Analogplanet’s WFDU HD2 “Angry Men Show” Now Available For Streaming Here and on the Website

This started out as an all-vinyl show about the late ‘70’s “angry young man” phenomenon epitomized by Graham Parker, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson.

But then came news that Henry McCullough, guitarist for Joe Cocker’s Grease Band and for Wings had passed away. He’s best known for an amazing guitar solo on the song “My Love”.

Also passing away last week was the great producer/songwriter Chips Moman.

So, here’s a new Analogplanet Radio policy: whatever the week’s show theme, if anyone musically important dies, we’ll make room at the show’s beginning to play a tune or two from their work.

So, the “Angry Men Show” opens with “My Love” and two of Chip Moman’s most beloved songs: “Dark End of the Street” (originally sung by James Carr) by The Flying Burritos and “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” sung by Aretha Franklin, both from original pressings.

Then comes the “Angry Men” show, which is based on a thesis that it all began with Van Morrison in the late ‘60s when he recorded “Brown Eyed Girl” for Bert Berns’s Bang Records. Van had an angry Celtic streak there, but more so on unreleased tracks you’ll hear that will also make you laugh.

Then we move to “the big three” Parker, Costello and Jackson, followed by some angry young punk rockers followed by Springsteen? Listen and you’ll hear why!

BTW: For whatever reason or reasons the system was smoking last night when I recorded these tracks.

Here’s the set list:

Wings: My Love
The Flying Burrito Bros: Dark End of the Street
Aretha Franklin: Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl
Van Morrision: Blowin’ Yer Nose
Elvis Costello: I’m Not Angry
Graham Parker: White Honey
Joe Jackson: One More Time
The Sex Pistols: Holiday in the Sun
The Buzzcocks: I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life
The Clash: London’s Burning
The Damned: Born to Kill
Bruce Springsteen: Spirit in the Sky
Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back in Town
Graham Parker: Passion is no Ordinary Word
Graham Parker Soul Shoes
Elvis Costello: No Action
Richard Hell and the Voidoids: Love Comes In Spurts
Graham Parker: Mercury Poisoning
Van Morrison: Waiting For Royalty Check, Ringworm
Joe Jackson: On Your Radio
Graham Parker: Don’t Let it Break You Down
Joe Jackson: Steppin’ Out
Elvis Costello: Radio Radio
Elvis Costello: Radio Silence
The Police: So Lonely

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It would be awesome if you could list catalog numbers of the albums you are playing next to the track listing. It would make it much easier to track down some of these must have albums. I know you have enough to do already, but please.

This show was so great it makes me want to punch someone in the face.

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any other pressing information that would be helpful.
thanks Michael

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maybe he can get you a cup off coffee too

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I do love a cup of coffee, Curls. I'd love the opportunity to sit and enjoy a cup with Michael, I'd even get it for him.

I only ask because it is clearly information he has and talks about on the show. But for instance, the Italian Van Morrison album, I can't find that anywhere, would love a little more information on it. That's all.

You should relax.

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It's great.... Here's some info on the Van Bang Sessions:
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Many thanks for the info. Pretty awesome that you roast your own beans. Some friends in my home town of Missoula Montana own a coffee roaster and one of their offerings is called VINYL!

It's the perfect cup for a morning listening session.

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Was bred in Missoula....
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Was bred in Misoula
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Really, really enjoyed the show and for some strange reason I wasn't angry (probably an age thing). Of course my favourite among all the great songs and artists is Graham Parker. I saw Grahm Parker and The Rumour live at their peak on a number of occasions.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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did a cover of Spirits in the night. Have both versions.
Young and down by the lake drinking spirits in the night.
Good memories hehe.

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While not totally as angry, he could get crazy as many of the ones in the piece. If Van Morrison is there, I think Warren should be included.

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Blood and Chocolate
It's a specialized sort of venom, reserved for failed relationships. I bought the LP when new, around the time of a breakup with a girlfriend. It's not something I can listen to often, offering a range of hate, despair and spittle that isn't the sort of thing you play when your chums are around or when driving down the road. Something to consider, should there be another Angry Young Man theme show. Costello most certainly did not soften unit after 1986.

And you know what? Billy Joel was also fairly angry in the late '70s through Glass Houses.

Graham Parker -- YES

I've always seen that Thin Lizzy tune as a celebratory, "one for the guys" kind of thing, not so much anger as strutting.

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I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. Playing Mr. Fremmer's shows via Soundcloud makes my system sound better than any other time. I now realize that using an Audioengine D2 24-bit wireless DAC to get the sound out of my iMac produces a much better sound than my current turntable, phono preamp and records. I am also curious to know if any of the digital music services have offerings that sound as great as Mr. Fremmer's.

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Please accept my apology Mr. Fremer. - Andrew

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... you could have had some photoshop fun and made yourself blond!

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..some of the UK punk bands from the 70's on your playlist. Bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Buzzcocks. All were great bands and released some great albums!

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...than The Gang of Four.

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He is spinning in his grave right now. Better fix that or he'll come and get you, Mikey!

"Try Fly Into The Sun", or "Endlessly Jealous", and that's just off of New Sensations.

SO pissed off for all the right reasons!

PS- I'm still angry all the damn time. I should start a band. Good thing I have Lou...

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Great playlist overall. My only (post broadcast) question would be the inclusion of Steppin Out by Joe Jackson. By the time this song was released, he was well into his self described "NY, Urban, Cole Porter" period. Maybe something from his second album "I'm the Man" would have been more germane to the broadcast concept ?