Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019 Opening Day Coverage

Opening day of Warsaw's Audio Video Show is typically less well-attended than it is over the weekend and that proved to be true this year though Friday's Sports Arena crowd grew considerably as the day went on and the final attendance figures have yet to be announced.

The Sports Arena venue features more mainstream, internationally known high performance audio gear and a good deal of A/V as well, while the 8 floors of the Radisson Sobieski Blu showcased Poland's highly accomplished home grown audio manufacturing scene, little of which gets exported, though that's beginning to change. The large rooms across the street at The Golden Tulip hosted often impressive sounding luxury systems.

A team would have difficulty producing in-depth show coverage. The best one person could do is document what was there and leave it up to viewers to follow up online to find out about products they found intriguing. It took all of day one to cover the Sports Arena. It produced this hour plus video that doesn't linger long in any room.

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Do you have any plans to review the Schiit Sol turntable? I've been eager to see a proper review of it since Rocky Mountain but have had no luck finding anything useful

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... you could include a video showing the unboxing, assembly and set-up of the turntable, including cartridge installation and alignment using only the materials provided by Schiit. The Sol isn't quite as "plug-and-play" as most other turntables in its price range. While it won't be a challenge for you, it could be more work than someone new to vinyl might be expecting. Although Schiit already has such a video available on their site, your commentary on the process would, no doubt, be insightful.

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Have they begun shipping their "corrected" version of the Sol?

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... big Schiit to his superbestfriends, retrofit kits were in the process of being shipped to current Sol owners and new orders could be placed once again starting in December.

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Not smart bringing politics into your seminar.

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That's your opinion. Most people regardless of their political persuasion get the humor.
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Yes, my opinion. Did you notice nobody laughed? Religion next?

Otherwise, good job. Keep up the good work.

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I chuckled ruefully.
Not a belly laugh, but whaddaya want?

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Okay, okay. I guess my face palm fits into that category. I can say for sure Michael is quite entertaining in many ways.

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I'd like to check, but don't have all the time for watching videos.

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Am I wrong or was the platter for that turntable clearly not level?

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I'd love to see!

I was a rube and paid the Kickstarter campaign for that table....oops.

I thought it would be a cool conversation piece.

Now the conversation is about how they took my money.

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I paid for it on indiegogo. Their second campaign. They still tell me, when all the orders of Kickstarter are delivered, they will deliver the tables for the indiegogo buyers. So you should be at least in front of me on their list. But I learned a lesson and will never support a campaign again until I get this table (Bbefore they go bankrupt).

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I am supporter #220, or so. Last month I got an email telling me tough luck, they weren't making them any more. Then this month I got an email offering me a table if I paid an additional 1200-1500 dollars.

I just pretend they are dead and if anything ever shows up, bonus.

Like you, I dumped Kickstarter. Kickstarter just says, "Not our problem, we were just a conduit."

Thank you for posting about your experience!

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to add $1200 to get it. In the campaign I even paid for the silly dustcover extra. This was the crazy part by me. I should have waited for the record player first. Now I have a paid order for a dust cover ($180) that I will never get for a player that I will never get.

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See the Mag Lev at 3:33. Kind of appropriate,no?

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I think the camera angle made it look skewed.

How does the person filming know it's a "ridiculous thing?" I bet it was from listening to it, right?

Here's a review:


"But folks, the ML1 is not a toy, but a bona fide joy of an audio invention that I thought I would never see in my lifetime! Congratulations Klemen, and many thanks to your top notch technical team for an amazing turntable."

So, is it a 'ridiculous thing,' or a 'bona fide joy?'

I think the platter is suspended in the same manner as the Continuum, only without the mechanical interference. ;-D

I'd love to see this table get the Fickert measurement suite done to it.

Wow, flutter, rumble...and now "wobble!"

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for your time in creating this video Mike.
Well done once again.