked worldwide because one of these artists had a problem with a 10 second piano break that could be heard in the background in a hotel room at this show. Can you guess which?

Was it: Roger Waters, Donald Fagen, Eva Cassidy, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straights), Bebe, Leonard Cohen, Metallica, Patricia Barber, Michael Jackson, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Peter Gabriel?

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 11, 2019  |  19 comments
Opening day of Warsaw's Audio Video Show is typically less well-attended than it is over the weekend and that proved to be true this year though Friday's Sports Arena crowd grew considerably as the day went on and the final attendance figures have yet to be announced.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 09, 2019  |  7 comments
Coverage of Audio Video Show 2019 in Warsaw, Poland begins today on But first, as long as we were in town, we decided to first visit wmfono, a small "boutique" vinyl pressing plant with 7 Lened and one Hamilton manual record presses.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 09, 2019  |  5 comments
Lyra's Stig Bjorge stopped me in the corridor of the Warsaw football (soccer) stadium and pulled out of his pocket a small box that could contain only one thing, but instead there were two.