Pressing Records In Poland

Coverage of Audio Video Show 2019 in Warsaw, Poland begins today on But first, as long as we were in town, we decided to first visit wmfono, a small "boutique" vinyl pressing plant with 7 Lened and one Hamilton manual record presses.

The company also does CD and DVD duplication, but seeing the "handwriting on the wall" a few years ago, chose to get into a "growth" industry pressing vinyl records.

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Fun video, Michael! Thanks for taking the time to visit their plant. BTW, to what address should marriage proposals to Ms. Widz be sent? ;-) Quite the lovely host!

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I see you were not the only one interested in another pressing matter.

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Very interesting place! I like how they do things there. It was also interesting to see the spiral extrude instead of the puck. I first thought, "doesn't that effect the final outcome as in perhaps uneven thickness or what have you", but then I realized that the temperature the material is brought to and the pressure of the press eliminates that concern.

I like their recycle idea and it happens to be artistic as well.
As no surprise, they were gracious hosts.
I need to find out how I can get a pressing or two from them.

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...the same thing about the spiraled extrusion. I bet it does have a higher probability of vinyl related problems versus a flat, solid puck?

I want to try a couple of titles also. I found this:

Think I will buy a few...

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I have one of the Neil Young re-issues of "After the Goldrush". It has a definite spiral pattern visible across the vinyl. Does not seem to effect the quality of the sound, or at least, I can't hear any changes as the stylus passes through these areas. The label refers to the LP as a product of Germany. Is it possible that a spiral extrude is an explanation for why this is visible?

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For me, the highlight of your tour was the charming all Analogue host.
Thank you.