Lyra Cartridge Updates Revealed at Warsaw's Audio Video Show 2019

Lyra's Stig Bjorge stopped me in the corridor of the Warsaw football (soccer) stadium and pulled out of his pocket a small box that could contain only one thing, but instead there were two.

After a careful unwrapping, he placed these two new Lyra updates on a table and told me what they were and what they were not. The purple one isn't a special Prince or "pride" model. Instead, it's an updated Lyra Atlas SL featuring a new damping system and a few other changes to the very successful and costly cartridge. The other is the updated Etna SL. Neither has been officially released, so you read and saw it first on Release date is uncertain but it will be "soon".

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I know this will be answered later, but it is a striking color and seems organic, like stone?

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Hi Michael,

Did you have a chance to listen to the new Lambda spec Atlas?

I have my standard Atlas rebuild to that specification, its ariving here in Copenhagen next week. What can i expect?????

Best regards Asger

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Hi Michael,

Got my Lyra Atlas SL-Lambda Yesterday!

Installed it in the 4Point using Feikert´s allignement tool, digital scale and a magnifying glas.
Bearwald was chosen.
Load in the Gryphon Legato was 80.

I have had the Tita-I, then the Atlas Standard and now the Atlas SL-Lambda.

After just a few hours breakin i am pretty sure that the step from standard Atlas to Lambda is of the same magnitude as from Titan-I to Atlas.

Already the "humanity" of the cart is evident, but what surprised me was the brutality of the dynamics. I had feared a litle that it would be a bit "freindly". No not at all, snaps from snaredrum was frightening and i could not stop blinking.......

I hope you will have the opportunity to make a real thorough review of this soon.

Best regards from Copenhagen.