Warsaw Audio Video Show 2019 Days Two and Three Coverage

This video was originally blocked worldwide because one of these artists had a problem with a 10 second piano break that could be heard in the background in a hotel room at this show. Can you guess which?

Was it: Roger Waters, Donald Fagen, Eva Cassidy, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straights), Bebe, Leonard Cohen, Metallica, Patricia Barber, Michael Jackson, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Peter Gabriel?

Days two and three coverage consists of footage shot at the Radisson Sobieski and Golden Tulip Hotels. Most , though not all of the exhibitors were Polish audio companies whose products will not likely ever make it to America, though there are exceptions including Lampizator (tube electronics, now including a phono preamplifier) and J. Sikora (high performance turntables). Notice how many rooms were playing classical music and how many young people were sitting and listening to it?

Polish musical tastes are quite sophisticated. The Warsaw airport is named for Frederic Chopin. Will an American airport ever be named for Aaron Copland? Probably not, even though his music defines "Americana" and is used in TV commercials, including one promoting BEEF. One reason is that classical music isn't much appreciated in American popular culture. Another is that he was both Jewish and gay. Three strikes, you're out!

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Artist : Patricia Barber
Title of the song : Easy to Love
Genre : Bossa Jazzy Dull Soup
Record Co : Mofi

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Artist : Patricia Barber
Song : Easy to Love (which is not the case btw)
Genre : Bossa Jazzy Dull Soup
Record Co : Mofi ?

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I haven´t even heard the footages , but by the names involved i can only suppose of Roger waters

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Not Roger....
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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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doing take downs, it is the music publisher and/or record label. And much of this is automated so if the filters are set to block rather than monetize for certain third party videos, the content will get blocked once the algorithm IDs the musical content.
Bill Hart

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European countries or the people (including Russians especially), I should say do have sophisticated music tastes, including the young ones, younger than college age. My friend Sergey in russia has a 13 year old daughter that started liking classical music at age 6 and already had her favorite composers picked out! Over there, this is normal.
Also, people in all those countries are actually more familiar with western artists than we of the west! One reason is they use music to help them learn english. Mainly though, they are just really into music and want to know what the artist is expressing instead of just playing it in the background.

also, yes, it is true that it is usually not the artist blocking the music on YouTube, but the label.
My guess for this one though is Michael Jackson (second guess would be Metallica)...that is, the label of said artist.

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I heard a Metallica track on the video. I think it's Michael Jackson.

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Thank you for doing these videos. The Quality is outstanding. I would never have the opportunity to go to the places nor see the things that you share with us. Anxiously waiting for the next one.

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...so that their record label gets no further purchases from me. Corporations on listen when you vote with your feet and wallets

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Those Boenicke Speakers are a fascinating design and I've seen a building buzz about them even in the north american forums.

Any chance you may end up reviewing Boenicke Speakers, Michael?

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Yes some EU countries still value culture. But in the US, I'm always pleasantly surprised by frequent references to soul, blues, country, jazz, and the celebration of American music. Austin Airport , New Orleans, Memphis, for instance come to mind. And when I was producing a soul album in Philly, we were hearing great soul music form the 70's all over the place.

Man, do I love the US...

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and Thrax part company Michael?

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Has Donald Fagan gone senile? If so, then Katy Lied.

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Eva Cassidy....oh, well. Time of the year for a Grinch.

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As Poland is part of the European Union, many Polish musicians come to western European countries, like Belgium, where they teach music and perform on the international stage. They are great musicians, and earn a lot more here than in Poland.

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hi Michael,

Who is the manufacturer of the plywood speakers on 4 wooden legs with metal cross braces on floor. Playing nick cage
I find them very beautiful

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Hi Michael,

I think the labels are missing the point. If i hear something interesting in one of your clip i research it and might even end up buying the freaking thing!
If they think that your litle camera and build in mike is of any bootleg potential they are nuts!!!
They should instead be glad that you bother to get some, any kind of sound on your films.

Just my five cents.

Best regards from dark and wet Copenhagen Denmark